The Very Luminary Full Moon Guide

The Very Luminary Full Moon Guide

A Full Moon Guide for Intentional Beings

The Real Reasons the Full Moon is Important

If you’re even a bit woo you’ve likely heard about the Full Moon before. Probably seen it on a meme, on a Pin or in a horoscope or two. These days, however, we tend to skim past the deeper meaning that underpin the power of a Full Moon.

Try and think back to a time without Facebook, phones, and electricity.

Imagine a time when being able to see depended solely on the Sun and the Moon. Think about how short the days would seem, and just how darkly the night would fall, how completely it would consume you.

Unless of course, there’s a Full Moon above you, lighting the way.

To me, this is the core of what a Full Moon offers. Full Moons are guides – they let us see how far we’ve come, and just how much further we have to go. To meditate on the Full Moon is to meditate on a cycle as it reaches its peak, just before it is released out into the world.

The Full Moon is a time of illumination; everything can be seen clearly now.

While the Sun is constant, the Moon waxes and wanes in its cycle, just as we do throughout life. At the Full Moon, the lunar deity is at full strength, wild and robust, ready to reflect the light of the Sun. The Moon seems larger in our skies; daunting, unafraid.

The Full Moon is also a time to recognize polarity: after all, the Sun and the Moon are now in opposition to one another. We can look at where we’ve been holding tension, where we’ve been stretched by disparate needs. We can begin to see both sides.

However you experience the Full Moon, what’s most important is to really see things: to use this divine light, to listen to your lunar guide.

There are so many thing you can do to connect with the energy of the Full Moon. I treat New and Full Moons differently – for me, the Full Moon is mostly about release, so I try to go into the silence and work shamanically to release any stale energy.

Do whatever calls you. It’s important to allow yourself this time – the Moon is holding the space for you.

Just let go.

Ways to invoke the power of a Full Moon:

  1. Say a prayer, a mantra, or a dedication to the Full Moon (a suggestion is below, but feel free to make your own).
  2. Give thanks for every challenge and support you’ve met since the last Full Moon, or since the last Full Moon in this sign – whichever feels right. See every challenge and support not as individual acts but as a golden thread that has been weaving your intentions together towards fulfillment.
  3. Meditate or be mindful. Be in the silence.
  4. Connect with nature. Go for a walk.
  5. Get into your body: get a massage, take a bath, scrub away everything that needs to go.
  6. Journal, write, blog, sing, dance, move. Express.
  7. If you feel there is any stuck energy remaining, try writing it out and burning it. Try and see both sides of the issue – what have you gained from this challenge, struggle or obstacle? What is the hidden benefit you haven’t loved yet?
  8. Make a vision board, mood board or altar to the Full Moon in thanks for all the illumination, insight and clarity it has brought to you over its cycle, and ask more.

An Invocation for the Full Moon

Hail! Goddess of the Full Moon and God of the Setting Sun

Guardians of the West

Keepers of the Waters

Protectors of Fruition & Fulfillment

We honor your compassion, healing and wise union

Kindly accept our offerings and songs of praise

Om Tare Tam So Ha

Please bestow upon us the Healing Lavender Rose Light

-From Demetra George’s Finding Our Way Through the Dark