Full Moon in Sagittarius Insights from Around the Web

Full Moon in Sagittarius Insights from Around the Web

Read below for ruminations on this weekend’s Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Try checking what area of your birth chart is ruled by Sagittarius. As Jupiter is the natural ruler of this Full Moon, you can also check out the part of your chart where Jupiter is present, or the houses ruled by both Sagittarius & Pisces for more insight (they share Jupiter as a ruler).

If you are new or new-ish to astrology, Astro.com is good place to start for generating your birth chart and checking out which part of your chart is being touched by this New Moon.

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//Make Way For It//

We were made imperfectly. Purposefully. Layered inconsistently. We are a compilation of fault lines. Conflicting drives. Love. Hate. Intolerance. Compassion. Compulsion. Temperance. We are every ill and every cure. We are every problem and every solution. We are the destroyers of innocence and the bringers of beauty. We are nightmares and the bringers of the dawn.

We are like this for a reason. We were made to survive the beauty and the beasts of the natural world. Over the past century or so we have largely been taught to separate ourselves from nature. From the bloody mess that is survival. From the interconnectedness of our relationship to the earth itself. From our own animal instincts. We are given gadgets that bring us food delivered in sanitized boxes. Gadgets that replace the arrows our ancestors relied upon to hunt and gather, carve and contour life with. Gone in large part are the many cultural rituals that help us to reenact a healthy expression of the cycle of life. 

Saturday’s full moon brings us to the exact midpoint of the recent Mars retrograde. Happening at 2:14 PM PT at 1+ degree of Sagittarius, this full moon is conjunct Mars, the warrior, the spear, the blade. When used for good, Mars serves and protects with courage, honor and valor. When distorted, Mars abuses, maltreats and takes advantage of what is vulnerable. We all have Mars energy. We all have a mars in our charts. We are all effected by Mars in the sky.

If we are running around with scissors, we might as well understand how to hold them.

Mars has been retrograde since April 17th and at this mid-point moment, Mars is being highlighted by the full moon in the very fiery sign of Sagittarius. This is no soft lighting. This full moon aims to illuminate the lessons that we have been learning via Mars retrograde in the area of our chart that contains Sagittarius. The moon is a transmitter of planetary energies to the earth, acting like a go-between and helping us come into contact with the rest of the cosmos. Because both the moon and Mars will be sitting across from the sun, they will both rise, quite dramatically, in the evening sky as the sun sets. 

This moon is transmitting Mars for us quite magnificently. It is also transmitting the sign Sagittarius. A fire sign that knows no bounds and holds no grudges. Sagittarius bounds forwards, striding, riding full tilt towards future adventures. 

Full moons are powerful moments of fulfillment and Mars is at an important moment of its own retrograde cycle, making this a full moon to take note of in terms of what we are doing with our energy, our desire, our rage, our power and the potent weapons we can be. 

Make way for it. Make room for it. Make no excuses for your bad behavior. Own up to it. Try to use your Mars towards something noble. Be your own Heroine. Be your own savior. Come to your own rescue. 

The point isn’t to get rid of any part of ourselves,. The point is not to surgically remove our less acceptable qualities, our rougher edges, our Mars. The point is to make Mars conscious. To understand the power that it possesses. To make the choice to work consciously with that power and to direct it to defend and protect our human rights against the forces that wish to devour them.

The original post is here; check out Chani’s site for more insight.


//In Freedom//

The upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius, occurring on May 21st, at 01°13 (9:14 PM UTC5:14 PM ET2.14 PM PST) is like the first act of a theatre play – a revealing, eye-opening one at that. Both happening in the same sign, the next two Full Moons are two closely intertwined chapters of the same narrative, which sees us as the protagonists on a quest. Every Full Moon marks an energetic peak, which shines a bright beam on whatever is coming full-circle in our Life, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the world of five senses; however, the plot that is being exposed, uncovered and divulged at the time of the first Full Moon is likely not to reach its full climax and resolution until the second Full Moon in June. This doesn’t mean that the importance of this first Full Moon should be overlooked or underestimated: a number of astrological indicators suggests that this is the pivotal turning point, the breakthrough in consciousness that sets up the rest of the story.

When it comes to Sagittarius, the adventure starts within – in the mind, heart and soul. The vision that gets birthed from longings, ideals and thirst for knowledge is what stirs the archer’s restlessness and urge to roam free; there is no sense of direction, or of purpose, without a clear vision, and there can’t be any drive or motivation to get through the toughest of times when life seems but an order of events. A quote that has been commonly, but mistakenly attributed to French Romantic poet, novelist and playwright Victor Hugo reads ‘Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come’ – and it’s the nomadic, inspiring call of that very idea that’s beckoning to us, pushing us out of our comfort zone and into the wide unknown that is Sagittarius’ natural habitat.

