Courage to Heal: Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Courage to Heal: Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Read below for Chani’s insight on the Solar Eclipse in Pisces, occuring at 19° on March 8th at 5:54 PM PST.

Eclipse Blessings. ♥

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Solar Eclipse in Pisces // Courage to Heal

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Each one of us has the right to heal.

To heal from the pain of our past. To heal from the pain of the present. To heal from the pain that feels like it will never cease.

It is our right. It is also our responsibility. For if we do not take up the tremendous task of healing, then we are sure to recreate and propagate our suffering.

Left alone, our pain leaves us vulnerable to multiple manipulations. Left alone, pain will seek to manipulate all manner of life around us. Because pain, left unconscious, does not, will not and cannot go down without a fight. It will pull everything in its sight down under with it.

We begin to believe in hate. We begin to believe in retaliation. We begin to believe in being part of a gang. A gang that tells us it is rooting for us, because we are better than “them”. A gang that tells us it wants our membership, a gang that tells us it understands our frustrations, a gang that tells us it will seek revenge for those that caused us harm. A gang that lies to us. A gang that cares nothing for us but the personal power we lend it.

When we pass by the opportunities to wake up and get right with ourselves, it’s easier to join the bully than to stand up to them.

The solar eclipse/new moon in Pisces will occur on March 8th at 5:54 PM PST. This eclipse is an extreme moment, one of the more extreme of 2016. It’s extreme because of the type of planets in Pisces at the time of the eclipse. Extreme because of the number of planets that are currently in the same mutable modality as Pisces. Extreme because that is the nature of an eclipse.

Eclipses tend to open and close doors. They tend to be portals of rapid growth. They reveal our psychic shadow selves. They tend to be whirlwinds of wonder and whiplash. Big shifts internally and/or externally occur whether we are ready for them or not.

Pisces is a sign known for its propensity to proliferate. A fertile sign, Pisces makes, creates and is never ending in its appetite for possibility. Pisces is permeable. At times this is a major boon. Thin skin helps us to feel for others. It creates empathy. It creates connection. In Pisces, it can create great kindness.

At other times however, the loss of definitive boundary can create confusion and overwhelm. Pisces can make us soft in places we need to remain critical. Pisces isn’t known for its cynicism. Pisces is gullible. Too much Pisces can flood the facts. Water damage can be detrimental to clear and concise calculations. Pisces can easily get bewildered, diffused and derailed. Those that want to take advantage of this have all kinds of smoke and mirrors at their disposal in a high-octane Piscean moment such as this one.

This eclipse sits with Neptune, Chiron, Ceres and Mercury in Pisces.

Neptune erodes boundaries and washes away barriers. Both a spiritual influence and one that can cloud our vision, Neptune acts like a fog. Big on impressions, images and illusions, Neptune is a tricky partner to trust. What is real and what is imagined?

Chiron points us to the original, relentless, ever-bleeding wound. A wound that informs us if we peer into its nature. A wound that offers up no end to our potential for healing and being the wiser for it.

Ceres is the Great Mother, Goddess of the Grain and provider for humankind. She speaks of our relationship with the cycles of the earth. Our relationship to agriculture. Our relationship to nourishment. Our relationship to our offspring, whatever form they take. Our relationship to the many mothers we may have. In Pisces we can look to our relationship with mother oceans, our water systems, and the water issues faced by the people of Flint and many other people on the planet.

All of these planetary bodies are in Pisces, plus Mercury, a planet overwhelmed in the mutable waters of this sign. Mercury has a hard time keeping the details, remembering the facts or getting them straight in Pisces.

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and therefore in charge of this eclipse. However, it is in a difficult situation, sitting exactly opposite from the eclipse in Virgo. It’s currently retrograde (a signification of having less than normal power and influence), it’s in its detriment (the sign opposite from its home of Pisces, signifying the planet is, in a way, wounded, and may feel that it has to overwork) and Jupiter is sitting in a place across from the sun, which is extra damaging. What does that mean for us? Jupiter rules faith. We may wonder at this moment, just what to have faith in? What to believe in? What to trust? We may wonder why so many seem to want to believe in hate, violence and greed when we know where that kind of philosophy will ultimately lead us.

Under these beams it is of the utmost importance to check facts and know that many of them will, at this moment, remain obscured.

Saturn, currently sitting in Sagittarius, squares both the eclipse and Jupiter. Squares from Saturn test us. They tease out our frustrations. They egg us into becoming adults. They laugh at our self-pitying tears. Squares from Saturn demand that we come prepared for the truth and if not we will fall prey to our fantasies, our delusions and our self-deception. Squares from Saturn do not settle out of court. We have to pay the full price. We have to go through the complete process. We cannot cheat the system. Not the system that governs our growth.

The stakes are high right now. The currents may want to sweep us away. The temptation may be to just turn off the news and move to a foreign land. But fascism doesn’t live in a country. It lives, like a dormant virus, within each of us. Supremacy, domination and control all converge in our unconsciousness at some point or another. Indeed, coming to consciousness affords us the opportunity to see how deeply distorted our humanity can become and how susceptible we all are to the ills of being in a body. It’s our job to wake up to the fact that we have, each one of us, the ability to inflict worlds of pain on innocence, be as horrific as the worst in human history and stoop lower than any before us. We have all that in us. In our flesh and in our bones. We have all that and we have it’s opposite. We have the ability to create acts of beauty, courage, kindness and compassion. Compassion so powerful it heals us of our ailments.

That’s the highest octave of Pisces. Love beyond boundary. Love beyond comparison. Love beyond the human condition. Love that is not lazy. Love that sees injustice and puts its energy towards loving the solution for it, not denying that it exists or hiding from the suffering of others.

This eclipse season, this moment in history, this life, this world, this planet needs our deepest commitment to honesty, to integrity, to creativity, to truth, to love, to justice, to dealing with the difficult without trying to escape it.

Eclipse blessings,


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