Saturn Direct Horoscopes from Chani Nicholas

Saturn Direct Horoscopes from Chani Nicholas

Scroll down to find Chani’s Saturn direct horoscopes for your sign, as well as your rising sign. You can read more about Chani here or follow her here.

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Saturn Direct Horoscopes from Chani

Wednesday, August 10th

4:23 PM PT – Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn both at 15 degrees

Saturday, August 13th 

2:51 AM PT – Saturn stations direct at 9 degrees Sagittarius

7:31 AM PT – Venus in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius both at 9 degrees

Sunday, August 14th

10:04 AM PT – Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces both at 11 degrees

This week Saturn stations direct. This releases pressure in the part of our chart that houses Sagittarius and asks us to make solid moves towards what we believe in. Because Saturn will hang out at the 9th degree of Sagittarius for most of August, meeting Mars there later in the month, any planet in your chart that lays between 8-10 degrees of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo gets extra special attention. 

Mars is currently in Sagittarius as well, warming up this sign and its significations of seeking meaning, gathering experiences, gleaning wisdom from them and watching the ways in which others or ourselves might get fanatical about certain beliefs. However, when Sagittarius is working, we end up with the most exquisite questions. Questions that open us up to ways of thinking and avenues of information that we have yet to venture down. Right now it might be important to ask how we can keep learning about what we don’t know, unlearning the ideologies that keep us from doing so and decolonizing our minds in every way we can. With Mars in the midst, we cannot afford to get used to or help to condone violence, hate and intolerance. 

Venus will spend the week squaring Saturn and opposing Neptune. Since Venus squares Saturn on the day it stations direct there might be interesting advancements in the structures of our relationships. Saturn draws hard lines, but Venus’s heart needs room to unfold. Make sure that the commitments that are drawn up are intelligent in design. 

Venus’s opposition to Neptune can cloud and confuse matters of the heart. As Neptune loves to blur the lines that Saturn has so diligently built, we’ll all have to navigate the firm facts and the subtle, symbolic and intuitive clues about what paths to pursue, especially as they relate to one-to-one relationships. Some folks might need a firm shoulder to cry on, but that doesn’t mean you need to be sloppy with your own personal boundaries. 

*Horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you find inspiration here we love and appreciate donations. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, we really appreciate it and you!

AriesAries & Aries Rising

In some ways, it’s not worth doing it right now unless it’s big. It’s not going to hold your attention unless it is linked to a larger plan. It’s not at the top of your list unless it can help you climb to the top of the mountain so that you can get a broader perspective. 

You are going places.

It’s not really making an impact unless it’s able to give you a broader understanding of yourself, your life and your place in it. Any self-improvement plans, anything that you have been studying, any new way of seeing the world that you have been committing to understanding on a deeper level will become increasingly more important to understand. 

A crisis of faith is a fortune.

We don’t know what kind of water our faith holds until we test its container, examine its contents and understand the effects of downing that kind of Kool-Aid. Examine your over-arching beliefs. Take a look at your big plans. You have a lot of energy to make them happen. You have a lot of drive to help you get them done. You have a lot of discipline to put to use towards reaching your #goals. There’s a lot of inspiring energy that is added to them. There’s no harm in testing out any of your theories that might be a little weak. Better to strengthen them now while you still have the tools to do so. A little analytical adjustment will be worth the time it takes to tweak things here and there. 

Taurus copyTaurus & Taurus Rising

All forms of letting go inform us. All releases are relevant. All things that come to an end are to be handled with great care and consideration. All deaths, symbolic and in real time, help us to realize the importance of living. 

If this is all we have, how are we relating to it?

Everything needs love. Everything under the sun needs to know it is being held in kindness and in possibility. Every transition, no matter how great or how small, is an invitation to find out how understanding we can be to the nuances of grief, loss and letting go. Every time there is a transition there is the opportunity to witness the ebbs and flows of its effects. Without judgment. Without worry that we are doing wrong. Without the false notion that loss is bad. 

Loss is important to examine. 

We lose every day. We lose cells. We lose patience. We lose our way. And the loss, the reckoning with what we are being asked to let go of, what we are losing, what are being asked to change our relationship to, can help us to understand where we are, what we need to feel, to awaken to and eventually what to do next. This process isn’t fair. It isn’t evenly distributed among people on the planet. It isn’t something that we even have to appreciate. But when called, we all must make our way through it and if we can do so with dignity and graciousness, we can know we have done everything we could. 

Gemini copyGemini & Gemini Rising

We need to know the nature of the commitments that we have with the folks that we have them with. We need to understand the ins and outs of the agreements that we have made and continue to make. We need to know what we can depend on and what is unfair of us to ask for. We need to know all of this so that the relationship itself can become a sacred container for our spiritual growth. 

Because spiritual growth isn’t pretty.

