Full Moon in Capricorn Horoscopes from Chani Nicholas

Full Moon in Capricorn Horoscopes from Chani Nicholas

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Full Moon in Capricorn Horoscopes from Chani

Monday, July 18th

11:28 PM PT Mercury in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius both at 10 degrees

Tuesday, July 19th 

3:56 PM PT Full moon at 27+ degrees of Capricorn

Wednesday, July 20th

6:20 AM PT Venus in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius both at 10 degrees

Friday, July 22nd 

2:30 AM PT Sun enters Leo

This week boasts and brags with the help of some sturdy astrological signatures. The trines from Mercury and Venus in Leo to Saturn in Sagittarius create opportunities to solidify what we are creating in our lives through our ability to commit to them. Saturn demands that we show up ready and willing to dedicate our lives to the things that will allow us to mature and develop a relationship to what holds wisdom.

The sun will join both Mercury and Venus in Leo this week. The sun is at home in the brilliantly warm domain of Leo and is seen as strong there. Leo is a sign known for its drama and expression. There is nothing subtle about this sign. No shame. No need to be as secretive as the sign before it (Cancer). Leo brings us out into the bright lights and warmth of the season. Now solidly summer in the Northern hemisphere, we are here and there is no turning back. 

This week’s main feature, however, is the full moon in Capricorn on Tuesday. Capricorn is concerned with structures, rules, regulations and responsibilities. This full moon is sitting in a sharp square to Uranus, the planet of upheaval, uprisings and breaking from tradition. Uranus is one of the more powerful planets at play right now because it is about to station retrograde at the end of the month. It’s been sitting at 24 degrees of Aries all of July squaring everything that has rolled through Cancer. 

Mars, planet of desire, passion, action, war and violence has also been sitting at the 23rd/24th degree of Scorpio for the first half of July. As planets moved through Cancer they sent a trine to Mars and a square to Uranus. In short, Mars and Uranus, were connected to each other by the planets that rolled through Cancer during most of July and will be connected again via the full moon in Capricorn.

These cosmic currents have correlated with monumental events here on earth. Heartbreaking, earth-shattering events that seem to be relentless. Everyday a new headline. Everyday a new expression of the effects of living in systems of terror, violence and oppression. 

If we live under a system that refuses to grant us our human rights, there will be push back. Violence begets more violence. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Hatred begets more hatred. Inequality will destroy everything in the end. America is founded on violence. So much of the world’s wealth has been and is accumulated through immeasurable violence. Systemic violence. Historic violence. Imbedded violence. 

We must refuse these archaic ways of being. We must stand for something greater. It’s time.

If we don’t work at looking at and dealing with the violence that lays both inside of us and surrounding us, all we are left with is the effects of it. We are powerful creators. We are powerful initiators of change. We are powerful and influential. Each of us. Choosing to examine our internal worlds as well as our external ones through the lens of critical compassion will help us to take the actions necessary. 

This is no time to rebel without a cause. This is the time to be deeply mindful about how and what we stand for, and to stand firmly for it. Knowing ourselves, seeing ourselves and validating the highest expression of love and justice that moves through us is the only way out of this mess. 

The outer events of the world are reflecting the deep wounds that lay at the heart of it. We can heal this if we really want to. But it will take every ounce of effort from every single one of us to do so. 

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AriesAries & Aries Rising

Your career is receiving a special boost of energy this week from Tuesday’s full moon in Capricorn. Your reputation and the way folks see you is as well. But there is something about the recognition that is disruptive, something about it that shakes up your career or your current status. 

There is no growth without change. There is no opening without a break. There is no advancement without a price. 

Don’t be afraid to let go of what kept you small. Don’t be afraid to let go of what kept you from your courage. Don’t be afraid to let go of what keeps you from experiencing more of yourself. Don’t be afraid of the changes that you are experiencing. 

These shifts will shift your work. They will effect how you show up in the world. They will effect how others have seen you. They will effect how you see and experience yourself. These are good things. To stay the same is not the point here. To be revealed to yourself is. To be known to yourself is. To be brave enough to be yourself is. 

Use whatever publicity you get this week as a mirror to see yourself with. What is true about the accolades? What isn’t? What is missing? What part of yourself and your work in the world is being seen and what does that mean for you and your continuing unfolding?

Taurus copyTaurus & Taurus Rising

Tuesday’s full moon seeks to fulfill a part of your journey. It seeks to bring you out in the world. It seeks to open you up to a greater awareness of the world and your place in it. 

Tuesday’s full moon might shake up some part of your belief structure. It might open you up to seeing something from another point of view. It might destabilize what has long been held as a safe way to see the world. 

Not much can be counted on these days besides change. Not much can be held onto besides a deep and abiding connection to ourselves and whatever we feel is bigger than us. Not much of the world can be understood without an deeper understanding of what goes on inside of us, because we aren’t that far from or above any of it. Not much can be changed if we don’t spend time dissecting how intersecting systems pierce our lives and our connections to each other. Not much sense can be made out of this world until we understand how we are looking at what we are looking at. Nothing can be transformed if we aren’t willing to start with ourselves and our outlook. 

