Sun Square Uranus Horoscopes from Chani Nicholas

Sun Square Uranus Horoscopes from Chani Nicholas

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Sun Square Uranus Horoscopes from Chani

Monday, July 11th

Mercury in Cancer square Uranus in Aries both at 24 degrees 

Venus moves into Leo

Wednesday, July 13th 

Mercury moves into Leo

Saturday, July 16th 

Sun in Cancer square Uranus in Aries both at 24 degrees

Mercury conjunct Venus in Leo

Sun in Cancer trine Mars in Scorpio both at 24 degrees

This week starts and ends with abrupt squares to Uranus, the planet of upheaval and change. The first is between Mercury and Uranus on Monday. These two aren’t at terrible odds with one another thematically – they both speak to ways of receiving and transmitting information. But squares cause friction. This one is about being able to speak about and to discord. Mercury, the messenger, is still in Cancer, the sign that deals with home, family, needs and nourishment. Uranus, the planet of rebellion, upheaval and revolution is in Aries, the sign of the courage it takes to become an individual. 

The sun will square Uranus at the end of the week on Saturday, the same day that it trines Mars. The sun is then the connector for Uranus and Mars. Uranus is about breaking, reinventing and revolutionizing, while Mars is about our deepest desires, our need to defend, protect and fight for what is right. 

This week’s tension is between security and revolution. Between our individual needs and the needs of our larger human family. Between playing it safe and moving beyond our comfort zone.

Uprisings aren’t nice. They aren’t sweet. They aren’t gentle. Uprisings are confronting something that has gone unchecked. Unanswered. Unclaimed. Uprisings are answering a call. A call for justice. A call for the end of suffering. A call for our humanity to rise up and take a stand. 

The human struggle is a deeply painful one at times, but it is our pain to claim and to rise up through.

This week Mercury and Venus move into Leo where they will form a beautiful and inspiring conjunction. Leo is a sign of great creativity and self-expression. It is the sign of the artist, the sign of the performer, the sign of royalty, confidence and heart. 

Times of great suffering require acts of great resistance, solidarity, love and creativity.

We are being called upon to address the wounds of the world in creative and heartfelt ways. Age old problems need new strategies. Otherwise we will be taken out by the madness that creates and recreates these acts of violence. Otherwise we will be infected with the disease of compliance and become an even greater part of the problem.

We must become creative in our healing methods. In the ways in which we care for ourselves, each other and our future. 

We need to see a future. 

We need great creativity to re-imagine a world that has healed from these deep and unrelenting traumas. We need to create it in our minds and dedicate our lives to fighting for, building up and accepting nothing less. 

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AriesAries & Aries Rising

This week’s activity takes place at your base. There is a change. A challenge. A charge. A call to answer. This week something rumbles, rolls over and awakens. Something that connects to the depths of your life. Your home, your family, your sense of belonging is shifting. Is rocked. Is redefined. 

This isn’t anything to control. This isn’t even anything to understand right away. This is something to be with. Something to be extremely tender with. Something to feel. Something not to miss. This is something that is aiming to reinvent you. Something that wants to show you what lies beyond sentimentality. Something that is longer lasting. Something that is beyond even your responsibilities. Something eternal, like the truth of the situation. 

You’ll have to reckon with a few fundamental truths about your life this week. Things at home or with family could get revealing. Brave the truth. You are standing on reawakened ground. Let its energy rise up in you and teach you about freedom, about liberation and about the power to reinvent yourself.

Venus and Mercury will be sending you the ability to remember the power love and to find creative solutions to healing your heart.    

Taurus copyTaurus & Taurus Rising

This week will most likely bring you into contact with many people, many conversations, many influences and many ways of seeing the world. 

This week will bring you both immense amounts of love and healing in your family and home life as well as information about what disrupts your sense of safety. 

When things land at our doorstep abruptly and without warning we tend to want to close the door. Try to keep it open. This week try to remember what is good, what is solid and what is stable while in the face of what is changing, what is breaking and what is becoming. Things need time to take shape. They need time to reacclimatize. They need time to find their way. And they will. 

What you now have the ability to tap into is your new version of home. A reinvigorated connection to your core. A revitalized connection to family. What you have this week is the opportunity to meet the challenge of giving up on what isn’t to finally embrace what is. 

Gemini copyGemini & Gemini Rising

There might be a few financial bumps to contend with this week. There might be something that occurs that requires that you deal with an issue around your self esteem. There might be something that comes along to challenge your sense of direction. 

Stop when you need to. 

