Horoscopes for the week of November 30th from Chani Nicholas

Horoscopes for the week of November 30th from Chani Nicholas

Beautiful insight for the coming week from the gorgeous Chani Nicholas. You can read more about her here or follow her here

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Tuesday, December 1st

Mercury in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries

Mercury in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces

Mercury’s travels through Sagittarius have been testing us lately. Its recent conjunction with Saturn here showed us the consequences of our communications. Today’s transit is likely to help us see a more innovative approach to utilizing the recent lessons we’ve learned when it comes to telling it like it is. This aspect is great for brainstorming, gaining insight, and receiving creative revelations.

Mercury square Chiron may bring us information about an old wound, but it can also help us to remember that for every wound there is a natural remedy. Every problem also holds the solution. Use the trine from Uranus to ask better questions about the nature of your pain if it offers itself up for examination.

Friday, December 4th

Mercury in Sagittarius square Jupiter in Virgo 

One of the signs Mercury belongs in is Virgo and one of the signs that Jupiter belongs in is Sagittarius. Today these two are in aspect to each other and in each other’s signs, giving us a mutual reception.

Mercury is said to be weak in Sagittarius (too much wild creative enthusiasm to study the details) and Jupiter weak in Virgo (too caught in the details to live out our optimistic enthusiasm), but today they are speaking to each other, helping out the other’s situation. This might help us manage the details of our life with a healthy, upbeat outlook. This might help us plan ahead pragmatically. This might help us balance the importance of the minutia and the big picture.

Venus enters Scorpio

Venus has left her home turf of Libra and is a little destabilized in her detriment in Scorpio, bringing deeper feelings and a need to make sense of the fears that arise when we are in proximity to our intimacy issues.

Sunday, December 6th

Sun in Sagittarius sextile Mars in Libra

Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn

Mars represents our drive and our ability to take action. Mars defends against threats to our life. Mars battles the demons that dog us. Mars is what gets us out of bed in the morning and into motion. We need Mars to get things done. Mars repressed leads us to act out distorted embodiments of rage, revenge and retaliation. We can be spiritual people, but if we refuse our Mars, which is to say we refuse to push back against invasive energies, attitudes and systems, we run the risk of acting out the worst of it.

Right now Mars is in its detriment in Libra. Mars might try to act more civilized than it wants or needs to be in this sign.

Mars sextile the sun can help us engage with our desire to move into the world in a courageous and valiant way.

Mars square Pluto can make it tempting to misuse our power, to dominate, to control or to be unconsciously driven by base desires. However, this aspect can also reveal the depth and power of our desire to us and ask us exactly how we plan on using it.

In the next few days Mars will oppose Uranus furthering the impact of this red warrior’s transit through Libra and the part of your chart that contains this sign.


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Aries & Aries Rising

Some bright ideas (possibly gained on a recent travel expedition) want to illuminate your understanding of life. Let yourself be encouraged by this fresh take on things. Try to keep an open mind. Try to see what you usually gloss over. Try to let your teachers teach you.

It’s not good to have all the answers.

Try to bring this larger understanding, this bigger view of you, into all of your relationship dynamics. You are bigger than your fears of never finding “the one” or “the ones”. You are bigger than your complexes that come up when you are in partnership. You are more than what you might make of anyone else’s take on your relationship status.

All that to say, you’ve got some dynamo dynamics to work with this week. And next. The first 10 days of December are full to the brim with opportunities for intimate issues to rise to the surface.

This astrology is rambunctious. It’s rowdy. It’s edgy. It’s digging around some old issues that are uncomfortable to uncover. It’s a little unnerving.

So be conscious of the battles you want to wage. Know that you can want to wage them without actually doing so. Know that others might encourage some of this behavior or display it themselves.

You can take the bait or not.

Taurus copy

Taurus & Taurus Rising

If it’s not worth fighting for. If it’s not worthy of your protection. If you wouldn’t put your life on the line for it you might want to reconsider how much energy you’ll offer it.

This week has you working out the kinks that one of your projects is presenting. The issues that come up around this work pursuit are important. There might be a power struggle that you are up against. There might be a passion that gets reignited in you. There might be an opportunity at work or with one of the things that you are working on that requires your attention.

Whatever the situation, go deeper when trying to solve the problem. Get under the covers with it. Get to know the nature of it. Get familiar with your fears around it and your limits within it. It’s good to know what we will and won’t put up with.

Find out how intense your desire is to do this thing that you are doing. Allow room for it to be reformed. Allow room for it to be reconstructed. Allow room to be wrong.

Think of yourself in service to what you are working on. Think of yourself in a spiritual relationship with your colleagues. Think of what the direction is that you hope your projects go in, the end goal, the real goal, the reason why you would get out of bed in the morning to work on them in the first place. Keep that end goal in your mind’s eye as you go through the course of your week.

