You Belong Here: Full Moon in Virgo

You Belong Here: Full Moon in Virgo

Lunar revelations from the wonderful Chani Nicholas for tomorrow’s Full moon in Virgo. Soak it up. ♥


There is nothing to fix. Each one of us is made to fit our lives. Precisely. The measurements are exact. The tailoring is to a tee. The height. The width. The depth. It’s perfect. We need not ever struggle to fit into the fabric of ourselves. 

We are all complex, paradoxical, flawed. As we fumble, topple and blunder our way out of the messy cocoon of unconsciousness (an ever-evolving, never-ceasing emergence), we do so perfectly also. 

But we worry that we are wrong. 

We fear we are ill-shaped. We fret that we were a mistake. We wake in night sweats, covered in panic’s perspiration. We question the meaning that makes us. We second guess our nature. We refuse our resplendency. We want to be another. We are taught to be other. We want to be in accordance with life, but we tend to attack our own.

Not fitting is excruciating. It’s excruciating as long as we try to fit. Or fix. Or make different our distinct markings. If we added up the hours spent counting the things”wrong” with us, we would be buried under a heap of lost time. What could we do with the energy otherwise? What life can we steal back from what the internal naysayers took? What will we do when we discover that we are as we were meant to be.

The week of February 22nd opens up with an exacting full moon in Virgo at 10:20 AM PST. A hard-working earth sign, Virgo can go overboard with its need to get things right, perfect and precise. Virgo can spend all its time worrying over what is not done, what is not in place and what does not belong.

But Virgo is also known for its ability to uphold the natural order of things, Virgo’s keen sensibility for streamlining and making sense out of a mess harkens back to the profound wisdom of the earth itself. Virgo wants to find efficiency because it is the most intelligent option. Virgo wants to find the home for all things lost. Virgo understands the innate order, the flawless mathematics and the subtle splendor of organisms at work. Nothing in nature is wasted. Nothing is without a purpose. 

None of us are.

Knowing that we are of this earth, born from the wise order of the universe, is enough to know that nature doesn’t make anything without a purpose. If we are here, nature has called us here for a reason. That reason is our responsibility to discover but we can have faith that the reason fits like a crown of glory around our soul. 

You are the perfect you. Don’t break yourself to fit in.

This full moon in sits in the same sign as Jupiter. Though the two are not close by degree, this is still important to note. The nature of a full moon is to illuminate a place in our chart and this full moon will not only highlight the part of our chart that contains Virgo, but will also illuminate the work that Jupiter has accomplished (or gotten us to) here as well. 

Jupiter has been in Virgo since August of 2015, increasing the tiny tasks in the area of our chart that contains Virgo (check your full moon horoscope for more information). Jupiter brings all kinds of abundance. In Virgo, Jupiter increases data collecting, giving and assimilating. Virgo rules the digestive system. Virgo wants to make use of what it takes in. What good is more information if we don’t digest it, incorporate it and are ultimately transformed by it?

Standing in opposition to the full moon and Jupiter is the sun, Neptune, Ceres and Chiron in Pisces. The nature of a full moon is to incorporate opposites, to find balance and to remember that one extreme always has an opposite and equal extreme. 

If Virgo is the master of precision, Pisces is the energy that animates the master. Virgo categorizes, Pisces unites. Virgo sobers, Pisces intoxicates. Virgo worries, Pisces looks for the perfection in all things, or swims in assuming it will all get where it needs to go eventually. Not twisted in torment over the imperfections of life, Pisces has a much greater ability to operate on faith. Faith in the human spirit. Faith in goodness. Faith in the energy that brought us here. Pisces believes that everyone, at their core, is worth loving. Pisces is ultimate kindness. Pisces is unlimited compassion. Pisces is acceptance. 

To stand at the center of these polarities, to be in balance with criticality and faith, to practice precision and embody unity, and to see the micro and the macro is what this full moon is asking of us. 

We can know all of the things we must work on, all the ways in which we can do better, all of the things we must grow into and still feel appreciation for the day, for the skin that we are in and for ourselves. We can hold one another accountable while still holding one another with a compassionate heart. We can look at the world, in all its pain, sorrow and injustice and still know it’s worth fighting for, still know that there is love here, still believe that justice will, in the end, win. We can know that even in the most intense struggles to become ourselves and to find our way, we are still, and will always be, a perfect fit for our own lives. 

Full moon blessings,


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