The Astrology & Asteroids of Brexit

The Astrology & Asteroids of Brexit


I swore I wasn’t going to look at the chart for Brexit for the same reasons I refuse to look at the US Presidential race. Mostly, I don’t want to know and I honestly assumed that no one would be crazy enough to vote ‘Leave’.

Guess I was wrong! And if I had looked at the chart in advance, I would have known that a Leave victory would be the probable result. My face as I looked through the chart was mostly ‘Computer says no’ with a side of ‘How very, very dare you.’


Birth Chart of United Kingdom & Transits for 24th June, 2016

the astrology and asteroids of brexit



As some of you already know, I’ve been tracking the Uranus-Ceres transit pretty closely (see here on how it interacts with the Venezuelan Food Crisis).

Honestly, I was so focused on the better known themes of Ceres – mothering, nurturing, food – that I forgot about a few of more insidious themes: control issues, letting go/sharing and labor unions.

In the chart of the United Kingdom, the Uranus-Ceres-Eris conjunction shows up in the 7th House of – what a surprise – treaties with other nations. Uranus provides the break from tradition and the shock results; Eris provides the discord; Ceres chimes in with the power of a disgruntled population that feels shall I say, unmothered, by all that UK money going to Brussels. 

This cluster of planets squares the UK’s natal Moon, which talks about the tension this decision will create for the nation, its reputation and trade prospects, all themes under the rule of the 10th House in mundane astrology.


Transiting Pluto has been opposing the UK’s natal Moon too. Imagine that Liz Greene wrote the following way back in 2005:

“Pluto, as it moves through Capricorn, is likely to reflect profound changes in the sense of national identity and the deep-rooted traditions of the past. […] The Sun in the 4th house of the national chart reflects an ancient and valued legacy of royalty, class structure and self-sufficiency which is in turn reflected in collective attitudes toward involvement with other nations as well as toward the ways in which society functions. It is possible that a renewed sense of independent identity may require changes in existing bonds and treaties with other nations.”

The 6th House of the Working Class

This brings me to Chiron. Already, the natal Chiron of the UK is natally in the 3rd House, which does speak about the insidious relationship between Parliament and the press. By transit, however, Chiron is in the 6th House, which in mundane astrology rules the working class in general.

Last week’s Saturn square Neptune transit that broke down illusions/showed us our limits happened across the 3rd and 6th Houses of the UK chart, showing the tension between the authority the press wields (Saturn in the 3rd) over a disillusioned working class (Neptune in the 6th).

Mars & Money

Many of us are aware that Mars has also been retrograde, and in the UK chart it’s moved into the 2nd House of the nation’s assets, opposing natal Ceres in the 8th House of financial relations with foreign countries. In short: Britain was tired of mothering EU countries financially (Ceres in the 8th), and as we know, many Leave campaigners complained that essential funds needed to support British citizens were being wasted in the EU. Although I didn’t pick this up, other astrologers also noted that the UK’s progressed Sun in the 11th House (Parliament, elections) was squaring natal Mars (fight, conflict) in the 8th House of financial relationships with foreign nations.


Oh how I do love a spooky asteroid. Often, spooky is the only word for these crazy little conjunctions that pop up in a chart.

First up: Saturn (withholding, rejecting) is nearly exact the asteroid ‘Union’ on 24th June, 2016 in the 3rd House of press, media and documents that relate to international agreements. Spooky.

Let’s look at a few of the well-known players, shall we?

Name Asteroids – Johnson, Cameron, Nigel

  • Boris Johnson (Asteroid Johnson 5905): seen natally in the 8th House of financial relations with other countries in Taurus no less, a sign that ties into the financial theme quite easily. No surprise he has played such a large role here. By transit, asteroid Johnson is in the 4th House, which in mundane astrology rules land, the property market, and as it opposes the 10th, someone who attacks the ‘government, king or recognized order’ according to Deborah Houlding. Hmm! By transit he’s on top of asteroid Vesta, which does talk about service but more likely in this case is about an uber-conservative, traditional agenda.
  • David Cameron (Asteroid Cameron 2980): seen natally in the 3rd House of media, press and…propaganda. Now, I’ve not been a great fan of David Cameron for many reasons, but in this chart as well as the progressed chart he looks decently placed as someone that’s been speaking towards reconciliation. By transit asteroid Cameron is sitting on top of Pholus, a centaur known for his painful end full of suffering. Don’t think Cameron would disagree with this statement now. At the same time as his transiting name asteroid is sitting on top of Pholus, it’s also opposing the UK chart’s natal Uranus, which can talk about his shock resignation this morning.
  • Nigel Farage (asteroid Nigel 3795): What a creep this man is, and how I deign to even type one more word about him. Sneaky little Nigel is quite unsurprisingly seen natally in the UK chart in the 12th house of enemies of the nation and underground movements. He almost perfectly squares natal Black Moon Lilith (a feisty, rebellious asteroid) in the 9th House of international agreements. Surprise! By transit he’s also in the 4th House of those that attack the government with Boris, except dear old Nigel is on top of minor planet Eris, which shows his innate relationship to creating discord.

Other Asteroids

Since it’s been a topic of conversation within the Brexit discussions, I checked what asteroids might have to do with the refugee crisis. Lo and behold, asteroid Refugium (asteroid 6475) is seen right on top of the UK’s south node – a ‘disappearing’ or black-out point for the common people of the UK (1st House).

On the day of the vote, the transiting Sun opposed the natal position of asteroid ‘Union’; the progressed Sun was approaching an opposition to natal asteroid ‘Europa’. The Progressed Sun will exactly oppose Europa in about 1.5 years – around the time many say it will take Britain to exit from the EU.

The asteroid Bruxelles in the 6th House near Pluto shows that the working class (6th House) may view Bruxelles as a controlling, manipulative partner (Pluto). Natally, Bruxelles is in the 8th House of financial relationships with foreign countries.