Gemini Full Moon Insight From Chani Nicholas

Gemini Full Moon Insight From Chani Nicholas

This post has been lovingly shared from the astrologer Chani Nicholas – she is my absolute favourite astrologer and I so highly recommend signing up to her newsletter if you are so inclined. She is a fabulous practitioner and always offers a grounded, balanced perspective that I truly admire. The original post can be found here.

On Wednesday, November 25th at 2:44 PM PST, the full moon will peak in the mutable air sign of Gemini. 

Gemini needs to know. Gemini needs to ask. Gemini needs to learn. Gemini disperses information. Gemini is a rogue reporter and can be an insatiable gossip. Gemini seeks to keep the conversation circulating. 

A full moon in Gemini spreads its message far and wide. It brings to light the data we are collecting and the data we are delivering. 

A full moon in Gemini, especially this full moon in Gemini, is a perfect time to consider what messages we are receiving and which ones we are transmitting.

This moon is the hardest moon we’ve seen in a while. It’s opposing the stern, disapproving gaze of Saturn and squaring the cosmically confused Neptune. The combination makes world events and personal problems a little harder to decipher. This astrology can create confusing conundrums for us to contend with. It’s not here to help us figure out any answers. 

We’ll need to do that on our own. 

Neptune breeds delusions, lies and deception as well as compassion, forgiveness and connection. We can easily be manipulated under the influence of Neptune. Things appear solid that are merely holograms. Threats and the anxiety they cause can create a feeling of disorientation, loss and bewilderment. Neptune can become the wool that is pulled over our eyes so that the past can relive itself time and time again. If you get enough people afraid of the same thing, you can make them do almost anything. 

Saturn does things in a traditional, patriarchal fashion. Saturn deals with issues around authority. Saturn represents the ultimate “daddy” issues that have us bending over backwards trying to win the warmth of the archetypal cold, disapproving father. Saturn can reject, deny, and refuse kindness and compassion for the love of rules and restrictions. Saturn also teaches us how to be mature, wise, wicked smart elders and grown-ass, accountable people.   

The mix of Saturn and Neptune is a complicated one. The day after the full moon in Gemini, they will square each other. This is a major aspect that doesn’t occur everyday, or every year. Saturn and Neptune in no way understand each other. They have completely different agendas. One creates borders (Saturn) and one erodes them (Neptune). 

The signs that they currently occupy are both extreme even if in their own ways. Saturn is currently in Sagittarius. Sagittarius loves to go big, it likes to roam, and can take philosophies, spirituality and religions to the extreme. Pisces is also extreme in a sense as it has no boundaries, it never ends and can refuse the fact that some things do. This slippery little fish can get in anywhere, can show up everywhere and can take hold of our psychic space while knocking us unconscious with its unseen ethers.

Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, the full moon in Gemini and Jupiter/the North Node in Virgo are all currently in mutable signs. By sign right now we are experiencing a mutable t-square, an extreme version of mutable energy. 

Mutable signs symbolize liminal states of consciousness. They are signs that release one season in preparation for another. Mutable signs aren’t trying to make up their mind. They are trying to make a mess of our neatly folded lives. 

This is the first of three squares that Saturn and Neptune will be making from now until September 2016. This is one of 2015-2016’s biggest astrological themes. This is a long haul process we need to pace ourselves for. 

Kind of like life. 

Sometimes passing the salt at a holiday meal is as loaded and difficult as creating world peace. Sometimes not having a relationship with our family of origin is a great relief. 

And a great loss. 

And both. Sometimes there are no neat and tidy answers to living a human life. If you are in America or an American abroad, this time of year can amplify all of those feelings, with this hard hitting full moon the week of a major national holiday. 

A Saturn/Neptune square can demand that we confront the lies, deceptions and fantasies that keep us from connecting to real life and manifesting our potential in the world. We need the imaginal realm of Neptune. It inspires great works of love and art and helps us to be guided by an overarching ideal. But when that Neptunian need for a utopian fantasy overwhelms our better judgment we become disconnected from the work of becoming an individuated adult who can cope with and work creatively within the boundaries of life. 

A Saturn/Neptune square puts this squarely in our path to deal with. 

The ruler of this full moon is Mercury. Mercury is in a difficult (for it) sign (Sagittarius), squaring the most difficult planet it can (Neptune in Pisces) for making logical plans and thinking one’s way through a problem. Mercury is meant to make sense. A square to Neptune can have Mercury caught in a web of sticky, tricky unclear entanglements. Neptune cares not for clarity. 

Mercury is also conjoined Saturn, though at the time of the full moon it is separating from it. Saturn can make a situation seem far more rigid with less options and less flexibility. 

Considering all of these factors, life is best lived moment by moment, studying when we get caught up in deception and when we try to deceive ourselves and others. There is so much occurring in the world right now, so much so that it can be overwhelming to try and take it all in. It’s important for us to slow down enough so that we can do our best to make sense of what can become exceedingly confusing if we try to speed through it. 

We are living in an extraordinary moment. It’s extraordinarily extreme. It’s extraordinarily painful. It’s extraordinarily complex. It’s extraordinarily nuanced. It’s extraordinarily full of potential. 

We all, each of us, hold a piece of the solution from top to bottom. 

Fear won’t solve this. 

Blame won’t solve this.

Retaliation wont solve this.

But accountability and a willingness to become a mature adult can. Imagine if every colonizing nation publicly became accountable for the harm they had caused and made efforts towards reparations. Imagine if everyone who had caused another harm took responsibility for the impact of their actions. Imagine if we had grown ourselves up enough to love each other as ourselves. 

It would make a holiday meal a whole lot easier.

Full moon blessings,


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