The Kaypacha Pele Report Video for April 13th, 2016

The Kaypacha Pele Report Video for April 13th, 2016

Astrological insight from the always wonderful, delightfully kooky Kaypacha.

Thoughts for this week:

Discord, division and conflict,
Happen every time,
I get stuck in my head, and my point of view,
And want to be right more than kind.

From Kaypacha:

“Well, if you’ve been wanting to take someone’s head off (or feeling so ashamed of yourself for having the thought), you are not alone! Yikes! Sun, Uranus, both conjunct Eris this last week and now is bringing in a lot of “GRRRRRRR”! In this report I explore just what good might come out of all the “ugliness” and also just how long it may take!

As mentioned in the report’s credits, Laura Walker has written two excellent books, one on Lilith and one on Eris that I highly recommend. Her website is the I also love Tia Quinn’s artwork (even better with a black light!). Her work can be found at

I think the bottom line is that whenever we exclude an aspect of ourselves, society, or humanity, it grows angry and returns to force us into looking at ourselves to fine the fear that pushed us to create that separation, hence, discord! The more we accept and include all of creation the less discord we have….. wow….. now that’s a BIG job (but could be fun). Injoy!!”

The chart for this week is here.

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