What is Asteroid Astrology?

What is Asteroid Astrology?

Asteroids: Tiny Objects, Juicy Details

What are Asteroids?

Unbeknownst to many, there are hundreds of thousands of smaller objects that make up our solar system. These smaller objects, which are mostly known as asteroids, have an undeniably interesting and juicy impact in astrology readings.

Most of these asteroids sit in space between Mars and Jupiter and range from 6 meters across to nearly 600 miles across. While there are likely well over 1 million asteroids in existence, only about 5% are named and numbered. A lot of asteroids have mythological names (Ceres, Pallas, Unitas, Fraternitas) while others have names like Frank Zappa, Carl Jüng, and Sphinx.

To get a sense of the sheer volume of celestial objects we’re talking about, check out this hypnotic video which shows what our solar system *really* looks like. Not as simple as the textbook diagrams of our high school years, huh?

Why Asteroids Matter

A lot of people ask: “Why would you add more objects to the chart? Aren’t there enough planets already?”

Although you’ve got to make your own assessment about the use of asteroids, and I encourage you to do so, here are the core reasons that I feel the asteroids are incredibly useful.


Working with asteroids in a natal chart adds a layer of depth and richness that just isn’t there otherwise. To me, working with only the 10 modern planets is like having a beautiful banquet table set up for a sumptuous meal: dinnerware, cutlery, glasses, place cards and all the food. Asteroids are the infinitesimal details that can transform the dinner into an unforgettable affair: the background music, the people seated next to you, the topics of conversation, the wine, the scent of the flowers, the sauces and side dishes. While some may view asteroids as just the ‘cherry on the top’, I assure you that hasn’t been the case in my experience.


Traditionally, there are only two feminine planets: the Moon, and Venus. The Moon signifies emotions (among other things), and Venus signifies beauty, sex and love (among other things). Somewhat limiting as a statement on the roles of women, no? All other planets are masculine (Mars, Saturn, Jupiter) and one is gender neutral (Mercury). Working with asteroids, and particularly the ‘Big 4’ asteroid Goddesses (Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta), levels the playing field considerably and allows for a more balanced representation of the feminine/female archetypes in a natal chart reading.


Asteroids offer valuable insight into traumatic events. Many of us have known tremendous events to happen in our lives that held no clear connection to the astrology aspects of that day. I’ve found on several occasions that the trigger point I was looking for was held in a few key asteroids tightly conjoined to personal planets. If we rely on only the major planets and ignore the possibility that these asteroids have a deeper knowledge to impart, we could be missing out.

All of that said, not all charts have significant connections to the asteroids. It is not unusual to find no asteroids make significant connections to a client’s birth chart. The name of the game is simply to be curious and open-minded.


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