Woo-men: Chani Nicholas

Woo-men: Chani Nicholas

A while ago, I was about to give up on one of my first loves: astrology. And then I found Chani Nicholas.

I grew up with astrology. Even though I didn’t grow up in a spiritual household, my mom was into a bit of the astrology. Mom would wax long and lyrical about star signs and why between me and my brother I was the larger pain in the ass as her Aries first child (my brother was a sweet, clingy-as-they-come Pisces). She knew enough to know about the whole birth chart and that your ‘Sun’ sign was just a part of it. She took me to see an astrologer when I was about 17 or 18, hoping to give me some insight (and maybe to give herself some too) about why I was so sensitive, headstrong and ‘contrary’ (for a Southerner, that’s as low as insults go). Astrology became an entry point into a greater world of spiritual pursuit and personal development.

Fast forward a decade or so later.

Having been through a bit of healing and in the business of leaving a certain amount of shame behind, I started to find my normal astro columns, a bit….meh. This is not an usual thing for anyone moving down the healing path. As you ‘progress’ you may at times feel yourself moving towards or away from different teachers or techniques. If you are lucky, this also means you tend to start moving away from fear, shame, or deep dogma (I like to call this ‘downward dogma’). I loved astrology and had seen the value it brought to my life, so I was keen to find a new source that spoke from a different place: one of possibility, duality, responsibility.

And that is what I found in Chani Nicholas. I can’t even remember when I first came across her work – but she immediately struck me as someone I wanted to follow. I have yet to make a one-one-one appointment with her as this girl is hot like fire and booked up until 2016, but her weekly horoscopes are always full of insightful, wake-the-fuck-up verve. If you are into it, I highly recommend following her work – you can find her here.

Chani is a profound writer, and a deeply contemplative interpreter of astrological transits. Her weekly horosocopes are the nearly the only ones that keep me coming back every time for more. I hope you’ll ernjoy getting to know her and her work as much as I have.

All you need to see to understand the vibe she brings is this from her Facebook page

Astrology for radical, political, critical mystics

Since Chani states her own game better than I ever could from the outside, I’ve linked a video below from the lovely people at This Is Signified. Enjoy.