The Pele Report Video for January 20th from Kaypacha Lescher

The Pele Report Video for January 20th from Kaypacha Lescher

Wonderful insight for this week and the Full Moon in Leo from the always wonderful, delightfully kooky Kaypacha

Thoughts for this week:

When I am in my Spirit Self,
There is no loss or gain,
My fears disperse as I liberate,
And am free to fly again.

That’s what we need these days, to find the portal to the Spirit Self and view our earthly dilemmas from there! Nice if you have a nice shamanic drumbeat to journey up to the “top of the sky” and cut a circular hole in it, open the hatch, and go through it into the celestial world. A beautiful journey that can be quite healing (I met one of my spirit guides that way) especially during times of stress and strain on the physical plane.

As I mention in this week’s report, this certainly is a time for some great stress and strain that can come in many guises, but will push us to our limits on way or another. It is as if the universe is plotting to see just what “stuff” we are made of…… “Come on! Take that! Whatcha ya gonna do now, huh?” You can almost picture some character out there egging us on……. wooooo.

Well, the full Moon in Leo this weekend will really offer all of us an opportunity to let off some steam, chill out and have some fun. May you have great harmless, creative, extravaganzas leading to new heart openings!

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