This week is an extreme mix of potentially harrowing and extremely helpful astrology. If you get a little thrown off course, just sit for a minute until help arrives. Because it will. There is good fortune in your ability to be able to reach out and connect with your community. There is good will to be had with those friendly faces that you find. There are good connections and conversations to be had with the folks that you meet at the rally. Ones that can help to bolster your belief in humanity.

The harrowing bits are still helpful though. They are aiming to assist you in investing in the right projects and divesting from the ones that don’t have your best interest in mind. Invest your time, your energy, your light, your magic and your love into the projects that have the potential to reinvest the same in you. 

Cancer copyCancer & Cancer Rising

If you take yourself too seriously, they’ll take you down. If you take yourself too seriously, you’ll miss the point entirely. If you take yourself too seriously, this will be a lot harder than it needs to be. 

The bigger picture is the best thing to focus on now. The biggest picture possible. See long-range goals beside your immediate comfort and then judge which to serve when.The turbulent bits of this week’s astrology are personal to you, but it’s important that you don’t take them too personally. If you do you are in danger of forgetting your power. 

When any of us gets offended we are putting the fragility of our egos above our learning and our development. If you get offended this week, when things shake you up, you might want to stop and ask yourself whom exactly in you is offended. When we are firmly rooted in our power we care more about what we can learn from a situation than we do about getting it right. 

Your work is a part of this. Become an active student of what occurs there. Become an active participant in its unfolding by promising to serve its needs. Become willing and open to allow the financial support that you need into your life and work, because it is there this week and it is there for you to make use of.

Leo copyLeo & Leo Rising

This week you get to welcome both Mercury and Venus into your domain. These two are aiming to bring you a fresh new feeling, a renewed sense of self and a creativity that permeates your every move. During their time in your sign (the next couple of weeks) they will sweetly challenge you to break out of old habits, they will lovingly coerce you to commit to better self-care strategies and they will enthusiastically encourage you to consider that which seemed inconceivable. 

This week you might feel like a connector for folks. Your role might be to help hold that which others cannot on their own. This week you have the ability to make sure that those that need some love get it, and those that don’t know they need it will be drawn to you for reasons they can’t quite understand. 

This week you are also being shown, or coming into relationship with, the more hidden aspects of yourself. Fear is fear. It comes. It refuses to be ignored. It doesn’t care about our feelings. 

Fear is an opportunity. One that shows us the other side of a story. We can always be sure that if we are in the grips of great personal fear, fear that is ancient and unrelated to any current danger, that we are on the edge of something great. Fear is a portal. One that can, if we choose to step through it, teach us so much about the strength that we have to overcome it. 

Virgo copyVirgo & Virgo Rising

This week might have you working overtime in order to serve your community, your friends and your folks of all kinds. This week you are especially attuned to the turbulence and collective trauma that folks feel. This week might bring some changes to the shapes of your friendships. Give folks extra space to grieve, to process and to heal. Taking behaviors personally right now could cause damage where there doesn’t need to be any and make a mess of a good opportunity to help create more space for healing and hope. 

This world needs all of us to be servants to it. This world needs all of us to be unconcerned with how that makes us look. This world needs each one of us to take our commitment to it to heart. This world needs so much healing. 

In many ways you are feeling this charge more than others this week, at least in terms of what the folks in your life need. Let yourself learn through this process and also remember to take some much needed time out when you can. As Mercury and Venus slip behind the curtain of your 12th house this week, you’ll need extra time to let yourself relax, recharge and remember what brings you joy and helps you heal. 

Libra copyLibra & Libra Rising

You might find yourself awakening to what your place in the world needs to be right now. You might find yourself wanting to break out, break new ground or break up the monotony. You might find yourself in situations this week that require you to think outside of the box about creative solutions to the problems that you need to solve in your career and maybe also in the world. 

Those that aren’t able to keep up with your inner visions and innovations might not understand the way in which you need to work right now. That could cause conflict, but it could also cause others to have confidence in you.

You also have a tremendous amount of teamwork to access if you want to. There is a beauty building in and around your friends, your allies and your co-conjurers. There is a strength there. There are reasons to reach out to loved ones, spend time with them and see what can be created with them. 

We all need the inspiration of those that walk this path with us. We need their ideas, their energy, and their ways of seeing the world in order to be better citizens of this world. Tap into the connections that keep you connected to yourself and the best of what humanity has to offer. 

