Full Moon in Sagittarius: Can’t let the love stop flowing

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Can’t let the love stop flowing

The Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs on 20th June 2016 at 29°32’’ of Sagittarius.

Try checking what area of your birth chart is ruled by Sagittarius. As Jupiter is the natural ruler of this Full Moon, you can also check out the part of your chart where Jupiter is present, or the houses ruled by both Sagittarius & Pisces for more insight (they share Jupiter as a ruler).

If you are new or new-ish to astrology, this post is good place to start for generating your birth chart and checking out which part of your chart is being touched by this Full Moon.


//Can’t let the love stop flowing//

Heartbreaks, setbacks, breakups, makeups
Love, love, love, love, love
Breakdowns, buildups, knock downs, broke down
But still try, try, try

Baby, this could be a chance for us to see
Maybe, we’ll figure out where we’re supposed to be
Until we find the truth there’s something we should do
Can’t let the love stop flowing from me to you

You know we tried way too hard to find
A love that’s really blind so why even try?
Because we know that there’s still hope
Just don’t let go

Baby, this could be a chance for us to see
Maybe, we’ll figure out where we’re supposed to be
Until we found the truth there’s something we should do
Can’t let the love stop flowing from me to you

-Thundercat, lyrics from “Heartbreaks + Setbacks”

For those of you that have been our bumpy ride, you’ll know that we’ve moved from the open seas to cloistered woodlands, where we were presented with a multitude of choices. At the end we realized there was only one door for us, only one special path that called us forward.

Just one door.

Imagine my surprise to see a mystic rectangle, oh yes, a door, in the chart of this Full Moon. The chart also still carries with it the whispers of last month’s New Moon in Gemini, and all the confusion that came out of the mutable grand cross.

Is it any wonder that we are still confused? 

And is it just coincidence that the New Moon in Sagittarius was December 11, 2015, just after the San Bernardino shooting…and here we are, just before the Full Moon in Sagittarius with the Orlando shooting still fresh in our minds?

Let’s dive in.

Mystic rectangles, like the one we have in this Full Moon chart, are one of the less common aspect patterns. Known to help spiritual development, hence the very suggestive name, mystic rectangles are both challenging and dynamic: the perfect energy for deeply imperfect times.

This mystical door we’re passing through involves Juno (among other things a symbol for the powerless, and marriage) conjunct Isis (who pieces her husband back together again); the Sun conjunct Venus (love ♥); the Moon all on its lonesome; and the asteroid Memoria (memory).

Sometimes the skies are hard to read; sometimes they are impossible to ignore. I didn’t set out to write this post about the Pulse shooting but that’s where it’s headed (stay with me).

Full Moons are times of release when a cycle comes to fulfilment. This is the moment of illumination; the Moon is at is brightest and still able to guide us through the dark.

These days there is a lot of dark.

Which is not to discount the beauty of all the helpers and the richness of the moments we share when we are at our most raw. Our hearts open automatically in response to another human’s suffering, and suddenly we realize we are not so separate after all (Neptune in Pisces, retrograde).

To the beautiful souls of the Pulse attack, to your friends and family:

we see you; we are you.

This Full Moon sees you. You have already become one with the moon and the stars.

Because you will never leave our memory. (Memoria, aspecting the Sun & Moon)

Because no matter how hard someone tries, the ‘powerless’ will always piece themselves back together (Isis) to fight again (Ceres conjunct Uranus).

Because none of us will ever forget, as long as we live, how much courage it has taken others to live free. (Memoria in Aries)

On the other side of this door, we see you – a constant reminder of what we stand to lose.

There’s also a lot in the Full Moon chart that tells us where we shouldn’t go with all this unprocessed feeling: fanaticism, of any kind.

Vesta, the master of focus/dedication/spiritual service, is sitting next to Mercury, our mind/communication; both are squaring Jupiter (wisdom) & Neptune (spirituality) and opposing Saturn (authority).

The threat here is pretty clear: if we stay within our minds, so deeply dedicated to our personal cause, we risk the greater good.

We can try to place impossible standards on ourselves and others. We can convince ourselves that our truth is the only one.

If we try to do both at the same time, we will crumble under the weight of our own dogma. And yes, this astrology is very clearly a conversation about breaking free from religious or cultural dogma. It’s about not becoming such a fanatic servant to your cause that you end up sacrificing yourself in the exchange, and possibly, all of us too.

We are all here together. Right now, in this one place – this tiny blue dot, this lone door. We have to find a way to make it work.

So what is there to do in the face of such tragedy, such insurmountable pain?

The only thing we can do is love, because love is love is love is love.

Until we found the truth there’s something we should do/
Can’t let the love stop flowing from me to you

You’ve got your orders – now get on with it.

Let your love flow. ♥


June 20, 2016, Sagittarius 29°32”

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