We Are the Creators We Need: Full Moon in Leo

We Are the Creators We Need: Full Moon in Leo

Full moon revelations from the wonderful Chani Nicholas. Soak it up.

“A revolution that is based on the people exercising their creativity in the midst of devastation is one of the great historical contributions of humankind.” Grace Lee Boggs

Leo loves to be loved. Needs to be adored. And will go to great lengths for applause. 

Leo is warm. Leo is illuminated. Leo burns bright. Leo is passion. Leo rules the heart. Leo is instinctual. Leo is inspirational. Leo leads with its ability to dramatize the human experience so that the rest of us may understand ourselves and our predicament better. When its efforts to do so are not acknowledged, Leo is left bewildered, its ego battered and bruised. Leo must find the stage that fits it. Leo must tell the tales that are its to tell. Leo must give forth of its fire.

Leo is the creative beast inside each of us that has its own unique roar. 

This beast needs to be believed. It needs to be known. It needs a place at our table. It needs to be fed. It needs to be worked with. It needs to be let out to roam in the wilds of our imagination. 

This beast will work with us if we respect it. If we honor it. If we put it to work. If we give it time to grow. 

When we deny this glorious animal we may be plagued by fears of not having truly lived, and so we begin to fear death. We may feel stalked by the hunger of a beast left unfed, afraid of what might slip out, what might reveal our failure to take a chance. We may be blindsided by the buildup of anger that follows the denial of ourselves. Anger that erupts at the least opportune times, anger that devours innocent bystanders and wipes out relationships. Our creative animal can turn vengeful, envious and devious. Instead of a healthy outward expression, denied creative energy can derail the passionate pursuits of others. It can become simplistic, dogmatic an rigid. We become the monsters that want to inhibit everyone else’s self-expression for fear of being reminded of our un-lived life. There is no joy, no heart, no life here.

The beast must be welcomed in or we will live locked up and shut out of our own potential.

The full moon in Leo arrives on Saturday, January 23rd at 5:46 PM PST. It is being squared by the passionate pair of Mars and Juno in Scorpio. These two lend an itch to our creative urges, asking us to do something with this energy. The pairing can insight jealous, intense and tumultuous activity. Being envious of others doesn’t make us bad people, it’s merely an indicator of what is missing from our own lives. Use any information you receive from envy as an indicator of what you need to get to work on developing in your own life. 

The sun rules this full moon and is sitting directly across from it in the cool, calm and collected sign of Aquarius. It is conjunct Pallas Athene, the wisdom goddess. This combination asks us to utilize our creative intelligence to see how we can innovate and create social change through our creative progeny.

Concurrently, Mercury, who is still retrograde but beginning to station direct on January 25th, is conjunct Pluto.This lends a note of intellectual depth, investigation and can promote possible power struggles or manipulation when left unconscious or denied. 

Jupiter is also making its conjunction to the north node, almost exact at the time of the full moon. This can lead to an increase in our appetite to develop skills, learn and gather data necessary for our most important creations. 

This full moon wants to remind us that we are creators, not consumers. We are giant hearts walking around in small bodies. We are wizards that think they are muggles. We are always, at every turn, co-creating the world anew. To hold back, to fear of or to admonish our way of self-expression, or anyone else’s, is to hold back the continuing creation of the world. 

We are the creators we need.

Full moon blessings,


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