Jupiter Stations Direct Horoscopes from Chani Nicholas

Jupiter Stations Direct Horoscopes from Chani Nicholas

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Monday, May 9th 

5:16 AM PT – Jupiter Stations Direct at 13+ Degrees of Virgo

5:41 AM PT – Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces (both at 11+ degrees)

8:12 AM PT – Mercury’s inferior conjunction to the sun at 19+ degrees of Taurus

Tuesday, May 10th 

12:00 PM PT – Venus in Taurus trine Jupiter in Virgo (both at 13+ degrees)

Thursday, May 12th

7:51 PM PT – Mercury Rx in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn (both at 17+ degrees)

Friday, May 13th

Mercury conjunct Venus at 17+ degrees of Taurus

Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn (both at 17+ degrees) 

This week’s astrology sings sweet lullabies of growth and goodness along side the waxing new moon. Few things are more beneficial, astrologically speaking, than a steady stream of helpful aspects as the moon builds in light, especially when she is connected to them. Monday and Tuesday are especially good for La Lune. She’s in Cancer, her domicile, and she is sending sextile rays to both Jupiter and Venus as they trine each other. The moon will also oppose Pluto and square Uranus, but that could be the kind of challenge we need in order to make the most of all the ease. It’s the kind of astrology that you’ll either want to use to help you with all you are working with or help you not work so hard. Or both.

This week’s astrology can be used for producing, streamlining and steadying the profitable parts of our work. It’s a noble kind of growth. The kind that we have earned if we have put in the work to win its favor. 

This is in part due to the fact that Jupiter, planet of growth, optimism and inclusion, is in Virgo. Virgo is modest in its measurements, refined in its regalia, and prudent with its reserves. Jupiter is stationing direct on Monday. After being retrograde since early January, Jupiter’s shift in direction will help us move forward with the growth and opportunity that the house it is currently transiting through affords us (see your horoscope). Jupiter’s forward motion is especially helpful as Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Pluto are all currently retrograde. 

The trine from Jupiter to Venus on Tuesday can be a bountifully pleasurable experience. One that can be used for personal enjoyment and/or manifesting abundance on the material plane. This week’s planetary alignments can be deeply relaxing, restorative and help us to rebuild from the bones up. Sometimes a rest is more powerful than a production. 

The current exaggeration of retrograde planets bodes well for a slower production rate. It can be frustrating for some activities, yet deeply satisfying for others. There is nothing like a pile of retrogrades to help us know ourselves better. The forward/backward/forward motion of each planetary retrograde helps us to understand that area of our chart and ourselves much better than if planets only went forward. The cosmos wasn’t created by accident. And we aren’t made of stardust arbitrarily. We need extra time with important topics. We work well with repetition. Retrogrades remind us that it isn’t about where we are going as much as it is about how we’ll get there. All roads lead to our destiny if we walk them with integrity.

*Horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration.

If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you find inspiration here we love and appreciate donations. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, we really appreciate it and you!

AriesAries & Aries Rising

The key to this week lays in how you schedule it. The key to this week is about how you work the details into the overall plan. The key to this week will unlock a whole world of whirring energy that directly effects your work and the earnings that you receive from it. 

As Jupiter stations direct, some of the projects that you have been working on can begin to move forward. We are still in deep retrograde waters with Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Pluto all retrograde for a while, but Jupiter has the ability to rebound like no other. While retrograde for the past 4 months, Jupiter may have helped you to rework the concepts, the meaning and the details that govern the philosophy of your work life and projects. It may have helped you to rearrange the systems that make your work work. 

Now it’s time to put them to the test. 

It’s a week that helps to keep the rivers of prosperity flowing freely, irrigating your fields. Keep working the land and remember that all good things begin their growth underground. 

Taurus copyTaurus & Taurus Rising

True beauty is as connected to its pain as it is to its promise. Its eminence is reserved for those that know their rock bottom. It denies no truth. It tells no lies. Beauty has battle scars. It knows its own mangled mess. Intimately. 

Come clean. About what you most want to attract into your life. About how you get in your own way. About the fact that you fear that what you want the most isn’t meant for you. It is. But it needs you to want it unabashedly. It needs you to stop denying your own beauty. Your own battle scars.

Wear them like your own personal regalia. Wear your flaws, flawlessly. 

Make a promise to know yourself better this year. Make it your motivation for every other goal you go for. Remember yourself, in every situation you find yourself in. Find yourself first, no matter what room you walk into. No matter who else is there. Keep inquiring about where you are and what you need.

At the moment you have the kind of magnetism that can draw in a billion bees to your hive. This can be fun, but it can also sidetrack the situation. The more you know yourself, the more you know what you need and why. The clearer you can be, the more effectively you can use this moment of pleasure, relaxation and generous birthday beginnings. 