Indeed, with a supercharged, powerful conjunction between the Moon and Mars, the impulse to run with our dream and bolt for the horizon is going to be hard to ignore – a literal or metaphorical ‘inciting incident’ might jolt us out of our routine and catalyze our journey, prompting us to reconnect to our beliefs and renew our hope through action in the physical world. With such emphasis on Mars and the dynamic, itinerant Gemini/Sagittarius axis, there’s also an atmosphere of mobility that surrounds this Full Moon, and, in fact, the possibility that this journey towards a higher meaning might actually take us to places is not to be completely ruled out. But the presence of Mars might also awake the zealous, opinionated side of Sagittarius – the crusader, the fundamentalist, the fanatic – triggering defensive, overblown responses to real or imagined threats to what we’re passionately convinced about. With the Full Moon illuminating what has been our experience of Retrograde Mars so far, jumping to conclusions and overly relying on our “reptilian brain” might not be our best bet; instead, sticking to our spiritual center and acting from a place of inner knowing, second-guessing our attitudes if necessary, can keep us from taking pointless detours to fight unnecessary battles. There is no better time than this Full Moon to remember that we have freedom to choose our response to external events: should someone or something push our buttons, we can take the Sagittarius advice, learn from the experience and gallop away from conflict, making up a different trajectory along the way, savouring the journey as we go.

As much as we might believe that we know the whole truth, and that we have gathered enough wisdom to discern how our path will unfold, there’s still more to discover – the word ‘End’ has yet to be written. Jupiter in Virgo (now direct) as the ruler of this Full Moon seems to stress this message of humility, reminding us to pay attention to the practical outcomes we are generating through our commitment to our beliefs and philosophy, and, if this is not enough, there’s the second Sagittarius Full Moon happening in June to drive the message home. We are being introduced to some interesting angles in the broader landscape of our worldview, but a lot is still shrouded in mystery, waiting for us to liberate ourselves from our delusions of grandeur and self-limiting beliefs before we can explore the next chapter.

The original post is here; more of Aeterna’s writing can be found on Aeterna’s Site.



The Moon is full in the 2nd degree of Sagittarius at 9:16 p.m. UT on 21st May. Occurring less than 24 hours prior to the end of Mercury retrograde, this Moon signals a shift of perspective. Events of the past three weeks begin to reveal a deeper significance now and through the coming month. What may at first have seemed an unlikely possibility becomes all the more real as time passes and events unfold. Plans thrown off course due to unforeseen circumstances reveal the potential of their new configuration. What we thought we ‘knew better’ about affirms we knew very little and there was a whole heap of possibility previously overlooked.

This is a positive Moon with an uplifting tone and encouraging demeanour. That said, she poses a challenge too, our response to which will colour the weeks to come. Conjunct retrograde Mars she calls forth courage and appeals especially to those who identify as spiritual warriors, seeing through the seductions of an unconscious world, whilst living in that world full-blooded and passionate: engaged, enlivened and entranced by its paradoxical beauty. There exists an innocence about this Moon, even as she radiates timeless wisdom passed down through ages. Burning away the jaded half-truths of dogma and obedience to belief and form, she illuminates the vitality at the heart of a soul on fire for truth, god/dess, the divine – ready and willing to know the sacred inside out, back to front and more intimately than we know our very selves.

Currently in Scorpio, Black Moon Lilith also speaks, reminding us that without the darkness of inky skies we could never appreciate a magnificent moon. We cannot have light without darkness. To deny the shadows renders life uni-dimensional, robbed of its guts and gumption. Those feelings we judge as wrong or negative, the ones we’re told aren’t spiritual or ‘of the light’, they are part of us too, an expression of our wild nature which rages against obstacles, suffers when suppressed and challenges the narrative that nice is more important than true.

Lilith embraces everything and everyone, resplendent in her power and alive in her fullness. She stands beside every person torn apart by grief, ground down by depression, fractured by rage or broken by guilt. She looks into our eyes and sees our soul aflame with both divine love and sacred wrath, united in one ecstatic expression of Life. Combined with the buoyancy of this Moon she reminds us we can be all of these things when anchored soul-deep whilst reaching for the stars: the peaceful eye amidst the storm of humanity in which we live out our days.

In one month’s time we have a Blue Moon in Sagittarius, the foundations of which we encounter today. We can call upon Lilith to strengthen our spirit and sharpen our resolve to embrace all that arises between now and then. This energised and encouraging Moon enlivens our hearts, imbuing a sense of adventure where once was reluctance or fear. She reminds us the most effective response to life is born of an open mind and heart, not one resistant to the very conditions it struggles to confront. Every situation contains its opposite, each problem its solution, all shadows are defined by light. Once we know intimately the relationship between polarities within and without we can rest in the middle, assess with clarity and act with clear intention for the greatest and most courageous good.

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