Scorpio copyScorpio & Scorpio Rising

Your journey might get a little rocky this week. Your need to speak up and tell it like it is might become too tense to tame. You might have to risk some of your security in order to reclaim some freedom. But this could help you break new ground. This could help you see your path more clearly. This could help you to harness your energy and move it in the direction that you most wish to go. 

Take the risk. Revealing ourselves can be a spiritual experience. Telling the world who we really are requires that we have enough faith in ourselves to get through any response we might hear. 

But you’ve also got back up this week. 

With both Mercury and Venus parading through your 10th house of being in the public eye, you don’t have to worry too much about being seen in unflattering light. You look good. Folks will find you, want to be around you and feel at ease with you. You’ll be noticeable, visible and able to make an impression. What you do with that attention is up to you. 

Sagittarius-2 copySagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

This week brings you adventure if you are willing to roam through the darker caves of your psyche. This week brings you hope if you are also willing to hold your hopelessness. This week brings you perspective if you are an avid student of the ways in which you might conspire with your own demise from time to time. This week there are opportunities for great expansion if you are willing to witness and be compassionate to the contractions. 

Great heights are available to us when we are willing to also plumb the depths. 

The astrology will continue to become more and more willing to assist you on grander adventures. More and more wiling to clear the path for your future plans. More and more willing to remind you that life is an open road and you are meant to roam down it. More and more willing to show you different ways in which to do so and different ways in which to build while becoming more versatile in all that you are doing. 

There are big things just around the bend. Remember that if you get momentarily stuck in the mud or caught in transit. 

Capricorn copyCapricorn & Capricorn Rising

Your loves might need you this week. They might encounter something that shakes them up or throws them for a loop. Your loves might need your steadiness this week. They might need your practical solutions. They might need a little strategizing session with you. 

You might need a little patience in dealing with them. A little compassion. A little extra care. You might need to listen to their need for space and room to freak out. 

You might come upon something that shakes up your resistance to intimacy, something that feels like a bit of a breakthrough around how to breakdown being in relationship with others. You might find a new way of looking at an old heartbreak, an inventive way to make a relationship work or the desire to heal old wounds so that there can be more space for love in your life. 

This week also brings about important opportunities that can help you to share your energy with others in a ways that foster reciprocity. You’re moving into a time when collaborations will become more important and fortuitous. Seek out the sturdy partners that have an interesting take on life. They’ll help you re-invent in a concrete and considerable way.   

Aquarius copyAquarius & Aquarius Rising

Love is our only option. Love is our only hope. Love so fierce it pierces through our defensiveness. Love so resilient it becomes more luminous in the face of hatred. Love so daring it doesn’t need you to love it back. It keeps loving because that is what it does. It keeps loving because that is the only answer that we are left with in a world gone mad. 

Love is all we are allowed to keep and this week it is your job to see it, be it and keep saving it from harm. 

This week Mercury and Venus stroll hand in hand into your 7th house of intimate relationships. They hang out there, intertwined and unafraid of the feelings that arise when we love out loud. It is dangerous to care. It’s risky to let someone know how much they mean to us. It’s a precarious position to put ourselves in when we let ourselves be vulnerable. But this week that is where your power is. Let yourself be loved. Let yourself be vulnerable to rejection and love yourself through finding out who stands by you and who does not. 

Take note of your physical responses. Take note of the comments that you body makes throughout these dates with destiny. Take good care of your self and your health. This week might feel like you have been connected to a live wire of energy. Learn how to ground that circuitry. Otherwise it will have you flailing about and burning out. 

Pisces copyPisces & Pisces Rising

Creativity begs for inventive breaks from what has already been established. Creativity demands that you take a risk. Creativity asks you to go out on a limb and take flight. Creativity insists on being an end in and of itself. Creativity must be pursued and persistently persuaded to revisit us. We must leave the doors of our minds open to the endless possibilities it promises. We must practice our craft so that when inspiration hits, we are ready to rock with it. We must find within us the courage to keep trying out our talent. 

This week asks you to shake things up a little. It asks you to take all of that soul searching that you have been doing and put it to creative use. It asks you to be less afraid and far more interested in what could be possible if you didn’t let your fears steer you. 

Don’t let your fears steer you. 

Especially when it comes to the work that you are creating and the creations that you wish to make your work. Especially when it comes to remembering the kind of talent that you have for finding the work connections that you need through simply being your kind and considerate self. Especially when it comes to working on believing in yourself and all that you can get accomplished. You are moving into a period of very helpful astrology for all you wish to get done in your work and career. Let yourself work at what you actually want to get done and it will get done much faster.

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Image: Tyler Spangler