Full Moon in Scorpio Insights from Around the Web

Full Moon in Scorpio Insights from Around the Web

Read below for ruminations on this weekend’s Full Moon in Scorpio from some of our favourite Astrologers.

Try checking what area of your birth chart is ruled by Scorpio. As Mars is the natural ruler of this eclipse, you can also check out the part of your chart which is ruled by Aries (Aries & Scorpio share Mars as their ruler). If you are new to astrology, Astro.com is good place to start for generating your birth chart.

The Full Moon is a fantastic time to clear out stuck energy in a particular area of your life, and the Full Moon in Scorpio will feel especially deep and penetrating, even psychically so. Secrets may come to the fore, and desires may be expressed openly for the first time about taboo subjects.

Let it out! Your Scorpio friends may seem dark and twisty, but they know more than a thing or two about the regenerative effects of releasing all that’s deep and hidden.

Allow yourself to be transformed.

Wishing you all the best. ♥


//Beneath the Façade//

We ache. We bruise. We bleed. We suffer. We turn from ourselves. We are afraid of it. Our power. The power of our rage. The reality of death. The ever-looming lessons that can only be taught to us through the bloody sport that is life.

We will not leave here intact.

We lose. We lose the only thing we ever really had. We lose our life. We lose at life. We waste time fighting the wrong battles. We fight in vain. We fall prey to fighting for a system that promises us it will protect us but really just feeds off us. We are blamed for being ourselves. We are scapegoated. We scapegoat. We are caught in situations that have no right answers available. We can scream at all the gods from here until the end of days and no answer is ever promised us. Life is not, in any way, fair.

Not by a long shot.

Life just is. It isn’t sensible or logical. Life is a great injustice. And life, as unfair and grueling as it is, isn’t even guaranteed us. The lives of those we love isn’t either. How are we to make meaning out of such a chaotic cacophony? What do we do in the face of these odds? How do we live with such heartbreak and ache?

That’s the question we each have to find our own answer to with as much authenticity as possible. It is our duty. It is our birthright. To find a way to dance in the face of death. It is life’s painful poetry. If we are to truly grab this life and live it, we must let it be written across our days. Across our hearts. Across our lives. Through all we do, in the face of everything we have lost, might lose and are sure to have taken from us, we are here to find the courage to live out our answer to this ancient riddle.

This month’s full moon (Thursday, April 21st at 10:24 PM PT) falls within the intense waters of Scorpio. Scorpios shines in such paradoxes. Scorpio does not shy away from the horrors of life. Scorpio knows that to live everyday as preparation for our great demise, is to truly live. Scorpio knows that death can arrive at our doorstep at any moment, but until it steals our last breath we have every right to suck the marrow out the bone of this beast.

Scorpio is the nocturnal domain of Mars. Ruled by the Warrior, this energy is best put to use for secret missions and symbolic death/rebirth transformations. Scorpio displays the stealth moves of an undercover agent. Slowly, steadily, secretly making their way to success, Scorpio is in it for the long haul, in it to win it. Scorpio is calculating, extremely cunning and psychologically astute. You cannot play a player and Scorpio is here to remind you why.

With its finger ever on the pulse of the psychological motives that move this world, Scorpio teaches us about what lives beneath. Beneath the facades. Beneath the shiny gloss. Beneath all we try to floss. Beneath the niceties and the need to please, lives within each of us a deep well of untamable, unsocialized, unruly emotional energy. This full moon and the next ten weeks of the Mars retrograde cycle are asking us to make this conscious so that we can work with it rather than be used by it.

Full moon blessings,


The original post is here; check out Chani’s site for more insight.



The life inherent in all forms is always life; but life, because it is ceaselessly changing, inevitably outgrows every form, which in turn must die so that life can be released into a new birth, and into a new form. Nature can tell us about this archetypal process in a myriad ways, and if one looks at one’s own life, one can see that every experience, every attitude, every relationship, every feeling, every idea everything, in fact – has a beginning, a middle, an end, and a new beginning in some other form.‘  Liz Greene

One of the ways in which Nature shows us this process is exemplified by ecdysis, the process of moulting of the external shell/cuticle that occurs in many invertebrates, including the snake. In snakes, ecdysis occurs whenever the old skin is outgrown, as it must be removed periodically in order to allow room for the snake’s expanding body. The operation, as one can expect, is rather taxing for the animal; shedding snakes show increase of nervous, aggressive behavior, due to feeling vulnerable and having their sight temporarily impaired:

“Before a molt, the snake stops eating and often hides or moves to a safe place. Just before shedding, the skin becomes dull and dry looking and the eyes become cloudy or blue-colored. The inner surface of the old skin liquefies. This causes the old skin to separate from the new skin beneath it. After a few days, the eyes clear and the snake “crawls” out of its old skin. The old skin breaks near the mouth and the snake wriggles out, aided by rubbing against rough surfaces. In many cases, the cast skin peels backward over the body from head to tail in one piece, like pulling a sock off inside-out. A new, larger, brighter layer of skin has formed underneath.” [Source: Wikipedia]

Snake is one of Scorpio’s totem animals (the other two being the eagle and the phoenix); one of the most widespread mythological symbols, it has been associated with duality, sexuality, Kuṇḍalinī, temptation, knowledge, fertility and instinct, but it’s mostly this transformational quality of regeneration through death (which is inherent to the symbolism of the Ouroboros, the tail-devouring snake/dragon of Alchemy and hermetic philosophy) that seeped into the Western astrological imagery. Scorpio’s Path towards evolution might be visceral and ruthless in its quest for crisis and death as means of transmutation of the lower nature, and yet, the vibrant authenticity of the new forms resulting from this radical, painful metamorphosis is a testament to both the fullness of Life and the continuum of transfiguration, awareness, fecundity, and instinctual drive encompassed by the rich, multidimensional symbolism of the serpent.

The  Full Moon occurring on April 22nd, 5:24 AM UTC, 1:24 AM ET, at 2 degrees 30 minutes of Scorpio, is not just about “healing” or “letting go” – it’s both things, and much more. A culmination of our metaphorical, allegorical, spiritual ecdysis. A magickal, cathartic, wondrous moment to appreciate the tender, glowing skin underneath the dying layers. A celebration of the fertility and creative power of the cast off areas of our being. A mythical intersection of secrets unearthed, knowledge unveiled, and the survival of life through new, more functional shapes.

At the core of these manifestations, we find a more general, universal process of unearthing of what is buried, with the Moon shining a torch into the darkness of Scorpio’s pit. A luminescence that reveals both the tangible substance and the obscured meaning; hidden truths, occult realities, unconscious fears and repressed emotions are being dredged up from the depths. The destruction we experienced, the emotional agony we endured – we might begin to realize why they were necessary, how they strengthened and empowered us, making room for more of what we ask for. Such process is bound to crank up the intensity and trigger a powerful emotional response, but it’s our willingness to accept and confront our reactions that can ultimately act as a catalyst to break out of stagnation and accelerate all the way to the next level.

The lack of major aspects made to this Full Moon from other planets seems to condense the meaning of this event and make it all the more archetypical, while at the same time placing the whole focus on the Taurus/Scorpio axis (transformation vs. stasis), and on Scorpio’s rulers Mars and Pluto. At the time of the Full Moon, both these planets are freshly retrograde, suggesting that events and scenarios from our recent past may be part of the picture. For many of us, this might include unprocessed feelings linked with relationship endings and beginnings: Pluto, in particular, will be involved in a square to Venus in Aries, while Juno, the asteroid of marriage, will be conjoining the Moon herself. Jamie Miller of Pandora Astrology commented on this detail in a way that moved me deeply:

Trust your process of change. Trust that the relationship (Juno in Scorpio conjunct the Moon) has a true essence, which will endure throughout the changes. Get a little distance if you have to (Pallas Athene in Aquarius trine Juno and the Moon), but allow the change to happen. A butterfly might emerge from that cocoon.” [Source: Pandora Astrology Monthly Forecast for April 2016]

… Which brings us again to the main keynote of this event. Life triumphs, even in the midst of death. Death serves Life. Death is a passageway. We are our own ancestors and we are our own midwives, giving birth to the same life in new forms. We must allow ourselves to be shaken up and cracked open. Like snakes.

The original post is here; more of Aeterna’s writing can be found on Aeterna’s Site.

full moon in scorpio insights



A little Halloween in April comes courtesy of a spooky Full Moon at 2 degrees Scorpio at 0:24 AM CST – depending on your time zone this will either be late night of Thursday, April 21st or the wee hours of Friday, April 22nd. This Full Moon is also known as the Pink Moon and as a mini Moon or micro Moon, as this Full Moon occurs at lunar apogee, making it the smallest Full Moon of 2016. The only major aspect this Scorpio Full Moon makes (besides the obvious opposition to the Taurus Sun) is a very wide trine to Neptune at 11 degrees Pisces.

