Venus Conjunct the Sun Horoscopes from Chani Nicholas

Venus Conjunct the Sun Horoscopes from Chani Nicholas

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Monday, June 6th 

2:39 PM PT – Venus conjunct the sun at 16 degrees of Gemini

Thursday, June 9th

10:01 AM PT – Mercury in Taurus opposing Mars in Scorpio, both at 25 degrees

Sunday, June 12th 

8:12 AM PT – Venus in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries, both at 23 degrees 

4:22 PM – Mercury moves into Gemini 

This week begins with Venus’s superior conjunction to the sun. Venus is on the far side of the sun now. Far from home. Far from the known. Far from the fury that fuels the infighting here on planet earth. Venus, infused with the sun’s solar injection, is open to the influences that surround her. In this configuration, Venus can perceive what exists just outside of her borders and boundaries. Venus is touched by the breath of the unknown.

Here Venus asks us to love into the unexplored, to love beyond the limits of the mind, to love beyond our reality. 

We might need this kind of compassion come Thursday as Mercury comes face to face with Mars. This is an aspect that can flare the survival instincts, bypassing the rational mind, triggering fearful, vitriolic responses. Take it easy. Scream into your pillow. Go to your kickboxing class.

The end of the week sees Venus sending a stimulating sextile to Uranus, planet of unknown and unforeseen possibilities. This combination can bring about unexpected connections, dates and crushes and the desire, possibly, to extend ourselves in service to fruitful rebellions.

Sunday also sees Mercury, the trickster, the communicator, and the salesperson, moving into one of its own signs, Gemini. This can help carry our messages at lightening speed but if we span out for a moment we see that this rapid pace is also a little reckless. In a couple of weeks Mercury will make its own superior conjunction to the sun and be under its beams, invisible to us for a time. Mercury may have us feeling a little overzealous and, in Gemini, Mercury ignites the mutable grand cross complicating matters further. In this hyper-flexible mutable season it’s best to take things one step at a time without getting too whipped up or frenzied. 

*Horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you find inspiration here we love and appreciate donations. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, we really appreciate it and you!

AriesAries & Aries Rising

Getting clear on your financial, energetic and emotional ties to those that you are in partnership with is all kinds of important this week. For one thing, it’s just good sense to do so. It keeps things running smoothly. More importantly, this week, it’s helpful in case any disagreements come up about how to share, parse out or divvy up what has been created. Know what you owe and what you don’t. When we don’t, we run a high risk of being emotionally usurped by those that need attention, control or need to work out their childhood issues unconsciously with us. 

I don’t think you’ll be having it this week. There is a tone in your astrological tenor that isn’t having it. There is a thirst for truth. There is an emphasis on what you value intellectually. There is a very real chance that those that seek to manipulate a situation will feel a lot less interesting and worthy of your attention than those that come without all the extra effort. 

Seek relationships with those that aren’t afraid to keep it real. By being real with yourself. By speaking about what you value most. By sharing what you have to give with those that are around and appreciative of receiving it. 

Taurus copyTaurus & Taurus Rising

Someone might come for you this week. Or you might be hot on the trail of another. Keep your fights clean. If the relationship issue insists on developing into an actual conversation, focus on the behavior, not the character, of the person in the dog house.

It might help you to get clear on what your motivations are. It might help you to get clear on what their motivations are. It might be the razors edge that you need to get ahead in regards to your intimacy issues. 

Sometimes we need to have it out in order to move forward.

But damage has to be dealt with. Try not to do any unnecessarily and keep in mind that this week is a tad more temperamental than usual.

Possible breakthroughs aren’t limited only to your relationships. There is something brewing in the part of your chart that has to do with assets, money, the resources you have at your disposal and how you feel about them. What you value goes up in value. Keep your attention and your intention on growing what you value and it will have the divine opportunity to value you back.   

Gemini copyGemini & Gemini Rising

What is our life if it is only lived in pursuit of fleeting pleasures? What is our life if it is not lived in protest of the injustice we see around us? What is our life if it is not used for something more interesting than our personal agenda?

Extend yourself. Not past your moral compass. Not past the obligations that you have to yourself. But past the point of your own self-interest. This is a moment to feel radically alive and aligned with life. Not afraid of it. Not beholden to living it within the lines. But a moment that can spark a deeper understanding of what is, for you, worth living for. 

