The Best Astro Sites for Amateur Astrologers

The Best Astro Sites for Amateur Astrologers

I’m frequently asked which are the best astro sites, so I thought it would be best to create this post and leave it here for you guys. Note that I’m not being paid to write this and there is no financial benefit to me if you use any services from the below list. From time to time I will share things I love, but only when the opinions are purely my own and backed by my experiences.

Best Astro Sites This is the only astrology site you need if you’re an aspiring astrologer or astrological student. It’s THE font of all Astro knowledge. Once you sign-up you can save infinite birth charts, and there is no limit to the chart options here. You can use any house system (Placidus, Koch, Whole Signs etc), any chart type (Natal, Progressed Moon, Progression, Solar Return, Synastry), and add an infinite number of objects to to your chart (all of the major asteroids, plus 12,000+ asteroids and fixed stars). The options are endless.

Best for: Student Astrologers.

Alabe. This is the ‘original’ site to get a free birth chart. Back in the day this was one of the only free sites going, and it’s still a favourite of mine as it’s just dead easy to use. No sign-ups, tricks or heavy-handed marketing ploys to get you to buy stuff. Just a one-click free birth chart. The analysis is simple and the website is very Windows 1992, but their quickie birth chart may be all you need in the beginning to get started.

Best for: simple, quick, free birth chart. No frills, no fuss.

Astrotheme. This is one of my personal favourite for daily horoscopes. Unlike normal ‘Sun sign’ astrologers you get in daily news columns, this daily horoscope is based on YOUR birth chart and its specific planet positions. This is a great tool to combat against some of the fear-based astro crap that’s out there. As an aside, you can store multiple profiles here to check on family members quickly, and AstroTheme’s technology powers a lot of other Astro websites.

Best for: daily horoscopes based on your natal chart.

Astro-charts. gives a nice breakdown of a birth chart overall: planet positions, all aspects, the start and finish of the houses (handy when you want to know where the full moon will be in your chart, as example), and in addition, a breakdown of any major patterns or aspects in your chart, like Yod’s T-Square’s, Grand Crosses and more. The info is very cleanly laid out and well-designed. Also something else I really appreciate – the paid version of the birth charts breaks down some of your more important aspects, with a tiered approach to their expression: essentially, allowing you to see what it looks like when you can develop and harness the energy of any natal aspect, however bad.

Best for: a beautifully presented look at your birth chart – also a nice gift for a friend.

Astrology Zone. Susan Miller has long been the grand dame of online astrology. Although I’m definitely partial to other Astrologers now, you can’t make a list like this without giving Mrs. Miller her due. I always buy her yearly calendars (they also make great gifts), which are awesome because they show a short description of any meaningful transits on a day-by-day basis.

Best for: Susan’s in-depth monthly horsocopes & her calendars.

Cafe Astrology. This is a great all-around reference, where you can learn about transits more in-depth. If, for example, you wanted to know the exact degree that Mercury retrograde would start going into shadow, when it would properly turn retrograde and vice versa, Cafe Astrology is the site for that. I feel like they probably dropped the ball and the site is getting a bit outdated, but there’s still excellent information here. The birth chart analysis is also very in-depth and worth a read.

Best for: learning more deeply about astro transits and aspects.

The Astro Twins. Many Moons ago I used to read them, and I must be honest, I now find it a bit too “chick-click” (the online version of chick-lit). Their scopes read a little bit silly in interpretations of transits, but that is more demonstrative of their target audience than their abilities as astrologers. I’m still listing them here as they have a great following and are lovely people. They do a nice yearly PDF that can be downloaded, and consistent daily/weekly/monthly scopes.

Best for: daily and weekly light-hearted horoscopes.

Chani Nicholas. Lovely, warmly-written and deeply felt horoscopes and moon readings by one of the modern masters (who also knows her traditional stuff too!). Chani also holds classes from time to time, some more in-depth, some which are perhaps a bit light if you’re beyond an intermediate understanding of Astrology; all of them are well-done.

Best for: Chani’s weekly horoscopes – the best available online if you like a warm fuzzy (IMO).

The Pele Report. Kaypacha Lescher is a jewel of a man. Every week he shares a kooky YouTube of ‘The Pele Report’, which usually consists of him spouting poetry, walking along the hills of Hawaii or some unknown natural vista, and breaking down big astro transits into simple, rhymed couplets. I dare you to watch one and not smile.

Best for: fun, quirky video insight into every week’s transits.

Eric Francis. Planet Waves is another must-know astro site for anyone that wants a deeper, more esoteric understanding of Astrology, especially as it pertains to the subconscious and some of our lesser-talked about drives: namely, sex. This is not the astro site for everyone, but it’s highly sophisticated and jammed full of interesting content in astrology, tarot and esoterics.

Best for: high-minded astrological discussion.

Shelley von Strunckel. Full disclosure: Shelley is a friend of mine, and in the past I would book in with her once a year to get a handle on my transits for the next year. Shelley’s daily horoscopes are great, especially her birthday stars, which I tend to send to friends on their birthdays.

Best for: birthday stars.

Astrology King. This is one of the best sites for looking at the aspects of your natal planets and reading the interpretations, aspect by aspect. Site is easily one of the best astro sites around in terms of navigation and search.

Best for: interpreting the aspects in your birth chart.

Ruby Slipper. Nadia Gilchrist’s site is the ONLY Astrology site I currently read on a daily basis. I usually *hate* the concept of dailies, as it can unintentionally make some folks feel like they can’t act without knowing what so-and-so would say about today’s Astrology, but Nadia’s near-daily insights are the antidote to co-dependent Astrology followers. Short and sweet, brief and to the point, her free horoscopes and insights are highly detailed yet incredibly pragmatic.

Best for: grounded day-to-day Astrology insights.

This is it for now — if you guys have any suggestions, please feel free to tell me in the comments. ♥

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Updated July 2017: Added Ruby Slipper (her exclusion was inexcusable)