Gemini copy

Gemini & Gemini Rising

This week your relationship issues remain under the spotlight. Not that these issues will ever end mind you. There is no finish line. There isn’t anywhere to go. There is no prize to attain.

Except self-awareness. Self-knowledge. Self-reflection. Accountability. And a deeper experience of living your life.

So settle in. I know it’s tough when we are in the belly of our loneliness. I know our pain becomes too tender to touch sometimes when we face (what appears to be) the rejection of another. I know that this can come from lovers, friends, family members, the bank teller or any other innocent (or not) bystander.

But there is no way to birth the self without being broken open.

You are not alone in this process. It is the human experience. It is beautiful. It is fragile. It is harrowing. It is real. It is the only game in town.

Accompanying ourselves through it is a profound honor. This week could very well allow you to have a newfound appreciation for the complexities of the heart, yours and everyone else’s.

 Cancer copy

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Something halting you when you go to tackle your projects? Something in you resistant to doing all your grown up work? Something in you feels like having a temper tantrum cause you don’t waaaaaant tooooooo?

The resistance should pass by Tuesday.

Some creative juice should start to thaw and get you moving towards your goals. Some ignition should start to rev your engines. Some of the overwhelm or exhaustion should start to fade come the end of the week.

But there is still this issue. This issue that you are working on. This issue that is working on you. Something around home. Something around family. Something around foundations. Something around feeling safe and secure. Something about knowing where to be. Something about wanting to be where you are.

This something is digging itself into your experience like a red hot fire poker. This something wants to get to the heart of a psychological issue that connects to your core. This something lays deep under the surface and can be unveiled through the help of an intimate other.

If a relationship is worth its weight it will trigger our deepest feelings and help us heal the open wounds.

Go slowly with this stuff. There is no rush to work things out, though some of the discomfort may urge you to resolve things ASAP. Instead try to respect what you are in the process of. Moving towards “solving” an issue before you understand it can cause more harm than good. And there is more to this issue than what you can see at the present moment. Be open to the unfolding of this. Be patient with the part of you that wants it resolved.

Getting to know ourselves through our trials and our successes requires that we be willing to know all sides of the self. The needy, the greedy, the difficult, the sweet, the soft, the loving and everything else that lies in between the extremes.

Leo copy

Leo & Leo Rising

The mind loves to think in terms of divisions. The mind loves right and wrong. The mind knows how to separate, seek revenge and inflict pain.

The mind is a sharp object.

Sharp is good when we need to dissect the truth from a tumor of lies that has grown around it. Sharp is good when we need to cut through the piles of lies and misunderstandings that the world heaps on us. Sharp is good when we need to defend ourselves against danger.

Just make sure you aren’t defending yourself against the medicine that can help you most. Sometimes the healers we are given appear as adversaries at first.

With so much going on in your 5th house of romance, love, children and creative energy it looks like, in the coming weeks, you’ll need to know what to fight for and to protect. You’ve got words to have with others, but you’ve also got a heart that needs love and care. A heart that may have been heavy lately, but one that looks like it is also getting seriously focused on committing to what is important.

Allow the sharpness of your mind to help you discern what to go for and what to cut loose.

Virgo copy

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Make sure you feel nourished this week. Fed on multiple levels. Full of powerful nutrients that can build strong bones.

Be wary of old internal tapes that make you feel as though starving your heartfelt needs is necessary. Be willing to push back against inner monologues that collude with the rhetoric of outer oppressors. Be mindful when witnessing childhood patterns so that you don’t end up entertaining them. Be willing to question hurtful philosophies.

Be the adult that you wish you had when you were young.

Be willing to be a grown up about financial matters, money issues and material possessions. Be honest about what you owe. Be honest about what you may have promised. Be fearless when asking for what you are worth. Be willing to recognize the weight of your contributions, both energetic and financial, in all your partnerships. Be a miner of your own resources. Support yourself with your creative pursuits. Feed yourself art. See your worth and beauty reflected in the images that you choose to rest your eyes upon.

Libra copy

Libra & Libra Rising

Fitting in is hard to do. It’s actually impossible to do. It’s actually the worst thing that we can focus on and spend our energy trying to do. Why try to “fit” anything other than the beautiful skin we are in?

It’s easy to say, but these are words that are worthy of trying to live into.

You have a situation in the next two weeks that might make your behavior a little more disruptive than your normal disposition. It might make you a little accident prone. It might make you more likely to bump into other’s sore spots. It might make you more liable to bump into an old wound of your own.

If so, remind yourself of your courage. If something was ignited over the holidays remind yourself that life is long and you’ll have ample opportunity to gather more information about the situation and your reaction to it. Talk over whatever ails you with friends and in social gatherings. If you’ve recently come through something difficult with a friend you’ll have that much more strength to draw from within yourself. If you have yet to move through something difficult and are still sitting with it because you aren’t sure what to do or say, use this week to address the situation with your integrity intact and compassion on your sleeve.