With the Scorpio Full Moon being so small and barely making any aspects, one would be inclined to think it will be an uneventful Full Moon. I’d say so too, except that this Scorpio Full Moon occurs in the Via Combusta, and I know from experience that 2 degrees Scorpio sees a lot of activity, and the fact that both the current ruler of Scorpio and the traditional ruler of Scorpio both station retrograde one day apart from each other and just days before this Full Moon…

So, no, I don’t think its going to be a non-event. I’ve said before that the lunar rhythms sensitize us to the bigger transits, bringing those themes home, so to speak. The big picture becomes personal. What the Full Moon in Scorpio will be driving home will be whatever is kicked up in the psychosphere by the Mars retrograde station on April 17th (at 8 degrees Sagittarius) and Pluto’s retrograde station on April 18th (17 degrees Capricorn). As I wrote in my April forecast, April is a fast moving month in the first half and sees whiplash reversals in the second half. The high octane energy hits a major wall with the retrograde station of Mars, and driven underground by the retrograde station of Pluto. This amount of potent energy no longer finding easy or healthy expression looks to me like a volcano building pressure and ready to explode.

Mars was the traditional ruler of Scorpio until modern astrologers gave that distinction to Pluto. With both of Scorpio’s ruling planets under such pressure, the Full Moon in Scorpio is the valve that releases the pressure, bringing to light the dark shadows created by Mars and Pluto’s retrograde stations. This release is not a comfortable one, however, as the Scorpio Full Moon does not find many aspects to serve as avenues of expression. I like to say an unaspected Moon is one that usually only makes itself heard through primal screams; while this Full Moon isn’t unaspected, the wide trine to Neptune doesn’t help that much and just leaves the inherent Sun opposition. Even the smallness of the Full Moon seems to underscore its frustrations in finding healthy energetic channeling. The Full Moon occuring at 2 degrees Scorpio, in the heart of the Via Combusta, also suggests things being pushed to an uncomfortable and possibly unpleasant head.

A small but potent Full Moon that feels but finds it hard to act, with the sign’s co-rulers directing their considerable energy inward, looks like a lot percolating under the surface and trying not to rupture. Scorpio is a highly psychological aware sign, only finding satisfaction in knowing the unknowable, the occult, the depths of the abyss it often finds itself staring into. This is the sign of the spidey senses that set off alarms in our psyches before we’ve ever begun processing the information intellectually. If something feels wrong, it is wrong; our rational mind just hasnt caught up to our instincts yet.

When I was looking at this Full Moon some time back, I had a mental image of a wild animal who’s primal senses had been set on high alert. It has been an interesting little synchronicity that in the days just before writing this that I’ve had a number of people tell me that their pets, particularly dogs, have been acting as if there really is unseen danger around them. I’ve not just heard this from folks online but more so in my daily life. It would be prudent during this Full Moon in Scorpio to take your cues from nature. If you sense something in the air, don’t let your logic or intellectual thought processes interfere with what your gut instincts are telling you.

As with anything Scorpio, the focus will be on our own psychology and pathology: the healthy or unhealthy ways we emotionally process pain and fear, love and hurt; how well we control our emotional responses to external stimuli and crises. The Mars and Pluto retrograde stations may provide the crises that need evaluated under the Scorpio Full Moon. The opposition the Scorpio Full Moon makes to the Taurus Sun questions our stability: are our feet on solid enough ground to handle curveballs? Skeletons in the closet and ghosts from the past -metaphoric or literal- will be coming out to play. Things you thought had been buried will resurface. Some will experience heightened anxiety, phobias, and paranoia; be very careful not to read something into a situation that isn’t there. Others will feel a heightening of their Scorpio x-ray vision and can read people and situations for what they truly are without giving their own power away. Keep a poker face and your cards close to your chest.

Regardless of how this affects people individually (and yes some of us *coughs* tend to like Scorpio Moons), one of the goals of the Full Moon in Scorpio is soul and psyche cleansing and healing, catharsis, and the giving or receiving of counseling through emotional intimacy. The purging process isn’t always one we can achieve on our own. Scorpio knows this and is the reason it so often seeks the energetic connection of others operating on the same level. People will be looking for soulful connections at the time of this Full Moon, even when they cannot articulate their motive for doing so; seeking out the frictional alchemy required for personal growth. Wild animals seeking mutual protection from the dangers of this world.

The house of your natal chart that this Full Moon in Scorpio falls in, as well as where Mars and Pluto stationed retrograde,  can provide more information as to where crisis may be experienced or reach a breaking point. It is also where you will benefit most from deeper psychological awareness and analysis. This Scorpio Full Moon with its wide trine to Neptune in Pisces is one that will see a lot of intuition and hidden messages and signs seeping through our dreams, so should you experience any dreams that seem symbolic you may want to record them.

