How to Create Your Birth Chart

How to Create Your Birth Chart

Many people ask me how to create their birth chart, so I’ve made this super simple, step-by-step guide on how to create a whole sign houses natal chart using

I *LOVE* looking at your charts and discussing them with you, but I just can’t make the chart of each person who reads or comments on the blog. If you are able to make your chart, screengrab it and then add it as part of your question or comment, I can be more effective in helping you.

So – here it goes! Let me know if you have any issues. Get charting!! ♥

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Step-by-step Directions on how to create your birth chart

#1 Go to

#2 Go to ‘Free Horoscopes’ on the main navigation bar

how to create your birth chart first step

#3 Go to ‘Extended Chart Selection’

how to create your birth chart second step

#4 Once you enter, you’ll have the option of creating a profile or just looking at a birth chart as a guest. I recommend you create a profile as it’s free and easy, but it’s up to you. Since I already have a profile, this is what it looks like when I login. When you login in the first time it will be slightly different – your next steps will be to enter birth data.

how to create your birth chart third step

#5 Enter your Birth Data. Be very sure to be as accurate as possible with the TIME of birth as this makes a big impact on your birth chart. If you don’t have a birth time, you can still create a chart by choosing ’time unknown’, but it will not be as accurate and in-depth as a normal chart.

For those of you that have this issue, I recommend trying to locate your county or public records if possible as they sometimes list the time of birth on your original birth certificate. Otherwise, you can try to find an astrologer online that does ‘birth time rectification’. It’s a very time intensive and possibly expensive exercise, but if you’re keen, try it out. I don’t offer this service but there are many astrologers online that do.

how to create your birth chart fourth step

#6 Choose the right chart type: for now, you’ll want to choose ‘Natal Chart Wheel’ from the dropdown list. There are TONS of different types of charts. When you have more time here you can play around a bit.

how to create your birth chart sixth step

#7 Choose the right House System: make sure ‘whole signs’ is checked on the dropdown list. Note that I use whole sign houses, which is why I ask that any charts you’d like me to look at are already in whole sign format.

You’ll see just from this list alone that there are many different house options. It makes a big difference as it changes the way the planets are arranged in your birth chart, amongst other things. There is NO WRONG WAY to build a natal chart. There are fabulous, successful astrologers that use all different kinds of charts. All are fine, so don’t worry if your chart at the end looks different than another you may have seen for yourself.

how to create your birth chart fifh step

#8 Now you just need to click ‘Create Your Birth Chart’, and voilà!

how to create your birth chart seventh step

#9 This is what your chart should look like, more or less. The black box will normally show your birth information – this is covered up here as I’ve used my own birth chart as the example for this post.

Everyone will have different planets in different houses (most likely – unless you were born on the same day/time as me!), and different signs on the outside of each house. Every person’s chart is unique.

N.B. You’ll know you’ve missed a step (according to my directions and how I work) if the houses, or slices of the pie, are not evenly divided.

how to create your birth chart tenth step

#10 This final step is just for those of you that would like to be able to check out the transits that are currently happening, against your birth chart. Looking just above the chart wheel, find the button that says ‘with transits’ and click on it.

how to create your birth chart ninth step

#11 When the chart is redrawn, you’ll now have small green glyphs on the outside of the wheel. These show you exactly where the planets are right now. So in this chart, the longest arrow is pointing to Pluto, which is currently transiting the 7th House. You know it’s the 7th House because there are small numbers at the center of the wheel.

how to create your birth chart eigth step

AND THAT’S IT FOLKS. It’s that easy!

Take some time to get to know your chart – even bookmark it or keep a screengrab on your phone for easy access.

Let me know below if you have any problems, or, if you have any questions.

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