Your chart is overflowing with opportunities to un-complicate the act of communicating what is most important to you. Go for a simple, stripped down, elegant explanation of your truth.

Scorpio copy

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

This week comes bearing the gift of solutions to the financial restriction that you may have been experiencing. This week wants to bring you some possibilities for working with any career conundrums that may have recently tripped you up.


The situation seems to run deeper than the mere issue of money. There is something happening to your energy, and possibly to you current direction, that might feel a tad off course, off center or off on a tangent. It’s time for you to work on untying some psychic knot that is impeding the pursuit of your purpose.

Turn toward it to understand and release the energy that is bound up in it. Let go of lingering thoughts that have you thinking that you need to exert your power over a person, situation or solution. Lose interest in forcing the outcome of anything. Instead, move towards and promote what is most important to you, but refuse to become a tyrant, fascist or facsimile of one. No matter what we are promoting, if we do so without being humble, we all run the risk of being as obnoxious as that orange guy running for president.

Sagittarius-2 copy

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

Whatever threshold you passed through last week, or are currently passing through, is an important one. Know that the growing pains were not in vain. Last week walked you through another layer or level of your self-awareness and your own self-distinction.

Boundaries, baby, boundaries.

We can’t cure what isn’t ours to. We can’t fix what isn’t broken in us. We can’t drown in another’s pain, or paint our lives with the colors of another’s paint box. You need to go your own way. Not by being separated and isolated from your people, but so that you internally move inside of your own energy. So that you know without a doubt that you are your own person, one that is not flooded by the comings and goings of others.

Anchor yourself.

Feel yourself. Notice where you begin and end. Merging with others is cute but this is no time to be a watercolor. Think thick acrylic paint. Be bold and distinctive. Be willing to stand out.

This week has some wonderfully whacky energy for you to work with. This week has some good ideas and some great conversations for you to be inspired by. This week has some extra energy it is willing to send your way.

Harness it.

Write it down, write it out, and communicate it with the ones that inspire you the most. And don’t worry about the ones that don’t. You are most likely dealing with some kind of social issue, some situation with friends or peers that proposes some difficulty and requires you to dig deep and soul search a bit. But that’s what friends are for. Stay the course with your feelings about it. There’s more to be revealed and you’ll gain a lot by being responsive to the data you are gathering about who you are and who you want to be in the group.

Capricorn copy

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

There might be something that you need to defend, or something that you feel you are being asked to defend in your career or your career goals themselves. It could be something about your image. It could be something about your plans. It could be something about your core need to stand up for what is right and to stand against what you feel is essentially harmful.

Whatever it is, you have an opportunity to demonstrate your capacity for courage in a public way. You might meditate on what it means to have the courage to fail. You might meditate on what it means to have the courage to show the world who you really are and what you really want. You might meditate on what it means to risk your security to actively pursue your passions. You might ask yourself if you feel alive when you are in pursuit of what you consider to be so.

If not, this week could help you get in touch with what would. If not, this week could get you in touch with what to put your passion and your energy towards. If not, this week can remind you that getting busy doing something of service is the best thing to do when you feel angst about your current status.

Aquarius copy

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Speak your truth this week. Without the need to convince anyone. Without the need to prove anything. Without the need to manipulate or twist the facts to make your argument. Just state the facts. Voice the sentiments of your heart. Tell it like it is for you, knowing that it’s probably different for others. Speak your message without shame.

You don’t need to win anyone over. You don’t need to have anyone agree with you. You can tell the truth as you see it. Experience what it is to be a vehicle for it. In that telling you proclaim to others that they could do the same if they wish.

Getting free is a group effort.

Your astrology suggests that it is high time you align with those that resonate with that kind of life living. Your astrology suggests that you need the experience of collective truth telling as much as the collective needs you to tell the truth.

Pisces copy

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Giving yourself what you need in order to live out your life’s purpose is most likely the greatest gift you can give yourself. Set yourself up for success. Take the class. Write the proposal. Declare your intentions to yourself. Face your fears around succeeding. Face your fears around being inadequate. Face yourself with as much compassion as you can muster. You don’t have to get this whole living life thing right, but you’ll enjoy it more if you love yourself through it. Grant yourself permission to be in the human struggle.

Exactly how your success will unfold is out of your control.

You might be well entrenched in your work. You might be well down the road of your destiny. You might be very sure of how it should unfold. But the truth is that none of us really know to what degree our work and our lives are affecting the world. Thank gods. The pressure would be too much if we were always conscious of it. The weight of our responsibility would freak us out. The mere knowledge of our impact can be paralyzing sometimes.

Best not to get transfixed on it.

Best to just get busy in the doing of our lives. Best to remind our selves of the next, simplest action to perform. Best to do what is in front of us to the best of our ability.

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