New Moon in Aries Insights from Around the Web

New Moon in Aries Insights from Around the Web

Read below for ruminations on tonight’s New Moon in Aries from some of the web’s best Astrologers.

Try checking what area of your birth chart is ruled by Aries ( is good for generating a birth chart).

The New Moon is fantastic time to plant a new seed in a particular area of your life, and the New Moon in Aries is an especially potent time – in Astrology it is essentially the start of a New Year. Get planting.

Wishing you all the best. ♥


//Inspiration to Action//

Insight comes when it wants to. Inspiration arrives when we least expect it. Both arrive at the intersection of our being open to them and them being willing to make the journey to us. It’s a magic mix. One to be grateful for. But one that is never far from us.

The feeling. The vision. The phrase. The desire. The rush of blood. The butterflies in our belly.  The sign. The signal. The wink. The nod. The heeeyy gurl. The confirmation from life that we are on the right track. 

Nothing feels as good as being hot on the heels of what makes us blush. Of what gets us going. Of what makes our heart go pitter-patter. 

But the feeling is just the beginning. The idea is just the start. The vision isn’t enough if we aren’t ready to see it through. We’ve got to be able to bet on ourselves. To double down on our dopeness. To dare to believe in the information that we are receiving. It takes a leap of faith sometimes. It takes willingness to value our intuition. 

It takes some practice. It takes some discipline. It takes courage. It takes time to build this relationship. But there is no time like the present. 

We don’t need to be “good”. We don’t need to get it “right”. We don’t have to be pure, or perfect or nice. Inspiration doesn’t work for respectability points. Or the popular girls only. Inspiration is our birth right. It’s a gift that you have been given just for breathing. 

You’re welcome. 

The next lunar cycle begins on April 7th at 4:23 AM PT. It’s a new moon in Aries. It is happening at the most potent degree of Aries (18+ degrees), the exaltation degree. It has extra power, dignity and desire. This new moon burns bright. It ignites the internal fire. Initiating, awakening and encouraging us to act on our insights. 

Aries is bold. Independent. Action oriented. Incorrigible. Rash. Brash. Brazen. Courageous. Warm. Hot. Aries moves. Begins. Initiates. Takes risks. Takes life head on. 

The new moon is conjunct Uranus, the most experimental, groundbreaking, inventive, unique, destabilizing force in the current astrological pantheon. 

The new moon is square Pluto, the most intense, transformational and powerful force in our modern astrological system. 

The new moon is trine Saturn, the most stabilizing, stern, responsible force of manifestation we’ve got to work with. 

The new moon is ruled by Mars. Mars is currently in another fire sign, Sagittarius, sitting at 8 degrees of the sign for most of the month, preparing to station retrograde on April 17th. Mars is the planet that introduces us to our desires, our drives, our need to defend and protect what is vulnerable to predators. Mars is our inner warrior, our heroine, our Superperson. 

This new moon is demanding that we consider what we do with our rage? With our drive? With our desire? Are we able to move towards our desires? Are we able to take action to make manifest our potential? Are we able to have faith in the inspiration that comes and make use of the intuitive insights that we receive? Are we able to stand up for our dreams and do we dare to risk what we need to in order to see them made manifest?

New moon blessings!

The original post is here; check out Chani’s site for more insight.


//Uranus, Aries and Eris//

This morning is the Aries New Moon at 7:24 am EDT (11:24 UTC). As the first New Moon after last month’s eclipses, it marks a threshold into a new phase or beginning. But a beginning of what?

On a personal level, only you can say what kind of initiative you’re feeling called to enact — perhaps an exploration, reinvention or expression of identity; maybe a tangible project (artistic, domestic, political, work-related or other).

It could be some other kind of step you feel compelled to take in your life. Chances are it won’t take much thought for you to identify something, and you might already be making it happen. Whatever it is, it’s likely something only you can get going, at least in the way that you imagine or desire it.

Yet our current astrology is also emphasizing global-scale, collective or generational activity — despite the fact that Aries, the sign of ‘I am’, is the locus of the heat we’re feeling. You see, this morning as the Sun and Moon conjoin in Aries (the New Moon), they’re square Pluto in Capricorn (the push to change). At the same time, the Sun and Moon are nearly conjunct Uranus and Eris in Aries (two revolutionary, unpredictable planets).

