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full moon in scorpio horoscopes

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Monday, April 18th 

Pluto stations retrograde at 12:23 AM PT at 17 degrees of Capricorn

Venus in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius (both at 15 degrees) 

Tuesday, April 19th

Sun enters Taurus

Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn (both at 17 degrees) 

Thursday, April 20th

Full moon at 2+ degrees of Scorpio at 10:24 PM PT

Friday, April 22nd

Venus conjunct Uranus at 21+ degrees of Aries 

Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn during the earliest hours of Monday morning setting a transformational tone for our week. The rest of the planets concur. 

Venus in Aries charges her way through some tough-love terrain. Her movements sandwich the full moon in Scorpio, which is not an uneventful occurrence. Both are connector planets. Both Venus and the moon are currently in signs that aren’t the easiest for them to operate within. Venus in Aries tends to burn bridges rather than build them. The moon in Scorpio can get lost in the deep reservoirs of emotional energy it creates. Both are in Mars-ruled signs. Mars separates. Mars severs. Mars defends. But these two need to connect. In these signs they tend to teach us a lot about how we tend to separate ourselves from what we most long to connect to. How we try to connect to those that are sure to separate from us. And how we try to connect to people, places and things that aren’t the best for our hearts. Mars, having just stationed retrograde, asks us to look within for the answer. We must know how we tend to interfere with our own happiness before we can magic that happiness into our lives.

Venus squares Pluto the day before the full moon in Scorpio. Venus speaks to what we value and how we might go about attracting it. The planet of love and relationships also speaks to how we feel about things. Since Venus’s main job is to facilitate connection between hearts, she also tends to tenderize us when involved in bigger astrological transits. Venus square Pluto brings us into contact with the drives, motives and urges that can get us into trouble. Obsessions, fixations and a need to demolish in order to transform can become this combination’s driving force. It’s a perfect illustration of what happens when we dig too deeply. Some problems can’t be fixed immediately. Some issues don’t need our helping hand. Some things need to be given a moment. Venus in the bold, daring, don’t-give-a-damn sign of Aries has a hard time being sensitive. When squaring Pluto, Venus in Aries might need to be tempered with a cooling, sobering and simple touch. Don’t wind yourself up too tightly. 

Venus conjoined Uranus in Aries is an exciting, invigorating, but ultimately not a built-to-last, combination. Uranus breaks things up so that we can start from scratch. Uranus is unexpected, which can be fun and extremely helpful for chance meetings  but also can be completely destabilizing.

In the middle of these Venus ventures, we have the full moon in Scorpio. An intense trip into the emotional reservoirs that tend to take us under. It’s extremely important, given the astrological temperament of the moment (save the stabilizing force of the sun in Taurus), that we check our drives, our anger and our aggression and that we refuse to partake in any emotional grandstanding.

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AriesAries & Aries Rising

With your ruling planet, Mars, having just stationed retrograde in your 9th house of spiritual experiences, long distance travels, learning and teaching, this week has extra poignancy for you. There could be a melancholy that permeates the air around you. A yearning for a previous passion. A longing for past decisiveness. An insecurity about being in the unknown. 

Or a relief. 

Perhaps you feel more ready to let things float for a moment. To not feel like it’s up to you to drive the whole ship forward. To trust that the currents will carry you to your next destination. 

This week could bring a flood of feelings to your shores. Not only is your ruling planet shifting gears from a high speed chase to slow speed reverse, but Venus, planet of connection and canoodling, currently in Aries, will brush up against some cosmic heavyweights. Squaring Pluto on Tuesday and making a conjunction to Uranus on Friday, Venus is likely to teach you about how to work with conflicting needs in partnerships. 

This week could deepen your decision to remain true to yourself no matter what anyone else is throwing at you. It could teach you about the pros and cons of carrying on too much about a personal issue that needs to be laid to rest. It could teach you about letting someone else win without becoming a doormat in the process. Go for dignity. Go for graciousness. Go for what you’ll feel good about 10 years from now. 

The full moon in Scorpio on Thursday will light up the part of your chart that highlights what you have to share with others and what you need from them. The full moon will reveal how well your partnerships have been working. The full moon will reveal the aspects of partnering that you still need to work on. 

