New Moon in Aquarius: The Mind is a Machine

New Moon in Aquarius: The Mind is a Machine

New Moon in Aquarius // 8th February, 2016

19 Degrees Aquarius

Our lives, our hearts, our relationships, our work, our families, and our realities are all shaped, in large part, by our thoughts. How we place ourselves in situations. What we think about our part in relationships. How we see our place in the world.  

The mind is a serious machine. 

We act badly when governed by poorly thought-out philosophies. Our inner bullies are fed by the religions of intolerance. Our inner dictators, our inner fascists, our inner tyrants are all emboldened by supremacist ideologies. 

We disrespect, deny and do damage to ourselves when we buy into systems of thought that deem our truth, our love, and our self-expression an aberration.  

We make a nightmare out of utopia, inequity out of abundance and insufficiency out of perfection when we view the world through the eyes of dominance, fear and greed. We destroy needlessly. We inflict endless suffering on generations. We leave legacies of pain and trauma. We live out someone else’s reality when we don’t know the truth of ourselves, our history or our names. 

These cycles find new life in generations disenfranchised from their pasts. Progress is easily retracted when our lineages remain in the dark. Systems of suffering survive when access to knowledge is denied.

The new moon at 19 degrees of Aquarius arrives on Monday, February 8th at 6:39 AM PST. Aquarius is an air sign. Air signs deal with concepts, thought, relating and communicating. Aquarius is a fixed air sign. Fixed signs are a strong, sturdy hub for others to gather round. Conceptually quite brilliant, Aquarius is able to see solutions and ways forward that are invisible to others. Uninfluenced by outside forces when need be, Aquarius is constructed to come up with its own thoughts. Able to put sentimental ties aside, Aquarius can become uncannily adept at problem solving. Mentally sturdy enough to study systems without being coopted by them, Aquarius astutely sees ways to innovate with great ease.  

Traditionally ruled by Saturn, Aquarius works well in structured, ordered and rule-wielding systems, but only after they have reinvented them to make good working sense. The sun and new moon are both making a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a sturdy influence, one that can help us to make long-range plans that put us en route to authentically living out our lives.

The modern western ruler of Aquarius is Uranus. Uranus wants to break patterns, smash stifling systems and seek liberty and freedom at any cost. The sun and new moon are also sending a sextile to Uranus in Aries. This is an exciting aspect. It stimulates the courage we need to experiment. It sends us insights into how we can free ourselves of outdated dogma and find the creative genius within us. Vesta is co-present with Uranus, giving this experimental influence extra emphasis by means of being devoted to it.

Saturn and Uranus are currently in a loose trine to each other (within 3 degrees), one that will culminate at the end of the year. Saturn trine Uranus, especially from the fire signs they are in, can have an enthusiastic, innovative and groundbreaking impact on the structures of our lives. It’s an aspect that helps us to break patterns that have kept us bound in fear while remembering to build new ones that can support our lives and dreams. This new moon helps to tie those influences together.  

The sun and moon are also in a tight square to Mars in Scorpio. A square is an aspect that causes commotion. It denotes a need for action, change and movement. Mars is powerful and dignified in Scorpio, but that doesn’t mean it won’t play dirty. It’s Mars in Scorpio. Mars is far from friendly. Mars can cause conflict, strife and serious injury when left unchecked. It’s bound to do a little damage. It’s bound to show us the parts of ourselves that do a little too.  

Mars stays in the heels of the sun’s path for days afterwards making this an influential aspect. When working for us, Mars can teach us epic amounts about how to initiate, defend, protect and find the courage to serve what needs us. 

A square from Mars to this new moon in Aquarius can also highlight the intellectual frameworks that keep us locked in stories of strife, pain and that keep us in pursuit of what harms us. Working with the aspects of life that are the most difficult is tricky business. We need to understand the systems that keep us from living out our full potential and cause undo harm, violence and destruction, but because we live inside those systems, understanding how we have internalized them and recreate them is also infinitely important to understand. The support of Saturn and Uranus can help us to not only name the ideas that cause harm but can also encourage us to rebuild our mindset so that we are no longer tricked by the thoughts that keep us locked up in inhumane ideologies. 

Lastly, Venus in Capricorn will make a trine to Jupiter and the north node in Virgo on February 9th at 11:54 PM PST. It’s not connected to the new moon by aspect, but the influence is very helpful and worth noting. Venus connects us to each other through love and attraction. In Capricorn Venus wants real love, a relationship that can be built into something of worth and value. Jupiter connects us to each other through the principal of inclusion and generosity. In Virgo, Jupiter grows the little details and our work ethic; the north node amplifies this. The three in a trine makes the most out of these connections and helps them to come about with great ease. We can all ride this wave as the new moon starts to pick up some light, helping our intentions grow by making ourselves available to what wants to help us grow along practical, beneficial and productive lines.

New moon blessings,


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