Saturn Square Neptune Horoscopes from Chani Nicholas

Saturn Square Neptune Horoscopes from Chani Nicholas

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Monday, June 13th

Neptune stations retrograde at 12+ degrees of Pisces

Tuesday, June 14th

Sun in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries both at 23+ degrees

Friday, June 17th

Venus moves into Cancer

Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces both at 12+ degrees

Astrology is the study of patterns. It is a system that seeks to understand cycles. It does not see any event as standing alone, born of its own. Instead each movement is understood within a larger context of unfolding movements. 

As above, so below.

Nothing that happens here on earth exists in a vacuum. Everything is connected. Every action has a history. Every event happens within a system that either supports it, ignores it or applauds it. Great acts of violence need supportive structures, systems that are historically proven to hold them up. Each little act of hate reinforces every single larger one. 

And great acts of love ripple throughout time. 

This week opens up with Neptune stationing retrograde. In this position, Neptune pulls focus for a moment, getting us to deal with the domain it dominates. Because Neptune is a planet known for its ability to erode whatever it touches, there can often be a feeling of loss associated with the planet. 

Loss leave us anxious. Loss leaves us hard-pressed to find home base. Loss leaves us shocked and grappling for what makes sense.

But loss is not the only signification of Neptune. Neptune also fills us with compassionate visions of what we could be. Neptune washes away what divides us and can inspire great moments of unity and oneness. Neptune is idealistic and urges us to transcend what impedes us. Neptune wants to lift us up so that we might reach the heights of our spiritual potential.

Neptune’s station retrograde is only half of this week’s equation though. Later in the week Saturn will square Neptune. This is the second of three squares that these two will make to each other between November 2015-September 2016. We are mid-way through this specific pattern, one that is tied to larger patterns of dissolution and reconstruction. 

Saturn works on building sturdy structures. Neptune devises plans to wash them all away.

Saturn square Neptune (especially in this highly mutable astrological moment) can lend to feelings of confusion, disassociation and disenfranchisement. This is the point in the cycle at which we can no longer deny what is falling down, what is failing completely and what needs to be dealt with and dissolved. 

When we honestly look at how the structures that we are up against (Saturn) clash with the dreams we have for our lives (Neptune), we stand at the cross section of what needs to be done and what could be created.

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AriesAries & Aries Rising

Saturn squares to Neptune highlight the overarching quests of your life. Which paths are actually worth the effort of placing one foot in front of the other upon? Which goals (assuming that they might be attained) still seem like end games you wish to engage with?

It may be time to reassess the situation. 

Is the degree worth getting? Do the certifications leave you feeling more or less certain about your direction? Are you looking to an authority figure to help you feel more authority? Are you trying to impress yourself by impressing an institution that holds you in less than high regard? Are you able to straddle the respect that you have for your elders with your own need to come to knowledge by trying and testing your own formulas? 

This could be a moment of fog that refuses you the vision to read your road signs correctly. Tune in. Find your internal tracking devices. Don’t pressure yourself to make decisions that you don’t have enough information to make. Don’t worry about being right. Just be as honest as you can be. 

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Taurus copyTaurus & Taurus Rising

The tension is taught between your idealistic goals for the future and whomever is going to help you get there. What you can dream of becoming is possible, but you’ll need a solid crew to see you through. 

Each of us has a responsibility to our dreams. Not only is it our birthright to bear them, but it is our way of cultivating the small patch of existence that we have been given to work with.

The world needs our dreams. It thrives off of them. The world needs the beauty that our dreams beget. The world is aching for every ounce of love held inside every single dream we’ve got. Our only option is to allow your dreams to survive and thrive however and wherever they can.

It’s time to do your dream-diligence. 

But if your dreams involve the participation of others make sure that you are not deluding yourself about what they can come with, will come with or want to come with. See folks as they are. Listen to what they are actually agreeing to. Agree to acknowledge the reality of the situation. Watch how that reality might set you on your path to joining with others in more honest ways or might set you free to find those that can meet you where you are.

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Gemini copyGemini & Gemini Rising

The Saturn/Neptune square pulls focus on your committed partnerships, clients and intimate relationships. The friction or growth that they are undergoing is incredibly important and informative. Try not to judge the transformations too harshly or view your self-worth in terms of how well everyone responds to you. Your most important relationships require your work and dedication right now. Your most important relationships need you to commit to working through the apparent issues. But they also need time to find themselves. 

Give everyone the gift of time.

That includes you too. If there is grief present, let yourself grieve. If there is doubt, stay with what you do know. If there is anxiety, find a way to let the energy flow. Get out into nature. Let the trees see you. Let the air fill you. Let the waters wash you. Get to your happy place. 