This week gives you an infusion of beauty, charm and elegance. It’s a momentary exchange that you get to have with the best parts of your demeanor. It’s an opportunity to connect with yourself, with others and with the ways in which you would like to spend your energy on this planet. It’s a week that would like you to get more familiar with your values. It’s a week that would like you to feel liberated enough to take a stand for what you value. It’s a week that can help you push past the fears that might stand in the way of doing so. 

Cancer copyCancer & Cancer Rising

The deepest, longest, most reciprocal relationship that we could ever have is with ourselves. It’s the most comforting connection to cultivate. You’re the one who never has to leave you. Unless you chose to. Unless you haven’t yet learned how to stay. Unless you still think it’s easier to go.

It isn’t.

In the depths of our being is the soul-food we crave. And these few weeks before the sun slips back into the waters of your sign is the perfect time to be checking in. It’s a season that fits well with your nature. Like a little crab, you can scuttle into the corners of yourself when you need to, to gather yourself. To counter some of the more frenetic energy. 

In the center of yourself is calm. 

Return to it. Even if there are disruptions in your social or professional circles. Don’t feel pressed to make anything better at the moment. Buy a little time if you can. This week is not one to rage against externally. Buy a little time if you need it but try not to evade your feelings about any of the tensions that arise. It’s important that you be honest with yourself about what is going down, but you don’t have to be forthright right now about it if you aren’t ready to be. When pressed, find the simplest statements to make that aren’t about your feelings as much as they are about the facts that lead to your feelings. 

Leo copyLeo & Leo Rising

Social situations might save you early in the week. They might help you to make sense of the more emotional extremes that you have been going through in regards to your home and family life. It’s a momentary reprieve but sometimes that is all it takes. 

This week a friend or ally might help you to revolutionize the way you think about your needs. Someone or some social situation could ignite a fire in you. A worthy cause. A call to action. Something that awakens the link between your personal needs and the needs of the collective. Something that helps you to feel that, through your life, something larger than you lives. 

Each one of us was put here to learn how to take care of each other. Each one of us was put here to learn how to serve one another. Each one of us was born to learn how to put our self-importance aside and extend ourselves in gratitude for the opportunity to do so. Because when we can find the right combination of self-care and self-less service, we have the opportunity to see humanity for what it could be. 

Virgo copyVirgo & Virgo Rising

Given the fact that this month’s astrology is far from straightforward, you have the ability to use the cosmic forces that are available to you this week to get ahead. Try not to get too tripped up about being right. Try not to get too flipped out if you aren’t exactly sure the route to take. Take any and all anxiety/nervous energy and pour it into what you can do in your career.

Something there might be ready for innovation. Something there might be welcoming in a change.  Something there might be ready to tell the world its big plans. Speak the truth. But speak only about what you actually have the time and energy to make a go of. There are extremely helpful set ups for you to make use of this week, but you also run the risk of overspending energetically. Well-trained witches know that it’s important to hold the energy of something until its magic is ready to be released into the world. Letting the cat out of the bag too early tends to disperse the energy before it has had its chance to become something real internally. Keep it in your cauldron till its cooked.

Libra copyLibra & Libra Rising

Meaning comes from what we dare to open to. Meaning comes from what we allow ourselves to be in relationship with. Meaning comes from what we are able to love. And what we are able to let love us in return. 

You don’t ever have to feel silly about what you most want to romance. You don’t ever have to feel like you need to judge what you most want to make your life about. You don’t ever have to feel like you need to apologize, explain or make up for what you love to do or who you want to become. 

But you do have to find your own way to it.

You might get a glance this week at a possible path to what holds meaning for you. It might take a minute to get there. It might not be something that you can start right away. But it can be a beacon to set your gaze upon. 

This week might also have some interesting information for you in regards to how to consolidate your coin. Take note of any financial hiccups that happen and remember where you want to go so that you can keep stashing away funds to cover the cost of those longer journeys. 

Scorpio copyScorpio & Scorpio Rising

Ask what the tension is teaching you. Ask what it is making you grow into. Ask what it demands you do that you normally would not have to. 

This week touchy relationship dynamics might get touchier still. It’s the perfect time to study your self-righteousness. It’s the perfect time to take note of your defensiveness. It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know your offensive strategies. Just remember that you have all the ammunition and there is no need to empty it out on someone just because you can. 

