New Moon in Taurus Insights from Around the Web

New Moon in Taurus Insights from Around the Web

Read below for ruminations on this weekend’s New Moon in Taurus from some of our favourite Astrologers.

Try checking what area of your birth chart is ruled by Taurus. As Venus is the natural ruler of this New Moon, you can also check out the part of your chart which is ruled by Libra (Taurus & Libra share the same ruler). If you are new to astrology, is good place to start for generating your birth chart and checking out which part of your chart is being touched by this New Moon.

The New Moon is a fantastic time to plant a psychic seed in a particular area of your life, and the New Moon in Taurus will be especially conducive to manifesting the things that are truly of value to you.

Sit back, grab a glass of vino and find some young thing to dangle grapes above you. It’s time to get Venusian.

Wishing you all the best. ♥


//Give Till You Get It//

Give it. What you think you don’t have. What you have never had enough of. What you are envious of in others. Give it to yourself. Until you know it. Until it’s in you. Until it is you. Until you can’t think of anything else. Until you don’t think of it anymore. 

Give it. Generously. Take it in wholeheartedly. Until it falls out your mouth. Hanging on every word. Give it to yourself. Make it your steady source of nourishment. Until it is the salt in your tears. Until it’s the echo of your laugh. Until it is your future. Until it is your past. Give it to yourself in response to what was always withheld. To what is still withheld. To what seems to refuse you. 

Choose you. Let generosity be your best revenge. Don’t stop where their tracks did. Beyond their finish line is your starting point. This is your life. Your race to pace yourself through. Your journey to journey. 

No one knows how it will end. No one save your stars. And your heart. 

Immerse yourself in what you need. Bury yourself in its scent. Cover yourself in its light. Eat at its table. Sleep with its mistress. Refuse to be ashamed of your needs. You weren’t starving before you got here. You were born full. 

Believe it. Until you are satiated again. 

Friday’s new moon, arriving at 12:29 PM PT, is an invitation to trust. To reclaim. To recreate our lives in the eyes of abundance. Our original form. It’s an invitation to believe that our needs can be met. It’s an invitation to build our lives with our needs in mind. 

That’s what Taurus does. It builds, working steadily, stubbornly, and persistently at its goal. It grows. It cultivates. It creates. It greens landscapes. It does not to give up. 

This new moon is especially blessed. It sits next to its ruler, Venus, also in Taurus. Venus in Taurus has all the swag in her bag. All the Femme in her fantastic. Venus in Taurus rolls deep. Deeply generous. Deeply generative. Deeply connected to her right to enjoy herself, her life, her partners and her creations. She is the Creatrix. The Bull Goddess. The Sacred Cow. Her horns are emblematic of the crescent moon itself. 

Both the moon and Venus love to be in the fertile fields of Taurus. The moon is exalted here. Up on high. Famous for her ability to produce and reproduce. Abundance abounds. 

The new moon in Taurus is also sitting in a grand trine with Jupiter in Virgo and with Pluto in Capricorn. A grand trine looks like a giant triangle joining all three signs of an element. It’s sturdy. It’s flowing. It’s blessed. This grand trine is in earth. The element of fertility, growth, ground, reality, limits and labors. A grand trine creates ease and harmony. This one does so on the material plane. 

Abundance is the earth itself. 

A trine from Jupiter is about as good as it gets. It grows, optimizes, instills faith, makes possible, makes more of, magnifies, includes and opens to the possible. A trine from Pluto lends depth, transformative powers, resilience, determination and the ability to purge past emotional patterns that inhibit our ability to fully live our lives.    

This new moon occurs at a time when there are five planets retrograde: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter (stationing direct on May 9th), Saturn and Pluto. That means that this is a time to go inward, to look first at how we are doing what we are doing before we try and fix it, mend it or rework it. This is a time to heal it and our relationship to it. 

During this new moon, Venus is also close to the sun, invisible to the naked eye. This means that her powers are more applicable to doing things in secret, on an internal level. Use this new moon to get down to core beliefs you have about your worth, your talents and your inner abundance. Give yourself a chance. 