This week’s transit also pulls on the relationships that are either associated directly with your career or the ones that are affected by it. The friction between the two might encourage your development in both areas or hinder one by way of diversion. Burying yourself in your career or your intimate relationships isn’t the answer, but seeing them as equal to your happiness might be.   

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Cancer copyCancer & Cancer Rising

This week Venus reenters your sign. You might feel this as a refreshing boost of pleasureful playdates. You might notice greater connection and intimacy within your relationships. You might notice the reoccurring relationship dynamics that arise when you get close to others. 

Venus always brings with her both sides: the pleasure and the pain of being connected to others. 

Venus can and does teach us a great deal about what we fear most about intimacy. The love we need so often runs side-by-side with what we fear we will never receive. In Cancer, Venus can remind us about the powerful medicine that our emotions carry. If we accept our emotional life as an invitation for deeper self-inquiry, we can use it to unlock the lies that we have internalized. If what blocks you from having more intimate connections comes up in the next few weeks, know that the information can be used for your healing. 

We can’t heal what we don’t know is holding us back. 

The Saturn/Neptune square sings a different tune for you. It is holding you accountable for the work that is due. But it could also be dissolving your resolve to get it done. This week is like that. If you look at the larger picture though, you might be reassessing your reasons for engaging in your passion projects. Is there a desire to connect your work with a larger vision, one with a more fulfilling future? If so, you still need to get done what needs to get done now, but keep space open for what is to come. You aren’t locked into anything specific, but sometimes the most menial tasks help us to stay grounded.

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Leo copyLeo & Leo Rising

The Saturn/Neptune square impacts the areas of your chart that have to do with what you wish to create and who needs to contribute to that creation in order to make it happen. If this new creation is to come into being, some of your old ways of doing things have to be dissolved. 

You can’t go this alone. 

In order to bring your dreams down to earth you are going to need to be open to different ways of bringing them into form. This might mainly be through the help of others, but it can also be about taking a different psychological approach to the problem. 

It might be helpful to look at your emotional responses to letting others in. It might be helpful to look at your historic relationships to giving and receiving. It might be helpful to remind yourself that while you have zero control over what anyone else will say or do, you have the ability to navigate a relationship with them. You might have to separate the stories of past fears from current truths. You might have to grieve old losses in order to usher in new life. You might have to steady yourself between what you have lost in life and what life is bringing back to you. Life takes from us, life gives to us and life also lets us figure out how to balance the equation of living it. 

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Virgo copyVirgo & Virgo Rising

Make a solid structure. Something that is built to last. You’ve got ample opportunity right now to lay down the roots that you need to. You’ve got land enough to build what can hold you. You’ve got ample amounts of assistance to lay down your foundation. 

You have what you have been given. 

The tools that your ancestors mastered. The desire to figure out what other building skills you can acquire. Don’t let a temporary set back make you think that you don’t have what it takes.  But be smart about who you choose to build with. 

You can’t build something with those that tend to go missing when you most need them. 

If you have invested in partners that you can’t count on to measure, hammer or hang in there, you might want to reconsider the partnership. You need folks that can act like good glue for what you want to graft together. Folks that feel like ideal partners for future additions. Be on the lookout for those that feel like they are taking more from you than what they are giving. This astrology might be the perfect potion to help you to identify the dynamics in your relationships that are resonant with something poisonous from your past. It might also allude to the ways in which you set up past patterns to play out in your current relationships. Either way, the work is yours to do this week. 

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Libra copyLibra & Libra Rising

This week a few pit stops might be important. A few side-tracking trips might be exactly what you need. A few diversions could be good for you. Maybe even necessary. 

This week’s astrology is anything but clear and straight forward. It might muck up your work schedule, making it more difficult to get things done in a straightforward manner. Try doing your tasks in ways that you wouldn’t normally. Try different routes to work. Try different ways of tricking yourself into getting done what you must. Try looking at what you have to do with a different attitude. 

Communications around work projects might be more difficult to decode this week as well. You might get the sense that you don’t have the whole picture. You probably don’t, so make space for that in all you agree to do. When in doubt, get things in writing. When you can, put off signing any documents or agreeing to any deadlines you feel unsure about meeting. This week we all need a little extra wiggle room to work with. A little time to unwind, take stock, take to heart all that we have and take the time to love it as best we can. 

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Scorpio copyScorpio & Scorpio Rising

Your need to learn how to make and manage your own resources is at an all time high. But the way to get there isn’t exactly straightforward. The way you get there has to be laid out step by step and piece by piece. Not all pieces will end up in your puzzle. This is a moment of great creativity, flexibility and falling apart. 