That is, the Sun and Moon — which represent your consciousness/ego and unconscious/emotions, respectively — are drawing the larger-scale, social vibrations of Pluto, Uranus and Eris into your personal awareness. The process will continue through early next week, as the Sun exactly conjoins Uranus Saturday (5:27 pm EDT / 21:27 UTC) and Eris Tuesday (6:41 am EDT / 10:41 UTC).

The separating-but-still-effective Uranus-Pluto square defines this era of institutional upheaval and social evolution that we’ve been engaged with since around 2010 or so. (Think Occupy movement, Arab Spring revolutions, activist organizing around global warming, and so on.)

The conjunction between Uranus and Eris, exact in June, is something the world has not seen since the mid-1920s. We can take clues from that period, but a lot has changed since; most notably, the complete reconfiguration of communication and entertainment technology, and the ways that our lives (and very sense of self) have become enmeshed with it. Uranus seems to represent that process. Eric has described Eris in Aries as our collective post-modern identity crisis and ways of individuating.

The Sun and Moon today are bridging the gap between Uranus-Pluto and Uranus-Eris. One way to get a handle on that is to stop and look at what is going on in the world. These aspects are ‘signs of the times’ in astrology; as such, global news events can clue us in to what is shaking loose, what is coalescing, and where each of us stands in relation to it all.

A quick survey of recent news includes:

— Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz staging upsets in the Wisconsin primary, in a race that has brought into glaring relief the polarization of the American public, and the desperate desire to belong to some movement for radical change;

— The Supreme Court of the United States unanimously standing behind the one person / one vote principle in a recent ruling that rebuffed redistricting efforts that would have discounted unregistered or ineligible voters;

— The leak of the Panama Papers revealed at least 200 U.S. citizens who used the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca to hide assets and evade taxes; Iceland’s Prime Minister just resigned due to his own hidden offshore investments being exposed by the leak;

— California and New York passing $15 minimum wage laws;

— San Francisco passing a paid six-week parental leave policy that also applies to same-sex and adoptive parents;

— Thousands protesting in Poland to defend female reproductive rights in the face of a proposed outright abortion ban;

— Mississippi and North Carolina passing laws that enable discrimination of LGBT citizens;

— The EU’s controversial plan to deport all newly arriving refugees back to Turkey, already being enacted in Greece.

— Puerto Rico’s Senate and House of Representatives authorize the governor to suspend payments on $72 billion in public debt to hedge funds; university of Puerto Rico students lead anti-austerity protests.

There’s plenty more news out there for you to consider as context, both productive and destructive, polarizing and unifying. See if you can watch for trends, and look for how you fit into the story. What can you do?

Hint: you are neither as central to the universe as your Facebook feed might seem to imply, nor as insignificant as your feelings of helplessness in the face of world events might suggest. Somewhere between those two poles is a space where you can do that thing you feel compelled to do. Be it small or large, the Aries planets have your back — so get started.

The original post is here; more of Amanda’s writing can be found on Planet Waves.

new moon in aries insights


//Knowing When We Don’t Know//

The Moon is new in the 19th degree of Aries at 11:25 a.m. UT. This is a transformative Moon, conjunct Uranus – bringer of the unexpected – and squared by Pluto – lord of death and rebirth in equal measure. We may find ourselves strangely liberated by something which, to all intents and purposes, looked set to bind us. Things prove not to be as they seemed and a way through a particular challenge may make itself known.

But for this to happen a new perspective is called for. A rapid maturation of attitude which shifts us from ‘how do I manipulate life to make it give me what I want?’, to ‘how do I get out of life’s way to allow it to give me what it wants and needs me to have?’. There may be a gaping divide between the two. So certain are we that we know best, we can easily shut down to life’s nudges and messages which tell us there may just be another way we’ve dismissed or ignored for too long. As the darkness of this Moon resonates with the shadowy corners of our psyche, we can become acutely aware of neglected possibilities and seeds of potential in what once looked like the worst case scenario!

