The New Moon in Sagittarius on 29th November 2016 arrives just in time to imbue us with a good old-fashioned dose of Sagittarian faith and optimism, and assistance in realizing that focusing on winning can be a dangerous strategy. Competition is the enemy of companionship.… View Post

This is a work in progress, as are all my asteroid posts since I’m always discovering (and re-discovering) uses for these infinitely interesting celestial bodies. This latest grouping – the ‘random’ asteroids – represent a weird matrix of cities, countries, famous people and Medieval lore – a space where we find asteroid Freud (4342) and Frank Zappa (3834) right next to Galahad (2082) and Galileo (697).… View Post

Leave it to the Full Moon in Taurus to shine a not-so-comfy light on the reality that behind our drives, and our needs, lays a lot of bullshit.

We must now meet the beast that lies within the part of our charts ruled by Taurus, and decide: which beast will we feed?… View Post

The New Moon in Scorpio on October 30th provides a fertile window for manifesting our deepest desires – and presenting an opportunity to really see ourselves, and test our faith (in the best ways possible). Don’t believe the ‘evil sign of Scorpio’ hype, this moon is a good’un.… View Post

Click to check out a semi-exhaustive list of the ‘personality trait’ asteroids, which can help show the areas of life where you may (or may not be): patient, compatient, persevering or wise. … View Post