Thinking about astral travel? Think again.

Thinking about astral travel? Think again.


It turns out you’re a human being, not a walking beam of light. 

Yes, that classic spiritual adage is true. You HAVE a body, you ARE a soul. But for the journey in this lifetime, you’re very much in this body (unless you are a reincarnated vegetable/animal/mineral intuiting this message from across the universal grid, in which case, Chapeau, ma Cherie!). The point is this: if you want to progress spiritually – you’d better start listening to this body of yours, respecting it, loving it, and living IN IT.

In the words of Nietzsche, “There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.”

I think spirituality at its highest and best should put us firmly and confidently into this body for the lifetime we’re currently experiencing.

There is sometimes a desire – and a completely understandable one – to wish to get out of this dimension and explore the unseen. Here I’m talking about things we sometimes call journeying, astral projections or quantum jumping. We leave the body temporarily to connect with another plane of existence where everything we desire is already possible and to bring that back into our current life. It’s mind-expanding, enlightening stuff that can really teach you about the complexity and the depth of the universe and can expose you to the infinite nature of the design of life. To see the beauty of this structure is to begin to comprehend the beauty you have in yourself.

But let’s look at this in application. You’ve just come out of an evening workshop and experienced some crazy astral projection, flying around the cosmos plucking strings of the infinite grid of the Universe. Stunning. You come back into your body with this crazy knowledge, and resume living in a body you don’t love, in a relationship you’re not sure about, hating your job and still unable to look your mother in the eye.

Hate to be a Debbie-Downer here, but I call bullshit. Connecting with the infinite is a great thing, but it should be done with the intention to create real-life changes for the here and now.

If you want a spiritual experience, go journeying.

If you want spiritual progression, stay in your body. 

In any case, from the Shamanic perspective, this is a dodgy activity to get involved in without training and proper guidance from a highly-capable practitioner. Leaving the body is a serious bit of business, and not to be taken lightly. If we’re going to posit that quantum jumping or astral projections are as powerful as people say it is, then we also need to be responsible in how we get involved (with great power, comes great responsibility, basically).

On my own path, I’ve dabbled in all kinds of teachings and classes, some of which taught different types of journeying as part of the process. Now I’m in a different place with Shamanic practice as my main amour. In Shamanism, your body is your wisdom, and this is a hugely important part of how we work. Recently, I went to a group meditation based on quantum jumping, something I used to love. This time around, I hated it. I left feeling super crap, with my head pounding and my energy body feeling heavy and completely out of whack. I had to go home and re-meditate using our Shamanic energy release technique.

Why? Because I have slowly accepted over the last few years that my body is my wisdom. I don’t need to leave my body in search of anything because everything we need is already within us.

And so it is for you, too.

Love that body of yours: there’s more wisdom there than in any outside journey.

How has your relationship with your body changed as you’ve navigated the spiritual path? Have you had any wacky experiences with astral projections, quantum jumping or journeying? Tell me and the rest of the crew below.