The Astrology of Bernie Sanders

The Astrology of Bernie Sanders

There is so much wild synchronicity in Bernie’s birth chart that I honestly couldn’t make it up if I tried.

I’ll be honest and tell you that I’m a Bernie supporter. Maybe this is why I’ve left Bernie for the end – maybe I was afraid of being let down. The other charts were interesting, but Bernie’s chart is everything you hoped it would be.

Come on in, sit down. Feel the Bern.

[check out Donald & Hillary if you fancy it].


the astrology of bernie sanders birth chart and aspects


Bernie has a Virgo Sun residing in the 11th House of benefactors, good fortune and political ideals. Traditionally it was also known as the realm of the ‘King’s Court’, so it’s no surprise that he’s had such a long career in the Senate, the modern equivalent of a King’s Court if there ever was one. His Sun is actually exact in the ‘exalted’ 15th degree of Virgo according to Ptolemy’s chart of dignities, so this is not your average Virgo, it’s a Virgo on steroids.

As I’ve written elsewhere, Virgo’s conflate meaning with usefulness; it’s a natural by-product of their nearly obsessive tendency towards critical analysis and desire to be of service. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications and contracts, Virgo builds on its brother-by-ruler Gemini by taking information, internalizing it and making it useful. A Gemini looks to disperse, whereas a Virgo looks to conserve. This is can also be seen in the glyph for Virgo: although it is similar in style to that of Scorpio, the Scorpion glyph shows the outward, penetrating nature of Scorpio; in the Virgo glyph the energy folds back on itself, re-directing the energies inward.

Analyze. Conserve. Review.

Next door to the name asteroid ‘Bernie’ is the Trans-Neptunian Object Cupido, not to be confused with the asteroid Cupido, which signifies family, corporations, social collective and marriage. Is he married to his work, his social collective, his family? The nearby midheaven, or career point, shows he’s not only married to but completely identifies himself with his career. Equally interesting is that the glyph for Cupido is a combination between Venus and Jupiter, and Bernie’s Sun is ruled by Venus, Jupiter and Venus. This planetary set-up suggests a person that wants to connect and to be part of something greater than himself, someone driven to connect with others through their beliefs.

This is someone with a lot of faith in the collective.

Meanwhile, the Bern was born under a fiery Full Moon at the exalted 19th degree of Aries. Although technically not a weak place for the moon, it can be tricky. Aries is the look before you leap and the punch before you speak. It’s a bold signature sitting within the 6th House of service, illness and the day-to-day slog of work. Traditionally the 6th House was the house of slavery, which is painfully appropriate since what many of us call ‘work’ is really modern-day wage slavery. 6th House Sun or Moon people often find themselves fighting for other’s rights or work in the healthcare industry; here, Bernie’s Moon is right at home.

His Moon is conjunct the asteroid Heracles, aka Hercules, one of my very favourite asteroids. The story of Hercules has been corrupted by the modern movie machines. The true Hercules was the gentle giant with a deep well of wisdom. The defender of all that was righteous, he cared deeply about animals and children, and was always busy intervening somewhere to counter the effects of evil-doers. He was even said to have ‘made the world safe for mankind’ (fingers crossed, Bernie).

Hercules also attracted a lot, and I mean a lot, of ire from the Gods.

It’s easy to see the connection to Bernie’s life: the ‘Gods’ of modernity are not feeling the Bern, whether that is Monsanto, Wall Street Bank or tax-avoiding billionaires.

Bernie’s Heracles Moon also means he is someone who never forgets a trespass. Next door he has the asteroid Varuna, which among many things stands for mastery, sovereignty… and deep, deep pools of resentment. Don’t burn the Bern.

Bernie’s well-known intensity comes in part from these positions as well as his Scorpio ascendant. He has that sense of Scorpio fixation, the digging in of the heels. Ask him about his family, and he’ll tell you about income inequality. Don’t dare ask about Hillary’s emails, but if you do, get ready to hear about income equality. With the asteroids Toro (intensity, power) and Philia (brotherly love) ruling his 1st House, he’s not likely to let up about that topic anytime soon.