Be prepared to be stretched, challenged and given many opportunities to grow along emotional lines.

Taurus copyTaurus & Taurus Rising

Thursday’s full moon illuminates the relationships that are nearest and dearest to your heart. Thursday’s full moon showcases what you have been learning in love. Thursday’s full moon magnifies the best and the most challenging aspects of being in intimate partnerships. 

And business ones.

Take good care of the folks that you are involved with. Take precautions if you know that you have some difficult personalities to deal with. Take a moment to check in with your heart about what you might need to give it. Thursday’s full moon is a reservoir of emotional intensity. 

There may be someone close to you that needs a little extra love and care. There may be folks that need a hand with what they are trying to hold on their own. There may be a cosmic tip coming your way that teaches you how to transform the emotional nature of the relationships that you are in. There may be a lesson around letting go. 

Trying to control your heart or anyone else will only leave you lonely.

Your ruling planet, Venus, is getting up to some interesting business behind the scenes.This could mean that folks that you didn’t know were interested in you, are. This could bring a couple of different possibilities for love, friendship or business partnerships to your attention. 

As Venus bumps into planetary players that facilitate awakenings, abrupt connections and disconnections as well as long-range transformations, you’ll get a hint about the changing nature of your relationship needs. Whatever occurs this week will tend to influence your relationships or your life direction for a while. The more integrity, honesty and clarity you bring to each relationship, the more congruent with your soul that direction will be.

Gemini copyGemini & Gemini Rising

Thursday’s full moon illuminates the work projects that you have been able to complete. It might bring you a sense of accomplishment. It might also point out the work situations that need to be put to rest. 

Not every endeavor is made for the long haul. Some need to be let go of so that the energy we were spending on them can be transformed into a more fertile formula. See what is naturally working and what is no longer a part of a positive feedback loop for you. Much of the next 2 1/2 months will be about parsing out the relationships and the work projects that make the most sense for you. Let the light of Thursday’s full moon give you a clue or two about what those might be.

The other piece to this week occurs in community, with the folks you are working alongside or the friends that you are supported by. There may be a disruption, a need for an investigation into the heart of the matter with someone near and dear. You might be having to address difficulties with friends and/or be a support to folks that are going through it for the next little while. Either way, you can use this moment and these experiences to become clearer on what you can forgive, what needs to be worked on and what relationships might need a time out or a full stop.

Cancer copyCancer & Cancer Rising

Thursday’s full moon reveals how well the passion projects that you have been working on consistently over the past 6 months are going. It illuminates the things that you have been steadily working on, the creative endeavors that you have been embarking on and how the relationships with the children in your life (creative projects included) are going. 

Spend some time with the young ones if you can. Spend some time having fun with your inner young one. Spend some time enjoying the breeze, the sunshine and the day at hand. Help yourself do so. Goddess knows there are plenty of to-do’s on your list. Plenty of responsibilities to tend to. Plenty of ways to spend the day working away. But make sure to make space for the little delights. Make it part of your weekly accomplishments. Make a walk in the woods as important as making a deadline. Make your emotional well-being as high a priority as getting your jobs done.

Pleasures are a key to unlocking your potential. The more you temper the challenging with the cherished, the more you’ll be able to accomplish. 

Folks at work may feel a little freaked out this week. Folks you work for may challenge you to a duel or two. Folks that are associated with your career may need you to help them calm down, chill out and take a breath. Be extra on guard before taking out any of your excess stress on those closest to you. Remember, it’s a #fullmoonfeels kind of week where everyone might be as sensitive as you are usually. This may be a scary thought but one that is important to keep in mind.

Leo copyLeo & Leo Rising

Thursday’s full moon highlights your more hidden emotional reserves. It peaks in the most personal of places. It lands on the home front. It is asking you to tend to hearth and home. It is showing you what you have home-grown. It’s illuminating all the ways in which you have helped yourself ground, land and become a part of something more sturdy. Or all the ways in which you might want to do so.

