The Very Luminary New Moon Guide

The Very Luminary New Moon Guide

A New Moon Guide for Intentional Beings

What’s so important about the New Moon?

Full Moons often get a lot more attention than New Moons.

Mostly, I think this is a visual thing: the New Moon is…dark. It’s a silent transformation happening behind a curtain that we need to trust, even if we can’t see it.

We feel much safer underneath a bright Full Moon, even if it brings high tides and crowded emergency rooms. Full Moons can be chaotic, but it’s a kind of known, recognized chaos.

I used to think of the New Moon as a metaphorical door opening in a particular area of our lives. I’d still say that’s true and that it’s always worthwhile checking out what part of your birth chart the New Moon is occurring. The area of your chart being activated by the New Moon or Solar Eclipse has a big potential for a cosmic revamp.

The truth is that there’s much more to the New Moon than just new beginnings.

Something we don’t really think about is that New Moons are about births…and deaths. In order to be born again as a New Moon, the waning Balsamic Moon first has to dissolve into nothingness. Only then can it be reborn. As women this pattern is already built into our lives through ovulation (a full moon) and menstruation (a new moon).

Arguably, many of us experience death and re-birth throughout our lives as we shift through different phases of the life cycle. Irregardless of whether we choose to make the “standard” transitions a part of our lives (marriage and motherhood as examples), there is something quite definitive about the release that is needed to make it to the next stage.

We need to let go, to get going.

This is the power of the New Moon. It’s both about release and setting that intention. Because once you’ve reached a New Moon, you’ve started a new cycle. One thing has ended and another has begun – and amidst all of this shedding, death and rebirth, there is a tremendous opportunity for clarity.

If you’re still not convinced about the power of the New Moon: not only is it a potent time for planting a seed of sorts (some would call it an intention), but it also has a stronger energy than a Full Moon. New Moons tend to last for several days, whereas a normal Full Moon holds court for only a day at most.

There are so many thing you can do to connect with the energy of the New Moon. I’ve made a list of those things here below. Do what’s right for you. Depending on the energy of a lunation, I will at times do some Shamanic release work or meditate, but other times I’ll go for a massage or something else that relaxes me and allows me to let go. It’s important to allow yourself this time – the Moon is holding the space for you. Just let go.

Ways to invoke the power of a New Moon:

  1. Say a prayer, a mantra, or a dedication to the New Moon
  2. Set an intention. Visualize yourself greeting all the challenge and support you will meet while you work towards this intention. Love and appreciate both the challenge and support.
  3. Meditate or be mindful.
  4. Connect with nature. Go for a walk. Be in the silence.
  5. Get into your body: get a massage, take a bath, scrub away everything that needs to go.
  6. Get a haircut or beauty treatment like a Moroccan Bath; anything that ’sheds’ is good.
  7. Journal, write, blog, sing, dance, move.
  8. Write down whatever you feel is holding you back from meeting your intention, and burn it. This is one of my favorites –  it’s highly potent.
  9. Make a vision board, mood board or altar to the New Moon supporting your intention.

An Invocation for the New Moon

Hail! Goddess of the New Moon and God of the Rising Sun

Guardians of the East

Keepers of the Winds

Protectors of Birth & Beginnings

We honor your clarity, insight and wise luminosity

Kindly accept our offerings and songs of praise

Om Tare Tam So Ha

Please bestow up on the Brilliant Clear Light

-From Demetra George’s Finding Our Way Through the Dark

Image Credit: Ágota Sjöström