The Kaypacha Pele Report Video for March 23rd, 2016

The Kaypacha Pele Report Video for March 23rd, 2016

Astrological insight from the always wonderful, delightfully kooky Kaypacha.

Thoughts for this week:

It’s time to get down to doing my work,
And stop blaming or fixing the world.
But see all I love as a mirror for me,
To feel and heal myself.

From Kaypacha:

“Wow! What and Eclipse!

I wasn’t kidding when I said weird stuff happens on eclipses and prepare for the unexpected…. my skype account got hacked!  If “tlescher” is in your skype contact list, BLOCK, DELETE, or better yet report it to Skype…. they won’t help me out at all. The hacker is asking for iTunes gift cards which is not something I would do, and so far there’s been no way to access the account and make it stop. Please be aware of this and don’t engage with anyone from “tlescher”.
But besides that, I know that I am not alone, feeling the “weird” energy these days, as there is simply a lot of “bad news” coming to so many of us.  This is indeed, reflected in the Chiron/south node conjunction as Chiron is the co-ruler of the “underworld” and will serve us by bringing us down into our deeper, suppressed emotions for healing purposes (explained more in the report and the Chiron workshop recording I posted on NPA until May 1st.).
After this week’s workshop in Guatemala, I will be heading back to Costa Rica for the “Astrology for Yoga and Health” retreat in Nosara.  Please join us if you can!  I will also be posting two upcoming retreats, one in Bali and the other in Laos this November!  (details coming soon!) Both around healing, as that is the theme these days.  Let’s keep in mind that Virgo is a sign of initiation and preparation for a new resurrection that awaits us!  Don’t despair, we’re getting groomed for some future good times!”

The chart for this week is here.

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