Thursday’s full moon speaks about the shape your family finds itself in at the moment. It talks about the ways in which you are all working through what you have to work through. It is bound to magnify what is currently cooking in your family’s kitchen. Give everyone that you share space with some space of their own. Give everyone, including yourself, some breathing room. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt. They are doing the best that they can do in this moment. See if you can too. This will be a key strategy for you to work on for more than this week. Think about how you might employ that kind of temperament throughout the spring and into the early summer.

This week also tends to tease out some of your more contentious beliefs. It may have you running into a disagreement or may give you the opportunity to see an old issue in a new way. A trip, an outing or a new philosophy may be the perfect antidote to an argument. Keep the new ideas flowing in and the adventures in action and you should be able to make the most out of this week.

Virgo copyVirgo & Virgo Rising

Thursday’s full moon requires some thought. It requires some deep discussions. It requires your faith in your ability to work through what might be difficult to talk about. It requires that you care enough about your own emotional well-being to give voice to what you need to. 

It requires your courage. 

It also requires you to run your schedule like a Boss Witch would. You may feel a flood of activity and a swell of things to sort through. Make sure that you are giving yourself an appropriate amount of time to get done what you must. Especially in regards to what you share with others. There could be a difficulty that you have to deal with this week that highlights your ability to share a task and to communicate what you need from others that you are sharing the task with. If someone doesn’t do their half of the work, words might need to be exchanged. Remembering that this is a week of full moon feelings. Choose your words wisely. 

But choose them. 

You have to exist within the partnership for it to work. You have to have an opinion and be willing to voice it in order to have a meaningful relationship. We all have to be down to bump up against one another if we want to experience honest and worthwhile partnerships. This week might help to pull out long-held and unexpressed sentiments. This week may have you blurting  out what wish you would have held in. Try to refine your communications so that the recipient gets the clearest, most distilled version. But when you are in your own company, allow yourself the full expression of your feelings.

Libra copyLibra & Libra Rising

This week wonders how well you can allow those that you are closest to, to be their own people.  Flawed. Flaky. Flawlessly themselves. This week won’t let you hold on too tight to any perception of those that you are most attached to. This week wants you to reinvent your understanding of togetherness. This week might bring you folks that are unpredictable or bring the unpredictable out in the folks you deal with. This week might reveal how you tend to see the dynamics of your relationships, how you play into them and how you can break the bad habits that you have become conscious of. 

Meditate on how you might build sustainable partnerships. So that no matter the issues that arise, you have the tools to deal with whatever comes up between you.

View those you know the best as the most magnificent of mysteries. Refrain from taking them for granted. Marvel at the ways in which they surprise you daily. Especially if they are your family. Especially if you know them like family. Especially if the dynamics between you resonate with those you have with your family. 

Thursday’s full moon highlights the self-esteem and the self-worth work you have been doing. It also makes obvious what is working in your business and financial affairs. It makes apparent what you should be paid, what you are worth and how you might see or not yet recognize those fact and figures. Self-worth and finances are a long-range learning curve that you are in for the entirety of this spring season so this is no passing fancy. 

Scorpio copyScorpio & Scorpio Rising

Thursday’s full moon highlights all the self-development that you have been engaged with. It might bolster your ability to let go of a fear, a doubt or a misunderstanding about yourself. It’s an invitation to trust in your own process, to trust your own instincts and to trust the ways in which your life is currently moving. Thursday’s full moon shines a spotlight on whatever it is you have been building in your life. It’s up to you what you might do with that light. You could celebrate your achievements. You could acknowledge your courage. You could allow both to be seen by others. You could allow others to acknowledge you.

Notice what the beginning of the week brings. With your traditional ruling planet, Mars, having just shifted gears and your modern ruler, Pluto, following suit, you are more likely than most to be privy to the nature of your own resources. Notice your energy. Notice the shifts that occur. Notice the talents that become more apparent. Notice what you are afraid to tap into, wary of putting to use and/or tentative to take into the world. Notice what is most fulfilling for you to embark upon. Notice the transformational tones that fill the air around you. This is a time when you are able to see inside your own nature with greater ease, depth and awareness of what can be when you let it. 