We don’t have to believe in growth for it to happen. But it helps.

New moon blessings!


The original post is here; check out Chani’s site for more insight.

For more on how to unlock your abundance with one of the most fertile new moons of the year, please join me for Unlocking Abundance:The New Moon in Taurus and the Astrology of the Lunar Cycle from May 6th – June 3rd, in which I’ve created personalized readings for each sign, altar recommendations, and new moon rituals and full moon reflections for each sign on how to manifest abundance with the energy of this lunar cycle.


//Pagan Poetry//

As an astrologer, I always make sure I am not taking explanations and interpretations of planets, placements and transits at face value; moving beyond Astrological stereotypes grants us the freedom to work as we please with the energies at our disposal, and, therefore, also increases our chances for success. For this reason, I’m not entirely convinced dismissing the upcoming Taurus New Moon, arriving on May 6(16°417:29 PM UTC3:30 PM ET), as a simple chance to indulge, kick back, and relax, is the way to go. I consider this to be a legitimate choice, but I’m also, personally, not content with it. What I’m entirely persuaded of, is that diving below the surface of everything that Taurus is made out to be can offer us a different, surprising view of the potential this New Moon has in stock for us. And, why not?, positively challenging, as well.

Right now, you are probably wondering what could possibly be so exciting about a New Moon happening in the most ambitionless, unsophisticated sign of the Zodiac. Such is the reputation of Taurus, which, much like the other Venus-ruled sign, Libra, is often wildly underestimated. Fixed, earthy, sturdy, unmovable, Taurus seems to embody the very antithesis to progress; most of us would be hard-pressed to see this New Moon as a groundbreaking one. And it won’t be… not in the short term. But six months from now, you might look back and be grateful you didn’t let this opportunity pass.

I believe in the power of Taurus, and I believe this New Moon can be a potent ally to seekers, fighters, practical mystics and visionaries alike. In fact, my plans for this New Moon don’t involve relax and comfort foods at all, and the reason for this is that I have a goal in mind – one I’m willing to wait for and to move towards, the Taurus way: one foot in front of the other, building bit by bit, day after day, ready to fall and face disappointment before I can reach my destination. There is at least one stereotype about Taurus that is not entirely off the mark, and it’s stubbornness. When it comes to pursuing something passionately, actively, zealously, Aries might provide the initial spark, but the endurance, stamina and constancy of Taurus is what you need to sustain you through your journey and make sure you see tangible results, in spite of all the challenges and obstacles. Every New Moon is a cosmic doorway to a fresh start; New Moons allow us to shed old skin, and break ground for new cycles. The start of every lunation marks the ideal time to pursue an emotional and spiritual reboot, to envision our future, to commit to a goal. The questions this New Moon (which, unsurprisingly, receives a tense Quincunx from Rx Saturn) asks are: “How actually committed are you? How long are you willing to wait? How serious are you about this? How badly do you want that? Will you let your lack of self-worth get in the way this time?”

If this scares you, and if you’re not that ready to invest your energies, your passion and your time in a cycle that doesn’t provide instant success, you might want to use this New Moon as a chance to ground yourself in your body, test a new financial strategy or reconnect with Nature. Again, those are all legitimate, respectable choices. On the other hand, if you’re anything like me, and you are deeply, seriously, intensely focused on a result you’d like to manifest in your life, this growth-oriented New Moon in the sign of fecundity and fruitfulness, offers you the fertile soil where to plant your seeds, the tenacity to keep watering them, the patience to watch them grow. Taurus embodies the wisdom of Earth our Mother – generous, productive, slow and deliberate in its seasonal cycles, but ultimately plentiful in offering us her fruits if we’re open to receive.