Tuesday’s full moon might send you on adventures. It might send you out into the world on all kinds of expeditions. It might see you soaring to new heights, but the point of all movement is to gain a larger perspective and to not be afraid of the changes that come with it. 

Gemini copyGemini & Gemini Rising

Tuesday’s full moon might have you reorienting your relationship to grief. It might have you reorienting your relationship to what it is that causes you suffering so that you can let it go. It might offer you a deeper understanding of your inheritances and your right to recycle what you don’t wish to keep perpetuating. 

You are allowed to recreate yourself. You are allowed to know yourself. You are allowed to be in a process. You can find happiness in the truth, no matter how much you might have to give up in order to know it. 

No matter how expensive the truth is, it’s always worth the cost of admission. 

Tuesday’s full moon might also highlight the partnerships that you have created with others. It might illuminate the resources that you have been putting into your partnerships and the resources that you need to continue putting into them. It might allow you to see what it is that others are willing to contribute. 

In partnerships, we must split the cost of creation.

There is a lot of good that you can get out of the creative collaborations right now. Be willing to work on your side of the equation and be real about the resources that you have and do not have to work. If others can’t foot their half of the bill you might want to reconsider the arrangement. 

Cancer copyCancer & Cancer Rising

Tuesday’s full moon falls right in front of you. It occurs in the sign opposite yours, Capricorn. Oppositions are inherently relationship-like in nature. We are in relationship with whatever is in front of us. Whatever is in front of us reveals what is inside of us. Relationships reveal what we try to conceal as well as what we most wish to reveal. 

Relationships uncover us. Awaken us. Reassemble us. Relationships bring us through thick times and thin. Rocky times and smooth. Wild times and tame. 

These are wilder times. 

Whomever your closest partners are at this moment are undeniably important for your growth.  You are both being asked to move through the upheavals and the changes with grace, integrity and compassion. For yourselves. For each other. 

For some of you this will mean that the partnerships break off and go their own way, but for others it will mean that your relationships will grow all the more sturdy from weathering the storms together. Knowing what we are capable of getting through is more important than trying to maintain a perfect balance. Knowing who your road dogs are, no matter the distance you travel together, makes every journey an adventure and every trip worth taking. 

Leo copyLeo & Leo Rising

Tuesday’s full moon highlights the work projects, relationships and tasks at hand that you have been busy trying to accomplish. Because of the unpredictable nature of this full moon, it’s important to give yourself as much leeway with deadlines as possible. 

Things might become a little bumpy. Or they may have been as far as your work is concerned. Make sure that you give your body extra love and attention as the week rolls out so that you can recoup your energy and refuel any flames that might be running on fumes. 

Otherwise this week’s astrology sees some important and positive developments in your sign. With both Mercury and Venus sending Saturn growth enhancing trines while in Leo, the sun’s re-entry into your sign is all the more auspicious for you. Life gets brighter. 

These next weeks promise a positive growth spurt for you. They promise good stable structures to work within if you work on them. They promise an infusion of new energy and positive change coming your way if you are open to it. Just make sure that you are rested up and taking good care of yourself so that you can make the most of what’s to come. 

Virgo copyVirgo & Virgo Rising

Tuesday’s full moon highlights the productive passions in your life. It brings awareness to your burning desires. It brings sparks of insight into what you have spent the most energy creating. It brings to light what you most want to love right now. 

It is a full moon that reflects the changing nature of life as well as its ceaseless movements. It might disrupt the delicate balance of a love affair. It might illuminate your need for independence in this area, or the needs of others for the same. It might bring about some piece of information that disturbs, excites, turns inside out or tears open your heart leaving nothing for your needs to do but spill forth. 

Pay attention to what you need now. As the sun, Mercury and Venus sink deeper into your 12th house you are needing a moment of recuperation and restoration of your reserves. There is a lot of feeling brewing behind the scenes for you and you could find a great deal of comfort if you turn towards your inner life for a moment. Revolutions begin internally first. Your birthday month will be a big one. Right now the work is a little more internal, but will soon be on display in a big way. Enjoy this moment for what it is, perfectly private. 

Libra copyLibra & Libra Rising

Tuesday’s full moon lights up the most personal part of your chart. It illuminates what your base is made of. Creates a clear picture of your core. Tuesday’s full moon knocks at your front door and refuses to retreat. It might bring about some discomfort amongst your tribe. It might ruffle some of your family’s feathers. It might bring up an old wound for repair but it also might help you to see a new found solution to an age-old problem.

Family patterns that don’t serve you don’t need to be served by you. You can choose to relate to a dynamic in a different way. You can choose to be with those that you are related to in a manner that keeps your integrity intact. You can choose to be with historically difficult situations with dignity and grace. You can choose to focus on the areas of life that bring you comfort and build a nest for yourself there. 