Sagittarius-2 copySagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

Your power lies in your willingness to develop your ability to delve into the deeper domains of your psyche. The more complex patterns that have been developed within you, that have become a part of your nature and the defense mechanisms that have kept you safe, are not to be judged, but they are to be understood. 

If you want to slay this season’s cosmic concoctions, that is. 

This Thursday’s full moon occurs in a part of your chart that pulls you inward. For the unfamiliar, it might feel a little black hole-ish. For the Original Witches out there, this will be a transformational portal into the backrooms of your beehive. This is where great creative energy gets stored. This is where great creative energy can get trapped inside of our fears. This is where potent honey pots go to waste when left unattended and unacknowledged. 

Your whole deal is that right now you are full to the brim with moves fit for a first class fighter, but the actions need to be linked to much deeper motives, motives that you are crystal-clear about.  This requires a tremendous amount of self-reflection, self-knowledge and self-support. Also, this moon requires that you rest some. Every athlete needs to recoup their energy. Thursday’s full moon is your cue to do so. No matter what twists and turn these next few weeks and months may take, the most important thing for you to be clear about is why you are worth fighting for and that you are the warrior that you have been waiting for. 

Capricorn copyCapricorn & Capricorn Rising

Thursday’s full moon will highlight the friendships in your life that are built to last and the friendships that absolutely aren’t. Friends and folks that are a part of your social circle will be part of a major learning curve for you in the coming couple of months. It’s not just the full moon that gets your goat. Eventually Mars’s retrograde will wind up back in these quarters, making it majorly important for you to deal with the tough cookies that might make you want to crumble just thinking about them.

Thursday’s full moon (and Mars eventually ending up back here) can also facilitate a major healing, clearing and/or transformation for you and those you chill with. It could help you to realize a part of a vision that you have for yourself. It could help you to connect on a deep level to someone who you feel truly gets you. It could help you to remember that love is rarely romantic but always available when we show up for those that share a common dream. This is important because it can help us to distinguish what we needed and could not get from our families of origin and what we are now able to cultivate as adults. The other part of this week’s astrology may dredge up some kind of historic tenderness, but remember to remind yourself that what you lived through then need not be recreated now. 

Aquarius copyAquarius & Aquarius Rising

It’s a big reveal. It’s time to show them the real deal. What you have done thus far has to be enough because it’s what you have to give. And that is the point. Give the best of what you have got and know that it’s enough. Stand behind your work. Stand by your efforts. Stand up for all that you have given to the world. 

Thursday’s full moon is dead-set on making sure you do so. Thursday’s full moon isn’t about to let you sleep on the job. Thursday’s full moon is an energetic powerhouse that is sure to raise the stakes and your emotions about all that you pour into what you do. 

There’s a lot to say for what we are willing to risk right now. There is a lot to say for being willing to risk our pride, our egos and our safe bets. We’ll never know to what degree we can succeed if we don’t first risk failing fantastically. Whatever you are growing yourself into becoming in this area of your life will be helped immensely by any amount of courage you apply to your cause. 

Especially as it relates to being as real as you can be with the folks you respect the most. There may be a barrel of monkeys that you need to deal with when it comes to finding and feeding the friendships that you wish to foster for years to come, but it’s worth the efforts that you can put forth. 

Pisces copyPisces & Pisces Rising

A little light in the attic is all we need. A spark in the mind’s eye. A truth illuminated to keep our interest interested. Thursday’s full moon aims to do the trick. It wants to remind you to keep your eyes on the meaning that you are making out of the events that you are facing. It wants to remind you that just because somethings in life might not be moving as quickly as you’d wish they would, they are moving at the exact right speed for the lessons that you are learning. 

It’s always good to be reminded that we have far less control than we would like to think. It’s always good to bow down to what we have little influence over. Like the sun, the stars and the other people in our universe. Like how and when inspiration comes to us. Like when and where we might receive a transmission. Let that flow to you courtesy of this week’s deep waters. Take time to meditate. Take a moment to commune and connect with your self. Take a moment to make conscious contact with your life so that the outside doesn’t run you, but rather you run your life from the inside out.

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