Some things fall apart. 

You can too if you need to. But time it. Take 20 minute temper-tantrums in private and then get back to your desk. You might not feel like it. You might not want to. Work might seem like the last thing you want to do. 

Good thing success has nothing to do with whether you want to do the work that it requires. Good thing figuring out how to make it all work is a part of the work we all have to do in order to get this life going. Good thing you don’t have to know the answers or figure out how to figure it all out. All you have to do is get to the drawing board everyday and see if your dreams and visions infuse the page in some way. 

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Sagittarius-2 copySagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

This is a moment that can either aid your clarity or aid your delusions about who you are and how to use your energy. 

If you have been working hard at defining yourself, on your own terms, respectful of your lineage but not allowing your growth to be halted by it, this week’s astrology could be very helpful in understanding what parts of your past identity have begun the inalterable process of dissolving. This can be an alarming, slightly uncomfortable feeling as the dissolution of the former and familiar structures of self give way to the rising tides of what is. 

Whatever form you currently occupy has to be able to hold a tidal wave of energy or be taken out by it. 

If you have refused to gain a healthy perspective on the parts of your family and/or past that are less affirming to your personhood, then this week’s astrology could feel like an attack on your castle. Moats overflow and crocodiles run wild. The structures you though would last a lifetime seem to morph into a palace inhospitable to your growth. You’ll have to find you way to freedom by means of steady and sturdy steps towards self-awareness. 

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Capricorn copyCapricorn & Capricorn Rising

This month’s astrology is asking you to get loose. To let the little things go. To let what is not important roll off your back. To let yourself tune into what is more urgent, more pressing, and more promising. 

Like your unfolding.

It is more interesting than the little upsets. It is more rewarding to focus on than what doesn’t (seem to) go your way. Maybe the things that you have parted with, the things that seemed so hard to let go of at the time, are now no longer haunting you. Maybe their parting made way for you to be able to participate in more of what you enjoy. Maybe it gave you time to discover what that could be.

But maybe the loss or loosening or letting go has been more about releasing the little tensions instead of holding them tightly. Maybe it’s been about growing with your intuition. Giving more credence to your internal compass. Maybe the thing that is occurring is something like a softening on the inside. A sweeter landing pad for your heart to come home to. A little more room for your soul to reside within. And hopefully a little more openness, a little more acceptance and a little more understanding of who you are and why there is every reason to celebrate that.

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Aquarius copyAquarius & Aquarius Rising

To the dreamers and the schemers. To the visionaries and the luminaries. To the ones that dare to dig their shovels into the unexplored ground of their imagination. 

We need you. 

We need you to look to where we could go. To tell us of the possibilities of all we could grow. Into and out of. We need you to gather us together to get our collective dream on. We need you to know the resources that you have to help us get there. We need you to remind us to do the same. 

Please remind us to be responsible for one another. To hold space for each other. To find commonality in each other. To respect and celebrate the differences in each other. 

Please remind us that healthy boundaries are a must but borders are f*cked. Land is land and it belongs to us all. 

Please remind us that some structures are worth dissolving but that not everything can be done away with without being vulnerable to dictators and fear mongers seizing power. 

Please deal with the issues that arise with your friends and loved ones this week with equal amounts of creativity, compassion and appropriate boundary setting. You’re finding your way into your roles and identities within the group and you are bound to come up against a few psychological complexes that are more interested in tearing you down than creating with you. 

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Pisces copyPisces & Pisces Rising

The shifting tides of your Pisces nature are only amplified by Neptune’s transit through your sign. It’s a long range influence that won’t be felt every day. But on days such as these the themes of this planet’s transit through your sign become hard to ignore. What you naturally want to let wash away and what might feel like an unfair undoing of your sense of self is heightened. 

Loss is like that. 

Some of it feels easy, like taking off our clothes before bed. A release. A relief. A freeing of the natural self. But some loss feels more like a ripping, a tearing, a severing that does not promise to heal. Something that we will have to learn to live with, but not something we would have chosen. 

And some loss is a little of both. 

The situation that is at your door now requires you to use what you have been forced to relinquish as a deciding factor to move forward with what you can. We have little choice over what will occur in our lives but we have the ultimate power over what we decide to make out of it. 

Pour yourself into what you wish to have define you in the world. Give to what you wish to get more of. Let yourself dream about the kind of structure you wish for your career. Allow yourself to imagine, sense and intuit the souls that could potentially find shelter in what you are creating. Feel into the ancestral healing that happens when you move towards what you value most and build a bridge towards it. 

Let what you loose this week be the stories that you used to tell yourself about what you couldn’t do, shouldn’t do or would never be able to do. 

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