While Tuesday’s full moon draws you temporarily in, towards your home life, the rest of the week is entirely social and full of potentially sweet connections. Find the relationships that you feel most aligned with and see what there is to build with those that feel the most reliable and ready to roll with you. 

Scorpio copyScorpio & Scorpio Rising

Tuesday’s full moon illuminates the part of your chart that keeps your social calendar full and your daily duties plenty. There could be some disruptions preventing you from being able to do all that you need to so keep a little extra time in your back pocket so you have it to spend when you need to. 

Tuesday’s full moon could also bring about an important or illuminating conversation. Ideas that shock you, facts that rock you or interpretations of more sensitive subjects that help to set something free in you. Look for the communications that come bearing hints and helpful tips about where to go next and how to get there. 

The rest of the week has you ready to take center stage. Your charm runs thick right now. It helps you gain the attention of those that you wish to impress but also those that you wish to build with in terms of your career and what you want to build out in the world. Make sure you show up with the best of what you’ve got. Do everything with a little extra effort and a little extra panache if you can. It will be noted and noteworthy to those that can help you by making it impossible for them not to want to. 

Sagittarius-2 copySagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

Tuesday’s full moon finds you taking stock of your resources. It might have you trying to figure out where exactly all your time has gone. It might have you wondering what happened to your energy, your effort and your plans for your finances. Don’t worry too much. There is a disruptive edge to this lunation that might be throwing you a temporarily curve ball. But it might also be sending you some much needed information about your ability to make the most out of what you have. 

It’s time to renovate your awareness of your worth. It’s time to refurbish your respect for your talents. It time to see what you can accomplish without depending on superficial power sources. It’s time to use what you have been given without fear of whom it may offend. Your energy is all you have to spend in this life. This week illuminates the best way to do so.

This week also casts a lovely light for you to see by. It will help to make certain paths more clear to you. It will help you to make your point with confidence. It will help you to honor your outlook and trust both your instincts and your insights. Follow your intuition, it will lead you to your strengths and help you to build a sturdier relationship to them. 

Capricorn copyCapricorn & Capricorn Rising

With Tuesday’s lunation in your sign, this week focuses on the culmination of your efforts. All eyes are on you. Your efforts are magnified and of extra importance because of that. Full moons bring awareness, light and energy to whatever it is they touch. This one touches you directly. See what in your life has blossomed and come to fruition. See what in your life is offering you the most powerful and honest reflections.

Tuesday’s full moon in Capricorn comes with some changes to incorporate into your identity too. Changes to your family structure possibly. Changes to the way you see yourself situated in your life and in the world. Changes that could feel disruptive and a little disarming.

Incorporate what you can and let whatever needs to shake loose, shake loose. Liberation is the goal. Get free of what tries to keep you down. 

This week’s astrology also points to the lessons learned about how to merge your resources, your assets and your energy with those you are in important relationships with.  It bodes well for figuring out the ways in which you are really good at making the most out of the partnerships that allow you to shine and grow in mutually beneficial ways.

Aquarius copyAquarius & Aquarius Rising

Tuesday’s full moon makes one thing clear: you need a minute. You are in need of a moment to yourself. A moment to recalibrate. A moment to clear your head, your heart and your psyche. And you have the right to do so. Sometimes being burnt out makes everything seem so much more difficult. Sometimes being deprived of our down time leaves us feeling further down than we really are. Take time this week to restore and renew your energy without guilt, fear or shame that you need to.

Tuesday’s full moon shines a light onto the secrets and the sorrows of your life. We all have them. Our job is to get to know them, that way they have less power over us. That way we can remain conscious when they resurface and gather the info that we need. The less afraid we are, the more benefit we’ll receive when we do get an occasional visit from them.

The rest of this week’s astrology helps you to open up to those that can hold the light of consciousness to the places where you might loose sight of what is most important. Your relationships are receiving a major astrological boost at the moment. See whom is around that can hold your hand through all the seasons of your life lessons and hold on to those that do. There is much passion, play and positive energy here that can help you to recoup any energy that has been depleted in recent days and weeks. Love truly is your cure-all right now. 

Pisces copyPisces & Pisces Rising

Tuesday’s full moon shines its light on the relationships that make up your community, your friend groups, your posse and those that you call your people. It highlights the meaning of these relationships, the importance of them and also their changing nature. As you shift, grow and change so do your friendships. We all need different things at different times. Sometime we shift along parallel lines with others and sometimes the shifts we go through send us off on paths that veer in different directions from each other. 

These shifts are natural and not always permanent. 

Relationships can’t stay the same forever, but they can deepen their bonds through the trials, test and testimonies that they serve. Appreciating whatever kind of incarnation your friendships are taking will help you to benefit from them most. Find the folks that you feel the closest to and create whatever kind of party that you can. 

The rest of this week’s astrology is asking you to tend to the duties of your life with a greater awareness of how to do so creatively. Dedicate yourself to the routines that keep your energy up and your spirits lifted.

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Image: Tyler Spangler