It’s messy. And intense. And cannot be done inside flimsy, fake or fleeting vessels. We need sturdy cauldrons to do this alchemical dance. We need to be able to add intensive digestive enzymes to break down the big chunks of emotional material that show up the moment two become one. We have to be willing to feel, sit with and get to know the most intense of emotions, the deepest of our desires, and the most difficult projections in order to attain anything close to a true intimacy. 

You are given this job to do over the next month or two. The intensity is on purpose. It’s for serious and it’s actually on your side. It’s a pressure cooker that is trying to connect you to your core issues so that you can learn/keep honing/keep separating the past from the present. The more that you can do that, the easier it will be to understand the work that needs to be done with the folks that you are with here and now. 

Cancer copyCancer & Cancer Rising

You might be looking at taking on something that will challenge you. You might be looking at an ever increasing lists of the things that you have taken on that do challenge you. You might be wondering how it could all possibly get done, even if the doing is as exciting as is the pressure of getting it done. 

Use physical movement as a way to release stress. Use spiritual practices that keep you grounded and in tune with your body to navigate the pressure. Use mindfulness with your creative projects that are taking off and taking you with them. Make sure you get on the open road every now and again. Air yourself out. Use equal parts of rigor, structure, and discipline as you do dream time, imagining, wandering and wondering.

You need both to make this thing a success. 

Somethings that get in the way of your work flow need to be dissolved. Rigid, self-criticism among them. Inefficient uses of down time are another. This is no month to spend hungover or hiding from your deadlines. This is no week to waffle on your duties. Instead, try to get ahead of them when and where you can. 

Leo copyLeo & Leo Rising

This week puts an extra emphasis on the fact that your creations count and how you create  space for them counts too. Notice what you do with the energy, the thoughts, and the inspirations that come. Do you have a way of working with them? Do you have a tendency to waste the wattage by scrolling through your feeds? Do you envy others that tend to be able to get their creative genius together and actually get something done with it? Or do you use the advancements of your peers to encourage feelings of kinship? If they can do it so can you. In your own way. In your own time.

We’ve got to give our art room to grow. Steady, long-term attention. Solid instructions. Firm foundations. Positive feedback. Constructive, compassionate criticism. Rewards for work well-done. And the understanding that our art isn’t our own.

Our art doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to the world. 

Holding back our creativity holds back the creativity of others. We are here to practice giving ourselves permission to be as we are and by extension, giving others the same kind of permission. We are here to lend our little creation to the ongoing, never-ending creative project that is our world. Refusing ourselves the experience of doing so is a part of how we refuse life. But allowing ourselves to commit to this sacred unfolding is an absolute affirmation that we are worthy of being here, worthy of taking up space and taking our input seriously. This week might challenge you to do so, but it’s a challenge well worth taking on.

Virgo copyVirgo & Virgo Rising

You might find that you have a couple of decisions to make this week. Matters that move your heart. Feelings that make you dig a little deeper. Answers to questions that connect to your core issues. 

This is a week that wants you to understand what’s underneath. Underneath the foundation that you have laid. Underneath the easy to spot family dynamics that play out. Underneath the older feelings that have you wondering, “Why this, again?” But any moment of exasperation, any moment of exhaustion, any moment of really knowing something inside and out is also the moment that you can cross the threshold of it. On the other side of what really riles us up is the understanding of how to liberate ourselves from its clutches. 

We can’t change the facts. We can’t stop all uncomfortable things from happening. But we can change our position to some of them. We can look at our old childhood issues as doorways into our greatest healing opportunities. It doesn’t mean that what happened to us was fair, right or even humane, it just means that we no longer have to put ourselves in the position of believing that we deserved that kind of treatment. And that we now have the choice and the power to treat ourselves in another, kinder, more gentle, more just way. 

No matter what comes up this week, try to treat yourself as you have always wished to be treated in the situations you find yourself in. The key lies in your kindness and that starts with yourself.

Libra copyLibra & Libra Rising

Deep needs tug at your sleeve this week. Take time to take them in. There are a couple of important reminders that could come your way about relinquishing control, letting go of your agenda and your expectations. Try not to hang out too much with your anxieties about the future. Instead, try to find little pathways into the present. Mindful meditations are good but you might need to busy yourself in order to get there. Knitting, gardening, gathering, and sorting can be great remedies to a too-busy brain. The process of sifting through inboxes, folders and files can help you to straighten out a tremendous amount of energy as well as staying on top of your practical day-to-day tasks. 

There is a lot of energy, activity, and actual work to get done this month, so it’s not as though you are short on things to do. There is enough to distract you, but sheer distraction might not serve you so well. Bringing a quality of awareness to what you are doing can help you feel more at ease, more centered in your days and more grounded in what you are seriously approaching and learning how to put into practice in your life. 