Granted, it will be an underwhelming, slow start – with no less than five planets in retrograde (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto), forward momentum might be next to nonexistent at first; this is the “challenging” part. Still, whatever is birthed under this New Moon has the potential to go to the distance, especially if we build on solid foundations and break our goals down into simple, doable steps; the cautious retrograde energy can help with this, while also encouraging a careful, methodical assessment of our plans and resources, a re-evaluation of clues we might have previously ignored, and the surfacing of new information and insight. The work of healers, shamans, and witchcraft pratictioners who make use of natural tools like herbs, crystals and the likes, is of course especially favoured, and, with Taurus ruler Venus in her domicile, sextiling dreamy Neptune, we can even allow ourselves to get inspired by our innermost desires and longings, either in an artistic or romantic sense. Generally speaking, though, all goals that allow us to maximize our resources, self-respect, inner balance, and abundance, can benefit from the grounding, substantial energy of this New Moon, which forms a harmonious, flowy Grand Trine in Earth, together with expansive Jupiter in Virgo and transformative Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto instills the proceedings with a sharper awareness of our personal power, while Jupiter dares us to broaden our horizons, our knowledge, and to infuse our plans with practical wisdom.

But vision, intent and awareness are just the beginning; Taurus is a no-nonsense sign, focused on tangible results, which only come through dedication, persistence and single-mindedness. If we do nothing, we get nothing. If we’re really committed to achieving solid, long-lasting results, then the energy of this Taurus New Moon is on our side.

The original post is here; more of Aeterna’s writing can be found on Aeterna’s Site.

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//Your Inner Beltane Celebration//

How often do you think about the difference between what it means to be fully present with your entire being during sex, versus ‘performing’ sex or ‘acting sexy’ to meet cultural expectations? That is, how much do you allow yourself to experience sensuality, vulnerability, intimacy, passion and some sense of union — whether with some facet of yourself or with another person — when you engage your sexual energy?

I ask because this week’s astrology seems to be offering those very questions, plus a few others.

You might not have an answer at your fingertips, and that’s okay; society in general does not seem to encourage a lot of deep introspection on this topic. Although, if you read your horoscope and astrology columns, that suggests you’re looking for some kind of deeper insight into yourself.

Friday’s Taurus New Moon, which is exact at 3:29 pm EDT (19:29 UTC), is the main event prompting a more inward focus this week. This is the Moon conjunct the Sun in mid-Taurus — a special zone of the zodiac, most notably because the Sun’s arrival there divides the current season in half.

The Sun at mid-Taurus signals one of the old Pagan cross-quarter days: mid-season celebrations that fall between an equinox and a solstice. I’m not a practicing Pagan, so my understanding of these very old holidays comes mainly through the context of astrology; but the early May / mid-Taurus holiday is called Beltane, and it celebrates sexual fertility, the fertility of the Earth, and union. Traditionally one might slip out into the fields or woods to, ahem, frolic al fresco, and in so doing, bless the Earth.

With the Moon currently in Taurus and waning toward new, however, you might be noticing that your awareness of Beltane themes — sexuality, union, contact with the Earth, experiencing your senses — is drawing you within yourself, rather than inviting you to go frolic wantonly under the Sun. The again, maybe not; maybe you’re always primed for an expressive, lusty rendezvous. Even in that case, consider allowing for a little more introspection as you head toward the weekend.

One of the factors emphasizing this direction of awareness and understanding is that Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, having stationed one week ago on April 28. On one level, Mercury is possibly throwing a monkey wrench into things like communication, your computer, travel plans and major purchases.

In fact, just yesterday a friend of mine detailed on Facebook her repeated, frustrating attempts to have an assembled gas grill delivered to her home, only to find it did not work each time. After requesting suggestions from her friends on how to handle the situation, she finally attempted to take part of it apart and fix it herself. She succeeded — illustrating that one theme of Mercury retrograde in Taurus might be to discover resources and resourcefulness you did not think you possessed.

On a less mundane or tangible level, Mercury retrograde in Taurus — just a few degrees from the New Moon — emphasizes that some form of review or inner accounting of your inner erotic resources may be in order. Venus, just a few degrees from the New Moon on its other flank, enhances the emotional-level understanding of these ideas. It’s softening the ground, so to speak, to help you feel the insights and let their value soak in.