Darkness can be an object of fear or the bringer of safety and rest. Sweet dreams are bidden as darkness falls, just as the monsters of nightmares may rear their ugly heads. We fear darkness not only literally but metaphorically.  We prefer to be clear and sure, certain in our view and decisive when faced with challenge. But often it simply doesn’t work out that way. We may find ourselves confused, blind-sided, ill-equipped to face what we must. It takes time and patience to come up with a plan or gain enough clarity to know that, in fact, nothing need be done. Knowledge is rewarded in our societies: you’re an expert, a master, a guru, a teacher. People look to you for advice and support. To say out loud ‘I truly have no idea’ marks us out as ignorant, uninformed, of little use and no interest.

And yet to know when we don’t know is a wise and noble abiding. It takes wisdom to know our limitations and courage to reveal them to others in a world where knowledge is king. If we know when we don’t know, we can similarly know when we do. Rather than complicating things further with a frantically constructed response born of great haste and little foresight, we can acknowledge we have yet to gather all we need to discern the way forward. And then we wait, or we seek out information to fill the gaps. We ask those who do know or seek insight deep within. We act only when the time is right, not simply to ease our anxiety or sense of urgency. We become aligned with the situation, not fighting or forcing it.

A New Moon in Aries is a time of high energy, with Aries being the first sign of the zodiac and a New Moon heralding new beginnings, something Aries is particularly fond of! However, this time around the energy requires patient consideration and a willingness to stop and reflect before we step out and do. We may well be tempted to act first and think later, but could well regret doing so! The wisdom of this New Moon is accessed in the quiet of inner reflection and the strength it takes to admit when we simply don’t yet know.

Within this admission lies the magic of possibility, the alchemy born of releasing our stranglehold on life and allowing it to unfold all around us rather than desperately trying to direct the show. It enables us to bow to the greater wisdom that is life itself and surrender to a more penetrating force that shapes our life from the inside out, from our very core, radiating forth its energy and potential to become manifest on the outer plane. If we are still waiting for things to improve, for life to buck up and meet our demands, this Moon affirms it’s not all about us, but we are all about life. The key to fulfilment is found in living for life not the other way around, expecting the universe to respond to our decree.

The biggest obstacle to making this shift is often the belief that we know best, that we KNOW how things SHOULD be if only they’d be it! ‘Not so’ says this Moon. There is so much we have yet to understand, and what we don’t know right now is knocking at the door demanding attention. It will challenge what we thought up to now and past certainties may dissolve in its wake. Nothing is quite as it seemed and much is not even close! It’s time to wipe the slate clean of expectations and let life lead us step by step, gifting us wisdom as we go.

The original post is here; check out Sarah’s site Astro-Awakenings for more insight.



The April 7th New Moon in Aries (at 18 degrees) is crackling with explosive new beginnings. It conjoins Uranus (at 20 degrees) and squares Pluto (17 degrees Capricorn). Uranus will jumpstart unpredictable new developments as you hit the ground running. The square to Pluto will detonate the old order, while adding a compulsive push. Whatever happens will have to happen. Or else.

At least, it will feel that way.

Aries is aggressive, and when pushed by a square to Pluto, that aggression becomes more than a knee -jerk reaction. Pluto adds a darker edge – survival, all or nothing competition. I’m not saying that the stakes will actually be life or death, but the feelings that come up during this New Moon will not be totally rational. The urge to press forward will be driven by a feeling that there is no other choice. Or, change will come at you, and you’ll have to respond.

There’s an uncompromising vibe to this, and it may stir up echoes of the Uranus/Pluto square.

Fortunately, Saturn Rx (at 16 degrees Sagittarius) will be trining this Moon and lending support. Previous or existing rules will be there to back you up and provide focus. Saturn Rx’s trine to this Moon can also suggest one last crack at a limit. This time, there should more than enough fire power to break through.

If you have natal or progressed planets, angles or Nodes from 16 to 20 degrees of the Cardinal signs, you’ll feel this Moon most strongly. 16 to 20 degrees of the Fire signs will also feel it, but not as abruptly.

The original post is here, check out Ruby Slipper Astrology for more insight.