Shamanic Tools: Agua De Florida

Shamanic Tools: Agua De Florida

Agua de Florida is one of my favourite Shamanic tools.

I first came in contact with Agua de Florida (aka Florida Water) working many years ago in a session with my Shaman. I remember the first time she sprayed it around me, thinking ‘Hmm, this is a lovely little tropical smell’, but I had no idea the power it held.

The history of Agua de Florida and its integration into Shamanism is always a funny one to me, seeing as Shamanism itself is over 37,000 years old (and likely has been with us for far longer than that), and Agua de Florida was originally a perfume created only about 200 years ago. Apparently this partially this has to do with its somewhat sticky-sweet smell: plant spirits of the Amazon love sweet smells and are easily repulsed by acidic human smells.


Shamans use Agua de Florida for a number of purposes. In its most basic application, this is usually done by the Shaman drinking in a bit of the cologne, and then with force and strong intention, projecting the spray of cologne out of their mouth and onto your body or energetic field. This can ground you and get you firmly ‘in the body’ if you’re feeling a bit anxious or frazzled, or it can help bust up a stagnant bit of energy that’s being held in the body. In plant ceremonies, the Shaman might also apply Agua de Florida to your third-eye in order to open you to stronger visions – note that this is NOT to be done on your own, or in the absence of a Shaman and a safe energetic field. At the end of plant ceremonies, this can also be used to close the third eye once again. Agua de Florida is also used throughout a plant ceremony to keep everyone tightly in their own energy field, so the lines don’t get blurry between the participants.


Image from Aya: The Book

I’ve also read that you can commune directly with the spirit of Agua de Florida by going on a dieta of water, tobacco and Agua de Florida. After some time, you can meet the spirit of Agua de Florida, who apparently is a rather dapper gent. I’ve not done this myself, but I find it terribly intriguing. I can only imagine that there is much more to this empowered tonic to discover.

I use Agua de Florida to clear stagnant energy in rooms, or to ‘set’ an energetic space. I’ve used it many a time to create a little nook for myself in a busy, toxic office. After decanting Agua de Florida into a spray bottle (more convenient at times, and also, easier for people to just think you’re spraying a bit of scent), I spray four times at the corners of my desk: twice at the front parameters, and twice behind me. Doing this can just set a bit of boundary between you and the rest of the room.

Note that if you decant Agua de Florida into a little plastic spray bottle I recommend only filling it up about halfway. It should last you quite some time, and the scent keeps much more freshly inside its original bottle than in a plastic spray container, which may or may not have a normal ‘plasticky’/store-bought smell that can react with the cologne.

Currently, I use it most often as a cleanser for my crystals. Some crystals are stronger than others, and accordingly, need to be cleaned more or less frequently. I used to get into the palaver of cleaning my crystals every full moon by setting them outside or by submerging them in water with dead sea salts. Sometimes you miss the full moon, and sometimes you run out of dead sea salts, so Agua de Florida is a great tool to have on hand (not to mention, it’s easier!). I also use Agua de Florida at the start of most of my client sessions: it just helps to bring us into the room and get focused on the healing space we’re co-creating.

I’d love to hear below about your experiences with Agua de Florida – always interesting to know more ways this beautiful tonic has been incorporated into healing.