Olympians, Asteroids & Astrology

Olympians, Asteroids & Astrology

Just in time for Rio 2016, a quick post that covers a few famous Olympians: Jesse Owens, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt & Simone Biles.

Previously, I've written about Muhammad Ali's connection to asteroids "Olympiada" and "Gold", so I thought it would be fun to do the same with some exceptional Olympians.

The asteroids I've generally used as part of this search are:

582 Olympia

1022 Olympiada

4733 Oro (gold)

4955 Gold

1685 Toro - which can stand for intensity, physical prowess, judo/boxing/racing

1566 Icarus - which can indicate speed or games of risk

307 Nike - the Goddess of Victory 

4 Vesta - focus, dedication, and keeper of the eternal flame, a surprise asteroid that came up time and time again

olympians asteriod astrology jesse owens


No post on the Olympics would be complete for me without a nod in the direction of the great Jesse Owens. His birth chart info, however, is not 100% accurate (as his birth time was unknown), so we'll have to take this asteroid analysis with a grain of salt. As a gold medallist four times over, I would have assumed Jesse had a connection between Jupiter and Oro or Gold.

In his house of Leo, which I'm also guessing would have covered his 6th or 10th House if we knew his birth time, being that those are work/career/physical houses, he has the asteroids: ORO, Toro, Olympiada. Although it's not exact, Jupiter trines by sign the asteroid Olympia; and is directly across from asteroid Gold. He also has the asteroid Nike, the Goddess of Victory, next to asteroid Berlind in his natal chart.

By transit, during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Jesse had the asteroid Olympiada conjunct transiting ORO (gold) and transiting Neptune was conjunct his natal Mercury, which I feel speaks to how other-worldly his speed and physical prowess seemed at the time. He became larger-than-life at that time, a very Neptunian concept. Additionally, his natal Neptune was conjunct asteroid Gold as well as transiting Mars (a very physical, energetic planet) and Pluto (which may talk about his power, as well as the bad forces at play). 


jesse owens birth chart


olympians asteroids astrology michael phelps


Possibly the greatest Olympian of our time: Michael Phelps, the 22-time gold medallist, and now officially the person that has the most gold medals in Olympic history. Seeming half-man and half-fish, Phelps is the man to beat in the pool. Like Jesse Owens, we don't have a birth time for Phelps.

His chart is very telling alongside the Olympic asteroids: Gold, Olympia and Venus are all conjunct. I threw in a few asteroids about fish-like circumstance, namely asteroid Poseidon as well as the hypothetical planet Poseidon; hypothetical Poseidon is conjunct Vesta, which on a primary level can talk about being dedicated and focused on water, or a spiritual connection to water. Vesta also always calls to mind the Olympics for me, as her temples always held an eternal flame inside of them, similar to the Olympic torch concept (although hers predates the other by a few millennia). In the same house as Vesta, Phelps has asteroid Juno, the Goddess of marriage, conjunct Oro - perhaps indicative of a marriage of sorts to the pursuit of gold?? There's also a Yod happening in his chart between Neptune, Pluto, and the asteroid Toro. 

I also checked the transit chart for the Summer Olympics in 2008 when he hit it big and took home 8 gold medals. On August 17th, 2008, the date he won the 8th gold medal, asteroid China was conjunct asteroid Gold near his natal Sun; transiting Olympiada was conjunct hypothetical Poseidon; his natal Mars was trining the Gold-Olympia-Venus stellium in his natal chart and nearing a conjunction to natal Oro; Nike, the goddess of Victory was conjunct asteroid China by transit. Icarus (speed) was next to the transiting Sun, and conjunct his natal Nike.




olympians asteroids astrology michael phelps beijing

olympians asteroids astrology usain bolt


Once again we've got an athletic powerhouse with no birth time. I'm starting to wonder if there's a connection here. Like Jesse Owens, Usain Bolt is an Olympic God of track and field, known mostly for his unbelievable times in the 100- and 200-meter events, of which he is currently the world record holder. Regarded as the fastest man alive, Usain is also known for his hilarious on-field antics and performative nature, so I was expecting some Leo energy in his chart. He has both his natal Sun and Mercury in Leo, so no surprises there.  

Equally unsurprising are his relationships to the Olympic asteroids. Icarus (speed) next to Uranus, which can give make us revolutionary or rebellious, with an aspect from Jupiter expanding both characteristics. Jupiter also sits next to asteroid Oro. Asteroid Olympiada is next to his North Node, next to Vesta (focus, dedication) in Aries, a bold, courageous sign; Toro (intensity), Pluto (power, control) and Nike (victory) are in tight formation in Scorpio, an intense, focused sign. Ultimately this also says a lot about Usain - below all the party vibes lies an intense competitive spirit.

In the 2008 Olympics transit chart, Hermes (the wing-footed messenger) was conjunct asteroid Olympia in Scorpio, both were trining transiting Uranus, which was conjunct his natal asteroid Oro. Asteroid Olympiada was also approaching a conjunction to Nike, the goddess of victory. Funnily, asteroid Icarus (speed) was squaring the transiting Hermes/Olympia conjunction, and one of the critiques Usain Bolt got served after the 100-meter race is that he actually didn't give it his all. Many commentators noted that as soon as he saw how far ahead he was, he seemed to lope across the finish line. At the same time, however, Icarus was trining his North Node - so I guess this was all part of his fate. 




olympians asteroids astrology simone biles birth chart


And yet another Olympian with no birth time...! I wanted to include Simone Biles here as she has been a complete breakout star in the last several years. Many ex-Olympian gymnasts consider her the one to beat. She also *just* won one of her gold medals, so I thought it would be nice to check out her chart. 

Natally, Simone's chart is interesting to me. I added the asteroid Terpsichore into her chart, as that asteroid has a lot to do with the body and movement of the body. If anything, it looks detrimental as it's placed next to Chiron, but it does make a nice trine to Icarus and Olympia. If someone has leads on asteroids that could speak about gymnastic talent, let me know! Otherwise, she too has the same strong markers in her chart for Olympic success: Oro, Juno, Olympiada, and Gold are all closely nestled together in Taurus. Her Mars is also closely conjunct the North Node, a point of destiny, so athletic skill could always have been a reasonable assumption (and her Mars/North Node trine nearly perfectly the Oro-Juno-Olympiada-Gold cluster). Asteroids Olympia, Icarus (speed) and Vesta (focus) are also clustered together in the same house as her Sun; Icarus here seems very appropriate as a number of commentators have discussed how important speed is in her ability to dominate floor routines. While I was expecting some Libran energy (balance!) I'm not surprised she's a Piscean lady, as her nature on-screen appears to be dreamy and relaxed. 

The transit chart for the Rio Olympics shows her natal Toro (sportsmanship) with an approaching conjunction from transiting Olympia, Gold, and Terpsichore. Interestingly, her natal Sun is under a Chiron transit and opposed by Mars. My assumption is that her dreams (Jupiter) have been a bit dampened. I'm reasonably sure that while she's walked away with gold medals, that her feeling is she could have done better. Although she won overall, she came second in the uneven bars event. I clearly don't know Simone from Sam on the street, but with a natal Chiron in Scorpio pointing to a Mars in Virgo, my thoughts lead me to think of someone that has intense focus, but one that can also turn self-critical on a razor's edge.

Simone has more events yet in the Olympics, and the charts for that still look quite in her favour. At that point, transiting Nike will be making an aspect to Oro, and natal Nike will be across from Vesta (which I'm quickly beginning to see has a lot of meaning for Olympians!). I wish her the best in bringing more #blackgirlmagic to the Olympics. 


olympians asteroids astrology simone biles