The Astrology of Hillary Clinton

The Astrology of Hillary Clinton

I have to admit upfront that I’ve never been a big fan of Hillary. I knew that if I was to write this post it was going to be a more difficult task than studying Donald Trump’s. I didn’t want to let bias distort my interpretation, as that is the last thing needed in this dreadful election, but I also didn’t want to sugarcoat it either. I also knew that either way I might get a lot of flack for this post. There’s a lot of intense, scrappy energy in her birth chart – make no mistakes about that.

She doesn’t just have #HotSauceInHerBag, she’s also got it in her birth chart.

After deciding I was up to the task, I spent time with the birth chart of Hillary Clinton. And after I did, I couldn’t walk away from the exercise feeling the same way about her. Many of the main criticisms against her show up so clearly in her chart, as do many of her very public struggles. Although her soul certainly signed up for a very grand tour this lifetime, including lots of prestige and cash, it also hasn’t been an easy one. The pain is nearly palpable in places, especially as it relates to her much-discussed marriage to Bill Clinton.



Note: I use whole houses, so my chart may look different to others

hillary clinton birth chart analysis


Hillary was born with a double dose of Scorpio intensity in both her Sun and Ascendant (aka rising) sign. This is no shrinking violet or domestic goddess. Don’t expect fresh cupcakes from the oven or words of encouragement from mommy dearest. This is feminine warrior energy that’s crackling with forthrightness, further encouraged by Venus and Mercury sitting in Scorpio as well. Her chart is Mars, Mars, Mars, every way you look at it.

Scorpio’s are probably not the people you call for a shallow fun night out, but they should be the first on your phone-a-friend list if you’ve just hit the panic button. They’re completely au fait with the dark fates: death, divorce, disease. It’s no surprise that Hillary was key as wife-consort to Bill throughout his career: if anything, this much Scorpio energy epitomizes a ‘ride or die’ sister of the shadows. Nothing’s going to phase this woman, as well-evidenced by her Benghazi trial testimony; 7 hours in and she looked like she was just getting started (and her hair hadn’t moved a. single. inch.).

Her Pisces moon disrupts the fiery, intense dynamic with a bleeding-heart, dreamy idealism that feels and cares deeply for others, especially on a humanitarian level. It’s an incredibly important detail: in any chart study, the most salient points of energy will always be the Sun, Moon and Rising sign. Between them, they tell a story that is nearly complete without further study. This tells me that while many people feel she is more robot than human, this Pisces moon means that she is more sensitive than she appears. Delving deeper, Hillary’s moon is in Mars by triplicity, decan and terms, so although this is a watery, sensitive, moon, it’s also one that’s powered by Martian courage; this person can be a spiritual warrior, ready to fight for the underdog, and is tremendously more self-directed than the average Piscean. I’m sure that Hillary had a major learning curve to get this deeply feeling (possibly defensive, if distorted) part of herself under management once she got into the public eye. This would have been a difficult side of herself to come to terms with, especially given her life path’s tendency towards controversy, scandal and power.

Hillary the Wife

Because it’s the first thing most people will ask: yes, there’s ample indication of her famous marriage in the birth chart. She has the ruler of her 7th house of marriage, Venus, in the 1st house, a placement that can mean that marriage will be incredibly important to one’s sense of identity and/or that the parter will help you in your goals – think Bill campaigning for Hillary. She has also the North Node in the 7th house of marriage, which many consider akin to a point of destiny. Quite interestingly, it’s sandwiched on top of a minor planet Kronos that indicates ‘government officials, legislators and bureaucrats’.

Shorthand: it was her destiny to marry a man in public office.

With Ceres, the Great Mother, in the 7th House of marriage, Hillary would find happiness in an egalitarian relationship – and what could be more egalitarian than both capturing the Oval office? Her Ceres is also loosely opposite her Sun, which Demetra George has described as having “[…] potential conflicts between being one’s own person and taking care of others. This can lead to self-sacrifice for the benefit of family or the denial of intimacy and closeness with loved ones.”

Think of the just-scorned Hillary in the Lewinsky scandal. Do you recall how quickly and selflessly she put aside her own pride for the benefit of Bill’s presidency? Women worldwide were shocked by her ability to swallow (bad word choice?) such a publicly humiliating affair. Seeing her Ceres placement, I can understand her actions more easily. Ceres will risk anything, even herself, to protect her family. When she lost her daughter, Ceres travelled to the depths of the Underworld to save her child, so we should expect nothing less from Hillary when it comes to Bill or her daughter Chelsea.