Scorpio copyScorpio & Scorpio Rising

It’s time to get real about your financials. Saturn stationing direct this week is demanding that you take your assets and your efforts to cultivate them seriously. Your ruling planet, Mars, is also rooting for your ability to round up what you have been given to work with and put it to use. 

So with all this heat, how can you keep a cool head about what to do and how to do it?

A key piece of information might come from a friend or acquaintance. A little bit of a boost, a little pep talk or even a serendipitous meeting might help you work out a problem, a pattern or a potential plan to put in place for your long-term success. 

With last week’s new moon having set off your career, this week wants you to keep committing to exactly how you plan to keep putting yourself in line with your calling and putting your money where it can continually support that endeavor. 

Sagittarius-2 copySagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

Your current mixture of chill and charge is not new. You’ve inhabited this combination of steely strength and sincere seeking before. This deft balance of diligence and defiance has already been donned by you. 

And it’s back again. Round two.

You’ve got your plate full. It’s not a situation that everyone could make the best of. It’s not a dress that just anyone can carry off and make look so swell. Good thing you’ve had practice. Good thing you have been in training to carry such weight with such responsibility. Good thing this isn’t your first strut down this catwalk. 

Don’t call it a comeback.

Don’t take your eyes off your responsibility to yourself. You are being forged in the fires of your own self-discovery.  The more you realize about your nature, the more willing you are to show up in courageous and masterful ways, the more progress you’ll make in accepting yourself and the duties that lay at your feet. 

These are sacred obligations. Don’t fear them. Even if they are scary. Don’t rush them just because they take time. Good things take time. Take your time. Be precise. Keep moving at a steady, even and conscientious pace. If you get the importance of what you are doing, you are sure to do it until its done. 

Capricorn copyCapricorn & Capricorn Rising

Self-study is good but it doesn’t mean you need to hide under the covers in order to achieve it. Get out to get some perspective. Stretch your mind. Travel through the world of ideas. Take a class. Take a hike from your worries for a moment, They’ll always be patiently waiting if you wish to pick them back up again. 

This month puts a heavy emphasis on you getting to know your more troubled territories. It might have you pretty introspective. It might have you mighty meditative. It might be just the thing you need to unlock a longstanding fear of being phenomenal. 

Get out of yourself for moments here and there though. It will help you as you get a deeper look into your quirks. It will help you build a case for a future break-out scenario. It will help you contextualize and give meaning to the struggle of being human. 

Finding less fault in your current path will lead towards experiencing a greater sense of the perfection that is your life. 

Aquarius copyAquarius & Aquarius Rising

Conflict arises when we refuse to give ourselves the time we need to become clear on our stance about a given situation. Give yourself the time. Get to know your “no’s”. Get to know what they feel like. Get to know what they sound like coming out your mouth when they are connected to your core.

Get to know your “yes’s”. Get to know what they feel like. Get to know the joy they bring as they erupt from the depth of you. Unstoppable. Undeniable. Utterly enjoyable. 

Get to know how good it feels to know yourself on that kind of level. The kind of confidence you have when you know that all you need to do is wait for the right answer. Because it’s there. 

You’ll know what to do when the time is right to do it. Until then there is no rush. 

There is a lot of action and commotion circulating the parts of your chart that have to do with the resources that you share with others and the conflicts that can come with the sharing of them. Friends, community members, co-workers and the countless others that you share space and energy with might test you this week and into the rest of the month. See how you do. Try not to judge yourself too harshly. Try not to sneak your way out of what you don’t want to deal with but need to. Try to remember that the right answer is always there if you have the mindfulness to listen for it and patience to wait for it. 

Pisces copyPisces & Pisces Rising

There is room for everyone. Don’t let anyone, namely your brain, make you ever think anything differently. There are literally billions of people on the planet. There is literally no one who can do what you can do in the way that you can do it. 

Literally. No one. 

You are the only you who can do it in the way that you can. Telling yourself that you can’t or shouldn’t try doing the thing that you most want to do because other people are doing their own version of it, is bullshit. And the planets will call you out on it this month if you plan on clinging to that plan.

You’ve got better things to do with your energy than downplay your talents. 

Now that Mars has returned to your 10th house of career, it’s time to pick up the pace with all efforts that you put towards your career goals. If you are feeling pressure to make good on something that you started this past spring you’re picking up on the current astrological patterns of your unfolding potential.

Now that Saturn is stationing direct in your 10th house of career it’s time to move forward with the projects that you have promised yourself to. Show up like you own this. Show up like you were made for this. Show up like this is the only place to be and you are VIP. 

Keep eyes on your honeys this week. They might feel a little left out. They might feel a little shut out. A little left behind. Or you might by them. Some feelings could be trampled on and your watchful eye could make all the difference in terms of how everything works out or comes across.

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