This brings us back to my initial questions regarding whether you really let yourself connect your physical senses to your emotions and conscious awareness in sexual situations. It can be hard for a lot of people, and scary, even if you do not carry significant emotional or physical pain in this area of your life. True intimacy and vulnerability might be intimidating; following passion can seem ‘too wild’ or risky.

Yet, at the same time, if you really tune into your sensual longings and the emotions they evoke, do you also start to notice glowing embers that begin to brighten with each breath? Do they cast enough light for you to see something you’d like to make contact with, and perhaps even share with another person?

There’s a fascinating collection of asteroids and minor objects lined up in the other three fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), all in the same degree that the Sun and Moon occupy in Taurus Friday. This makes a fixed grand cross. Without getting bogged down in details, I think I see a message emerging. (I’ll post the list in the comments for those who are curious.)

It has something to do with the push and pull of your own personal, deep, unique sexual desires; opening the lid on something you’ve been told not to look into (perhaps out of fear or an effort to control you); perhaps exceeding what others think is possible; and meeting the regenerative power of what you think it will take to make things better or heal.

The first step, I think, is to engage your senses in any way that feels like a personal celebration: enjoy touching, smelling, tasting, hearing and looking at what’s around you. From there, you can listen within. The choice is yours.


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The Moon is new in the 17th degree of Taurus on 6th May at 7:31 p.m. U.T. In its darkness we encounter the creative tension between relative and absolute truths.

For those walking a spiritual path, realisation of absolute truth is key. Enlightenment, ascension, oneness with God, are all expressions of the quest to know intimately the ever-present, unchanging unified field of being. But we pursue this quest in a world replete with relativity. All things are conditioned by everything around it and little stands complete in and of itself. Whilst it may well be absolutely true that We Are All One, relative truth is rooted in egoic consciousness which experiences separation and individuality.

To live the spiritual life in the mundane world we must navigate these various levels of truth, knowing when and how to relate to them from the heart as well as the mind. Dismissing loneliness or pain as an egoic illusion overlooks the essential truth that all emotion is experienced at a relative level, where it needs to be honoured before it can be transmuted into the peace of the absolute. To claim that a desire to be treated with respect is ‘just ego’ ignores the fact that ego is the arbiter of relative truth and proportionally acts to protect us from harm and threat when operating in a healthy way.

This New Moon asks us to embrace absolute truth (that we are united as one in the divine/goddess/life/the unified field) whilst honouring the relative kind (that we owe each other compassion and consideration because we are all emotional beings vulnerable to pain). Striking this balance is key to living an embodied spirituality, fully engaged with the challenges and triumphs of the human realm. If we retreat prematurely into the realm of absolute truth avoiding the relative, we become detached from the humanity that connects us all. If, on the other hand, we deny the absolute and live only from a place of ego we will fail to recognise the bigger picture within which the ups and downs of everyday life occur, a recognition which can sustain us when all else falls apart.

Taurus, the sign of this New Moon, loves truths of the factual kind: certain, provable, demonstrable facts. It does less well with mysteries, paradoxes and the unknown. But to live in the world we encounter both: certainties and mysteries, facts and fictions. When it comes to truth Taurus may pick a side and stay there: absolute or relative and never the twain shall meet. But this New Moon weaves the two into a beautiful design, connecting the relative with the absolute so we can live it all and discern with clarity what to honour and when. And it need not be an ‘either/or’, for we can respond at a relative level with our eye on the sacred just as we can affirm the bigger picture whilst acknowledging subjective truths.

We always have a choice about where and how to focus. This Moon simply reminds us that truth is multifaceted with numerous layers. As such, many things and countless different perspectives can be simultaneously true. Allowing ourselves to shift between relative and absolute, relinquishing the security of black and white, right and wrong, may just reveal a whole new perspective now, to those with eyes to see.

The original post is here, check out Astro-Awakenings for more insight.