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The Full Moon April 22 is at 2º Scorpio Decan 1. There are no important Ptolemic aspects to the Full Moon. This throws the whole focus on the Scorpio Moons ruler. That ruler is Mars and it’s very hard to ignore him! The red planet of war is retrograde from April 18, on red giant Antares and it is also in square to toxic Neptune. Antares is found in the heart of the sidereal constellation of Scorpio so it will add yet more Scorpionic vibes to this Scorpio Full Moon.

This is the second Moon in a row ruled by Mars (after the April 7 Aries New Moon), so the warrior theme continues. A direct Mars will hit Antares again full force on August 23/24, when it will also be joined by fellow malefic Saturn. Phew! Dark times I know, but we must try and keep bright and optimistic. As this moon shows, life is cyclical, but cannot rain forever…

We could regard this April Full Moon then as if we are gladiators training up in the gym, building up our muscles for ‘battle’. I don’t mean literally (Though in some cases it could be), but really this is a time of strengthening our psychic immune system in case of attacks. From my Antares post: Mars on Antares: “Detrimental habits powerfully affecting the life, quarrels with friends and relatives, fairly favorable for gain”. [1]. Obsessive ambition. Rash, impulsive acts. Seeing the world as a battle between good v evil. Swinging from sinner to saint. Extremist views.

Full Moon April in Scorpio 2

The Moon has the precise degree of its fall in this decan (3º Scorpio) which is suppose to make it extremely unfortunate. This is the devouring moon, the goddess Kali and vagina dentata (yes, a lady’s part with teeth!). The Moon is desperately famished here and can also be sexual insatiable. One can become either totally ruthless and Plutonic with their hunger, or they could feel a great fear of it. At this time we need to understand nature’s sometimes cruel cycles of death and rebirth. We will be less inclined to act in a ‘kill or be killed’ mode if we have faith in the power of resurrection.
Nature always seeks to corrects itself, even if it has to go through a bloody abortive stage first. This is a Full Moon of extremes so it seems that success here can only be all-or-nothing. It’s a blazing hot summer heatwave, or a severe frost. Because of the stark contrasts with Moon Scorpio 1, the native learns to adapt fast. Those that do not sink develop sharp brains and become wise survivors. The survival of the fittest plays out here and it’s true this decan can fail spectacularly at times. But generally, despite branded “unfortunate” the Moon here can actually work to produce unexpected excellence.

Full Moon April ~ Fixed Star & Aspect

Miaplacidus is a very bright star in Argos the ship. Robson says of constellation Argo.“Is said to give prosperity in trade and voyages, and strength of mind” The star is in the Keel, which holds the whole ship together like a spine and this part of the ship is built first. Natives of Miaplacidus are sturdy and robust. This star used to be the alpha star of defunct constellation Robur Carolinum. (Charles’ Oak, a tree famous for hiding Charles II after he lost a battle) Oaks are known for being strong and resilient.
The fact that Charles took refuge in one, supports Scorpio decan 1’s ability to conceal and then resurrect what seemed lost. This blends well with the occult spiritual wisdom that comes from the influence of the prophetic stars that you find here too. At least this star gives us something to hold on to during this volatile time. After all that gladiatorial training, don’t forget to go hug an Oak. Camping out in a forest around a log fire will also help ground some of the fiery Martian energy.

Moon quincunx Ceres like all the 150 degree aspects, strives for perfection. Since both Ceres and the Moon are ultra-feminine they could be obsessed with the quest of the perfect female. In a woman this could be about perfecting her own beauty, but in a man this could manifest in the quest for the perfect woman. This may result in an insatiable, but also restless sex drive. There could be both comfort eating or comfort kissing! The Moon quincunx Ceres can strive to become the perfect hostess, mother or nursemaid, but be accused of interfering when they go too far. At their best these folks will bake the most sumptuous cakes, or create the most voluptuous and sensually arousing music or art. If you do happen to fall ill they will make the perfect nurse, puffing up your pillows and making you the most heavenly chicken soup you ever tasted.

Full Moon April Summary

There seems to be quite a ravenous theme to this Full Moon. We have a very strong devouring female energy ruled by an intense Antares Mars.The quincunx from Ceres can bring ‘death’ by s-mothering too. I think this Moon can be one of a correction because karmic adjustment is what quincunxes do best and Ceres is about the seasons and its cycles. Yes it is quite an inflammatory Moon, but should not cause alarm. Fire has so many uses, and it doesn’t have to burn you to a cinder.

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