Or quit: Astraea (staying until the bitter end) and Hybris (hubris, glass ceilings) joining up in his 11th House near his midheaven are a clear indicator that it’s never over for him until it’s really over. It’ll take something YUGE to make him quit.

Scorpio rules Mars, making Mars the ascendant ruler for Bernie, and his Mars is unsurprisingly placed near the Moon in the 6th House of service and work. You can’t make this stuff up: his Mars (ambition, courage, the desire to serve and protect) is directly conjoined the asteroid Fides, the Roman Goddess of truth, honesty and good faith.

Translation: he’s a soldier fighting the good fight.

There are too many other marvellous aspects to mention: Vesta in the 12th House suggests complete dedication to a spiritual mission; Ceres in the 3rd House speaks to nurturing others by providing the fundamentals (shelter, food, money); Ceres trine Mars indicates someone driven to nurture or defend others.

Bernie’s challenges are also pretty clear:

  • Asteroid Patientia (patience) across from his Virgo Sun; combined with Moon and Mars in Aries, I’m sure Bernie has spent a lot of time developing patience.
  • Asteroid Achilles (as in the Achilles’ heel) in the 10th House of career. This can show that career, reputation or success is difficult to manage.
  • Opposing his Midheaven is the asteroid Alekto, which is one of the Greek furies representing unceasing rage.
  • Opposite Chiron (wounding), he has the asteroid Kassandra: the psychic who’s true prophecies were never believed.
  • Pallas opposing Uranus indicates that he may have been excessively rebellious in his ideas or behaviour throughout the years, possibly to his detriment.

Family & Love

Bernie keeps quiet about his personal life, but there are plenty of indications that all is well.

As a ruler of his 4th House of home, Bernie has the asteroids Hilaritas (hilarity) and Concordia (agreement), which leads to me think home life would have been mostly fun within his nuclear family.

In terms of one gorgeous aspect in particular, his wife Jane O’Meara’s asteroid (O’Meara; Jane by itself does not exist) is conjunct both his Midheaven as well as the asteroids Eros and Alma, which makes me feel they have a deep, sensual love connection that not only empowers his career but also fulfills them on the soul level.

His ex-wife Deborah’s asteroid is found conjunct Pallas, the wise, strategic daughter of Zeus. It appears from what you can find online that they left each other on good terms and that she’s very much a political progressive. With both the asteroids ‘Sanders’ and ‘Deborah’ in Sagittarius in the 2nd House, it’s clear they would have connected over a shared vision based on righteousness.

With Juno and Venus both in the 12th House, there could have been infidelity, suffering, loss or a sense of imprisonment within relationships. His Venus opposes both his Mars and his Moon, which has many interpretations. With Venus opposing Mars, it could very well be that his relationships are very intense or run a bit hot and cold. With Venus opposing the Moon, there might have been issues with the mother or intense emotions in relationships that were wounding in some manner.

Finally, his Venus opposes Fides (trust and faith), which in my experience usually indicates infidelity.

The Super-Spooky Stuff

There are over 100,000 asteroids that have been registered. Many are named after the astronomer who discovered the asteroid, or the observatory from where the asteroid was viewed.

Like ‘Arizona’ for example, which shows up conjunct Bernie’s South Node. Some people consider the South Node to represent past-life energy, while others believe it shows a vacuum point that one must avoid in life. Either way, I found it interesting that the state responsible for massive voting regulation offences would be found on his South Node.

I also had no idea that there were bird asteroids.

On Bernie’s North Node, which some liken to a point of destiny, there is an asteroid ‘Fringilla’. What does it mean? Finch. As in,  the little Finch that so famously stopped to land on his podium.

Find that weird? Let’s go one step further…

Also on Bernie’s North Node is an asteroid named Titania. This one I had to look up. It has nothing to do with the Titanic, if that’s where your mind has wandered. Instead, this asteroid is after a character from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream. Titania was a sorceress, and she was – get this – made to love a donkey. 

And what animal, pray tell, represents the democratic party?

One last oddity is that in Bernie’s chart, the asteroid ‘Hillary’ is conjunct ‘Lies’; in Hillary’s chart ‘Bernie’ and ‘Sanders’ both show up in the 12th House of hidden enemies.

I don’t think that’s just a coincidence.