Gemini copyGemini & Gemini Rising

Deep belly knots unlock. A worry gets released. A concern gets uncomplicated, understood or detangled. A source of inspiration swells up inside. From your base. From your being. Released from your roots.

You are home. There is no relief greater than to be firmly rooted in one’s own ground.

It’s from this deep place that you are being asked to rise up. From your core. From what you know. From knowing that you need nothing more than what you already have to build your life and to build it well. 

This week your ruling planet is still retrograde, rummaging around in the dimly lit corridors of your unconscious. It’s pulling up evidence of your creative capacities. Your talents perhaps long lost. This Mercury retrograde is possibly pulling up your fears of being great and gross and wrong and wonderful. Of being too much. Of being too little. 

But all of those fears boil down to teeny-tiny troll dolls when you know yourself. Down to your core. In a way that no one can ever interfere with. 

This week wants to help you heal those old, stubborn patterns of self rejection. It wants to lift the baggage that has burdened you. It wants to take your shame and tell it to shove it, ‘cause you ain’t working there no more. 

Cancer copyCancer & Cancer Rising

Notice what unlocks for you intellectually this week. Notice how your mind shifts. You are allowed to change it. To see things differently. To experience your daily life through new eyes and a refreshed sense of what is possible. 

Notice what signals, signs and omens appear along your path. Notice what stones turn over that tell you what you needed to know. Notice the expanse in your thinking. Notice the possibilities that are appearing especially as you move through your day. Something is easier now, something might makes more sense. Especially if you make room for it to do so. 

Notice who you are meeting, who you are crossing paths with, who you are retracing steps with and who you can build bridges with. Notice who inspires another kind of thinking and communicating. Spacious thinking. Insightful communicating. Give yourself the space to move about your day with more wonder, more meaning, and more room to learn. Curate some openings for deeper connections, playful interactions and pleasurable communications. There is a lot that can flow to you and through you if you do so. Trust what’s easy with others this week and notice what feels unnecessary to relearn.

Leo copyLeo & Leo Rising

This week helps you to remember what you are worth. It wants to remind you that you’ve got what it takes. You need do nothing but dig a path to your own potential. Remember that you have your own source of wisdom within. That you have your own way of knowing your way. All you have to do is learn/remember how to get there. 

Learning how to value your talents and remembering how to implement them is a never ending process. But an important one. One that is priceless. One that will have a rate of return far greater than any other investment that we could make. 

This week might remind you about the tools that you have in your tools box. The tools that can help you to harness your talents and make use of them in the world. This week has tremendous earning potential for you. What can you do to support yourself? What can you set up so that your talents have a chance to become grounded in your work?

Astrology as good as this week’s comes and goes, but without our efforts it comes and goes without making much of an impact on our personal lives. This week is all kinds of good for your financial life, work life and employment situations, but it can be all kinds of amazing if you work with it in a way that lands. 

Virgo copyVirgo & Virgo Rising

The thing about being a sign so focused on digesting, assimilating and making meaning out of the information that you find fascinating is that you are so adept at working internally. Where it’s quiet. Where you won’t be bothered. Where it’s safe. Where it’s easier to do that kind of detailed and intricate work. You are a busy creature. Busy thinking. Busy making. Busy at integrating many different aspects of each fact. 

Everything in nature is constantly on the move. Self regenerating. Recreating. Growing. Fulfilling. Composting. Beginning again. Virgo is attuned to the process of nature. Virgo tracks the systems that keep Gaia humming. Virgo has later vision that picks up on the details that most miss. The movement that most don’t see. The evidence that most don’t know to look for.

This week wants to turn that movement outward. It wants you to use that skill to get you noticed. It wants you to have confidence in what you do. It wants to validate what you are good at. 

All of the wisdom that you cultivate, all your skills, all of the knowledge gleaned from the systems that you have studied want to find their way into the world. Need to start to move out. Through small offerings. Through large overtures. The quantities matter not. The point is that there is a shift. The main theme is that you to gain perspective on prospective opportunities, relationships and long range plans all through the gift of feeling more hopeful, open and optimistic about your situation. 

Libra copyLibra & Libra Rising

This week can help you trust. It can help you to remember that the process is the goal right now. It can help you to make the most of what is unfolding on an internal level. It can help you to remember that looking inward for the answers is what will help you eventually know which outward steps to take. 

This week shimmers, shines and helps to redefine your realness. The less you take yourself at face value, the less you get hung up about how it all appears on the outside, the more you’ll be able to focus on what is really, truly and timelessly important. This is a moment. A moment that will pass, but a moment that comes bearing gifts that you can only get when you are focused on remembering what is most important to your soul. This moment will pass and in its wake a million other moments will take place. This moment wants to help you internally set your compass so that no matter what comes to pass, you keep coming back to what holds you together, what holds you in high regard and what holds you to the standard of your soul. 