But there is a need to study your desire to do so. 

The wisest among us don’t try to deny their density. We are in physical form and therefore our thickness is not only a given, but also it is glorious. The weight of our human shortcomings lies in magnificent contrast to our soul’s lightness. We were born this way.

The wisest among us know that there is no shame in having the instinct to attack, but it’s a great shame to let that instinct rule us without questioning our motives or the possible outcomes. Keep your drive to destroy in check this week and you might just find that, through the process of sitting with your feelings, you get to know something more about the nature of what you want to share with others and what you don’t. Self-knowledge leads to a power far greater than any domination can. 

Sagittarius-2 copySagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

We were born knowing how to love.  We were born knowing how to be loved. We were born with everything we’d ever need to live life lovingly. 

But sometimes life gets in the way.

Sometimes life and systems and issues and pain, pain that we had nothing to do with, gets in the way of us being loved. Feeling loved. Being able to open to love. 

Good thing we are resilient AF.

This week’s astrology is concocted in such a way as to bring about the realization of the love you need while simultaneously revealing the past reasons why you felt you had no right to it. It’s a stark situation but one you can learn a tremendous amount from. Stand in the contrast. Notice the textures. Feel the curves of the truth and the sharp edges of the lies. Notice how your self-image shifts with each experience. Notice what pain makes of you. Notice what loves lifts you into. Notice the different versions of yourself that appear with each passing reality. 

To know what limits us, what impedes us, what inhibits our ability to be with the love that is within us, is one of the most valuable lessons that we can receive. So too is having the courage to take that knowledge and use it to fuel the engines of our healing.


Capricorn copyCapricorn & Capricorn Rising

Look for the sweetness in your work relationships. Look for the synergistic happenings there. Amidst the blustery winds and the changes that might be occurring in your life, there is a moment this week that can permeate much of what you wish to work into. 

Take any bliss you encounter and run with it. 

Take note of any working relationships that have been able to survive the storms. See who’s around that can help you get what you’ve got off the ground. See what connections have come to you and through your work that have you feeling heard, seen and situated in something that has juice. 

The relationships that do not feel this way will most likely become quite obvious this week. The relationships that are a little adversarial might be acting up. The relationship dynamics that tend to get on your nerves might be getting in your face, making you want to do something about them. Do what you need to, but do it in the spirit of sincerity not spite. There is some of that flying around this week and you don’t wan too get any on your dress. That sh*t does not come out in the wash. 

Aquarius copyAquarius & Aquarius Rising

This week you’re bringing sexy back. The kind of sexy that exists outside of capitalism’s unloving gaze. The kind of sexy that is too big to be brought down by being sized up. The kind of sexy that refuses to acknowledge unattainable beauty standards or unloving and inhumane expectations. 

You’re bigger than that. 

This week bring your sexy back. Define for yourself exactly what that is. Experience your beauty as it was meant to be.  Break the glass ceiling of your self-acceptance. Allow your swagger to swing to its own beat. Re-create yourself in your own image.  See yourself through eyes that love you, that see your beauty, that see the truth of you. 

You’re beautiful. Case closed. Your beauty was never a question. They made it into a problem to be solved. But your beauty was never a question. Your beauty has no answers. None of the great mysteries do. Your beauty has no debts. It’s yours to discover or to let drown underneath the tidal waves of lies that come for it every day. 

Pay special attention this week to the stories about your value that bubble up from your past. There is bound to be a little provoking, a little prodding and a little pebble in your psychological shoe. Remove that little sucker and keep on down the road. 

Pisces copyPisces & Pisces Rising

Bring the party home. Invite your loved ones over. Have a soirée and serve the best of what you have to those that you want to host the most. Make an effort with your space. Make your home into a place that has you feeling like all that you value is being reflected back to you. Make it your temple and make your temple offering. 

Spend time on your foundation. Spend energy on getting your ground floor in order. Spend some of your paycheck on making sure that your home can be a place where all of you feels welcome, included and cared for. 

This week might also bring about family time well spent or it might help you to gain some clarity about a family member or dynamic that is hard to figure out. The later part of the week is a little feisty so make sure to give everyone at home and out in the world a little extra breathing room. You might have fundamentally different ways of seeing something (or many things) but none of that can be resolved if tensions run too high. Seek to understand rather than to be understood and you’ll end up with much more useful information to work with.

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