Spring Equinox: Thoughts from Chani Nicholas

Spring Equinox: Thoughts from Chani Nicholas

Revelations from the wonderful Chani Nicholas for today/tomorrow’s move into the Spring Equinox.

This is a delicious time in Astrology. In Astrological terms it’s quite literally a New Year; for most of us its also the beginning of a new season. There is a resurgence of life that serves to remind us that we can all be reborn, if we are ready for the transformation.

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The Spring Equinox

Equal day to equal night. The balance of light and dark. Both sides in fair measure. The spring equinox in the northern hemisphere, which takes place on Saturday March 19th at 9.31pm PST, marks a time when what was concealed now begins to be revealed. What was mere potential now becomes a promise. What always existed but was hidden, the vibratory hum and creative force of life that can never be extinguished, once again makes itself manifest before our very eyes. 

Spring steals attention. Spring makes lovers. Spring does not ask for permission. Spring pays no mind to those too ignorant to appreciate it. It is unwavering in its dedication to fulfill its duty. It arrives and, with its arrival, all life is changed. 

We are meant to take this process personally. It’s a cue from the natural world. We are meant to recognize, to realize, to mirror what is revealing itself to us through the cues of the wild we live in. Great meaning, understanding, purpose and a praise for life can become a part of our reality when we see our self, our process and our potential mirrored in the life cycles around us. 

Can we take the cue and break out of old patterns? Can we give up our training wheels, our blankies and our crutches? Can we say yes to growth? Yes to the kind of growth that brings us out of our caves of hibernation and dormancy? Some of us are adept at changing our address, our partners, our jobs and our hair colors but that is not the same as giving oneself over to the process of inner transformation. 

The first day of spring ushers in many festivals that resonate with the themes of death and rebirth, the renewal of our relationship to nature and the regeneration of our life force. The tender green shoots of new life, eggs, sweet fruits and blossoms of all kinds fill our tables, ceremonies and family gatherings. These festivals all happen at this time because of many culture’s origin stories, stories that reach back to our earliest relationships to the cycles of light. 

The sun’s ingress into Aries on the Spring Equinox is a potent moment. Aries is the sign of the ram, whose horns are a symbol of fertility and its ritual shearing a symbol of regrowth. Aries is a fire sign, one that in the Northern Hemisphere symbolizes a time of the warmth of the sun’s return. Each day the light grows longer and the warmth does with it. The spring is a time for us to clear out the clutter of the past year’s dormant period. We open shutters, window and closet doors. We clean out the old and make room for the new. The season, the new shift and the new growth.

If we used the Winter Solstice to plant the seeds of our intention, then at the Spring Equinox we see the growth of our intention. This is a time of action, a time to take a risk, a time for the new sprouts within to gain traction, to be given space, hydration and sunlight to live. 

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, this year’s Spring Equinox arrives right in between eclipses, in the Southern Hemisphere the Autumnal Equinox does. So much energy is invoked during the wild and changing winds of eclipse season. Moments that feel fated, moments that are eery, enchanting and exquisitely potent for our healing process. We are asked to step up our game and step into our lives in ways that may scare us, excite us and rile us. No matter what we do, the equinox is here to awaken us. Awaken us to the change that is coming no matter if we are ready or resistant. Awaken us to energy that needs to bud, burst and bloom through us. Awaken to the fact that we are seasonal beings that need to run with the wild rhythms we live within.   

Equinox blessings,


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