It’s also worth mentioning that although I didn’t include them above (too many objects in the chart can make it a mess to study), Hillary also has:

  • Juno, the asteroid goddess of marriage, at 29 of Sagittarius (considered a debilitated degree) in the 2nd House of financial resources, indicating Hilary would marry a financially successful person with whom she shares a unified vision; with Juno opposing Uranus in the 8th House of sex and power, there’s also a likelihood for traumatic, unexpected incidents around sex to arise within marriage. Interesting to note that the Goddess Juno was often at odds with her husband because of his philandering ways, and when she complained he hung her upside down from the heavens weighted with golden bracelets.
  • The name asteroid ‘William’ is found at 28 of Capricorn, opposing both the asteroids Sphinx and Vesta, which raises questions about secrets/mysteries (Sphinx) and sexual expression/repression (Vesta).
  • The asteroids Isis and Karma are conjoined Hillary’s Venus. According to Darkstar Astrology, ‘Hilary Clinton is a good example of a regal Isis woman standing by her man’. In ancient myth, Isis never gave up on the return of her husband Osiris, and when she later found him in pieces, she quite literally put him back together. I don’t think the Karma asteroid requires explanation other than to repeat that Hillary’s attachment to a powerful man was fated.

Hillary the Bureaucrat, Diplomat…President?

With all of that covered, let’s get down to brass tacks: Hillary as Madame Secretary, and maybe, Mrs. President.

Unquestionably, she has reserves of power and drive that are phenomenal. The amount of Scorpio energy she carries would be enough to back up that assertion, but she also has Mars conjunct Pluto in the 10th house. This combination is like strapping dynamite to a drilling rig. With Mars and Pluto uncomfortably positioned in showy Leo, this is possibly a very unstable situation at times that leads to brash, aggressive outbursts or explosions. When she’s able to stabilize this energy, however, she commands a powerful presence in the public arena. Nearby Mars in Pluto we also find Saturn, which is normally the sign of the ultimate boss-man, but here Saturn is uncomfortable in the sign of Leo.

Think of a gray, miserly old dude in a shabby suit, beavering away in a somber backroom on policy legislature (Saturn).

Now hand that man a mic, and ask him to charm an audience (Leo). Get the picture? 

This speaks to Hillary’s much-criticized communication style, specifically, that she can seem overly rehearsed or wooden. In view of her Saturn, it’s easy to understand that Hillary will never be a convincing orator on the same level as Bill (or Obama, for that matter); her Mercury (communication skill) receives harmful rays from Saturn (restraint/withholding), which keeps her from comfortable self-expression as a speaker.

Warming up the public is not easy with a Venus placement like Hillary. Venus is normally where we would connect with others and attract in what we want. Hillary’s Venus is not only weakened by its placement in Scorpio, it’s also getting laser-gunned by the baddies of the zodiac, Saturn and Mars, meaning her Venus is ‘enclosed’. Astrologically speaking, this is like being surrounded with your hands up, and Lord knows Hillary is continually under attack in one way or another, whether by Sanders supporters or a multitude of opponents with questions about Benghazi, speech fees, emails, et. al.

Yet…she always seems to wriggle through marvellously unscatched. Her ability to sneak out from underneath these ad hominem attacks is supported by a few interesting asteroid configurations:

  • Minerva in the same house as her career point: ‘strategies to deal with situations and people; “calculations” (whether dealing with math or public relations)’. Hillary is a quick hand at understanding how to use people and situations to create the best possible outcome in her career.
  • Minerva (PR calculations) conjoined to the asteroid Diana, which expresses our capacity for self-protection. Hillary can use the media and PR to protect her career interests.

At first sight I would have said that this is the chart of someone with a powerful voice in the King’s Court moreso than a President.

Should Hillary manage to make it to the White House a second time, albeit with a much different profile, she will have done it through relentless grit and persistence in the face of substantial, continuous blowback.

If I had seen the chart without knowing it was Hillary, I’d describe this person’s career aspects like so:

“Certainly, career will be important for this person, and for better or worse, they will live out their life in the public eye, with both their Ascendant ruler Mars, and Leo, ruler of the Sun, placed in the 10th house. Mars also rules Aries, the 6th house of service/health, so this could be someone who works deeply in service to others, or, who fights to create better work/health situations for others. With the midheaven, or career point, in the 11th house, this person would likely find themselves in the ‘King’s Court’, surrounded by or working with incredibly powerful personalities. They will also find themselves in need of creating and sustaining a strong network of friends and contacts to aid the success of their career pursuits. With Apollo in this house, the chart owner may see an ‘attraction of recurrent and familiar crises, or a feeling of ‘banging your head against a brick wall’. With asteroid Hybris in close relationship to planets in the 1st House, the chart owner may feel they are continually butting up against glass ceilings or limitations; with Osiris on the Ascendant, they may find themselves continually moving through cycles of resurrection, or piecing their lives back together after great moments of strife.”

Like her or lump her, President or not, Hillary has led a fascinating life full of big archetypes that are so brilliantly and clearly expressed in her birth chart.

As they say – may the best (wo)man win…

Thoughts on this? Any opinions or insights into Hillary’s birth chart? There’s so much to say about her chart! I’d love to know what else you guys think about it.