Scorpio copyScorpio & Scorpio Rising

It’s not about who likes you. It’s not about how popular you are. It’s not about fitting in, being praised or being the belle of the ball. That kind of thing will most likely naturally occur this week for you. There is quite the celebration happening amongst your friends. It may be a creative project of yours that is seeing the light and being praised by your peers. It might be a feeling of greater ease amongst your people. It may be an extremely important connection that you get to make this week that helps you to see the possibilities of what you’d like to create in the future. 

But it’s not about who likes you. It’s not about how popular you are. It’s not about fitting in to a certain kind of crowd. It’s really about being so grounded in yourself that you are a natural pull for the people whom you resonate most with. It’s about being open to others while being able to consistently locate yourself no matter what happens or who happens to be around you. It’s about being compassionately attuned to others and deeply centered. Work from that place this week and you will pull the kind of people to you that feel like your lucky charms. 

Sagittarius-2 copySagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

There is nothing like the satisfaction of knowing that you have worked for it. That you struggled for it. That you watched over it. Bathed it. Fed it. Slept beside it. Sang to it. There is nothing like the reward of watching what you have been cultivating start to take hold of the ground that surrounds it. 

You earned this.

You are earning this.

There’s more to do. More to sort through. Sort out. Save for later. There is more growth coming. More thoughtful unfolding. More precise plans to proceed with. But this week I beg you to take notice of what in your work life keeps afloat, what flows to your aid and what is good and ready to rise up and be seen. 

Your career, your work life and your financial life get a cosmic B-12 shot. It’s overflow from the recent new moon in Taurus. It’s in connection with all that we have been discussing (see last week’s scopes). It is further evidence that you are on the right track and that you should keep going. 

Keep gathering evidence. You are in a major review of your energy, your identity and the kind of drive you have been dealt this lifetime. What you want to do with it is up to you but I suggest you get as clear as possible about how that relates to what you wish to work on at this time. This week you’ve got so many good things going for your career that everything you do in support of it gets cosmically supported in return. 

Capricorn copyCapricorn & Capricorn Rising

Some part of your path may become more clear this week. It might be because you get lost in the right way. It might be because you stumble upon the answer you didn’t know you were looking for. It could be because love wakes you up in some unforeseen way. 

It’s a week that is full of a lot of harmony. That harmony hums around your pleasure centers and your philosophical ones. Take time to enjoy what you have been given. This week might help to iron out some of the kinks in your plan. This harmony has a way of helping you to be seen at your most alluring, attractive and magnetic. You can pull a lot towards yourself right now. Be discerning. You can bring a lot in. Be mindful of how you use it. You can make a big splash, especially this Monday and Tuesday. Use those days to make your mark, make connections or get your work out in the open where folks can see it and you. 

These are productive days, and they aren’t around for ever. Quite soon the winds will shift and energy will start to feel more scattered. Revel in this grounded, productive and incredibly useful moment. 

Aquarius copyAquarius & Aquarius Rising

This week might bring you an opportunity to connect with others, bond with others and build bridges in solidarity with others. It might be extraordinarily helpful in terms of revealing what you can gain, create and make real by collaborating with those that can grant you something that you can’t grant yourself. Patrons may come to your aid. Funding may find its way to your projects with greater ease. Assistance of all kinds will want to make itself available to you.

Open to it. We aren’t meant to build our lives as islands. Refuse to refuse it. Letting folks lend their energy to what we are working on is helpful for us in obvious ways but it helps them too. We are at our best when we can contribute to the growth of one another’s lives. We help each other become more of what we are meant to become. Give others the chance to be part of your growth if they are the kind of folks that can grow with you. 

This is related to, part of or helpful in healing a core issue that stems back to what you learned from your family of origin. What was the main theology of your family around receiving help? What was/is your family’s thesis about trusting others? What were you taught about collaboration? Meditate on those topics this week as a way of clearing space for a new, positive, healing and possibly transformative experience of getting what you need. 

Pisces copyPisces & Pisces Rising

“Husband is too small a word. Husband is only a small part of what he is to me. He’s my greatest teacher, my biggest test, my loudest cheerleader, my best friend, the father of my children, he’s my soul mate,” a wise woman once said to me.

I am hoping for the same type of insight from you this week. Because of the same type of experience. Not about any specific type of relationship but because of the kinds of connections that you have been able to develop, build and experience in your life. The past 9 months have been busy optimizing your connections to those that can teach you the greatest lessons. 

I’m hoping that whomever is near you, you are able to take in the entirety of their teachings. Relationships don’t have to last a lifetime to be incredibly influential. Folks don’t have to love us like we want them to in order for them to teach us what we need to know about love. We don’t have to love perfectly or even poetically in order to get the kind of wisdom that only love can bring. 

You’ve got incredible astrology occurring in the areas of your chart that connect you to others. Seeing the true nature of those connections will help you to develop yourself in way you might miss if you are only looking for one type of connection, concoction or representation of love. 

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