Full Moon in Aquarius: Eyes in the Sky

Full Moon in Aquarius: Eyes in the Sky

The Full Moon in Aquarius occurs on the 18th of August, 2016 at 25°52’’ of Aquarius.

Try checking what area of your birth chart is ruled by Aquarius or the house where your natal Saturn is found for more insight.

If you are new or new-ish to astrology, this post is a good place to start for generating your birth chart and checking out which part of your chart is being touched by this Full Moon.

You can also find out more about Full Moons here.


//Eyes in the Sky//

I am the eye in the sky
Looking at you
I can read your mind
I am the maker of rules
Dealing with fools
I can cheat you blind
And I don’t need to see any more
To know that I can read your mind,
I can read your mind.

 – Lyrics from ‘Eye in the Sky’ by the Alan Parsons Project

Eyes in the Sky

Do it with me: close your left eye, and now the right.

One eye opens, the other one shuts.

Do you see the difference?

The picture dances from right to left, aligning and re-aligning itself to the ‘right’ eye, the one that is doing the seeing.

If we close our eyes, does the world vanish from being?

If we only see from one perspective, does it make the other view wrong?

This lunation suggests its time for us to start asking big questions about the nature of our knowing, and amidst an astrological landscape that suggests all cannot be known, to start trusting our intuitive impulses.

It may be time to start seeing with a different set of eyes.

These eyes sense, instead of see.

With Pallas-Athena nestled into this Full Moon, we’re being given permission (not that we needed it) to sink deeply into the velvety realms of feminine power: intuition, healing, fertile creativity.

Pallas wasn’t only the daughter of Zeus and the goddess of wisdom; she was also the arbiter of the astral crossroads where creative energy collides with intelligence. One of her symbols was that of the serpent, signalling her connection to both healing and prophecy, as well as the kundalini energy that winds around the spines of the wise.

Pallas-Athena is one of the eyes in the sky, looking at you.

She can read your mind, especially in aspect to Uranus.

This business of blinking eyes calls to mind the machinations of an eclipse, the way the Sun and Moon ‘blink’ each other’s lights away. This Full Moon at 25° of Aquarius is a ‘little Eclipse that could’, with all the technical makings, but none of the visuals, of an Eclipse. And because nothing happens by chance, the fact that this Full Moon’s appearance betrays it’s deeper truth ties deeply into the rest of this chart.

On one hand, we may sense a deep connection to our inner power (Venus trine Pluto). On the other hand, we may question our connection to reality (the final Saturn-Neptune square).

We see with one eye, and then another.

Marianne Williamson once said that “miracles are just a shift in perception from fear to love.”

Close both eyes now.

I’d say you can read your mind, but knowing the mind is easy.

Fall into yourself.

With both eyes closed, instead, you can feel your heart – and that’s a miracle in the making.

Current Events + Others Bits

Consider this lunation a bright spot in an otherwise tough-ish couple of weeks: the astrology of August & September looks to be the most challenging we will have all year. I’ve written more in-depth about these transits in a separate, longer piece titled ‘You Better Work’, breaking down some of the most important transits we will face until the end of September.

Perhaps nothing could be more appropriately said about this period than a few choice lyrics from the song I chose for this lunation:

Don’t say words you’re gonna regret
Don’t let the fire rush to your head

This is a time to step back, if at all possible. If you can’t, that’s fine too – maybe they deserve one ‘right in the kisser.’ Just be prepared for some fallout, and the all-too-real possibility that the sands are shifting under our feet, metaphorically: what may royally piss you off right now could be an illusion or just Mercury-influenced trickery.

There’s something else that’s been cooking for a while you might want to check in your chart: Mars and Saturn’s dance before conjunction can create something called ‘enclosure by ray’. This is an old-school traditional astrological premise, but essentially, it creates a small astro-prison for a planet. Mars’ ray sits on one side, poking your planet with his little sword, and Saturn’s ray is on the other side, rejecting it. Check if you have planets at 5-9° of Sagittarius or angles that would interact with this energy by square or opposition. The feeling is fleeting since Mars moves quickly, but is possibly intense.

On the level of mundane astrology, the USA, in particular, has had interesting connections to lunations of late. Most memorably, the July New Moon occurred on top of the USA’s natal Sun, on its Independence Day. This go-round, the Full Moon in Aquarius occurs next to the USA’s natal asteroid Pallas-Athena, which is already conjunct this Full Moon, as well as it’s own natal Moon. I can’t help but find something interesting about that – a New Moon on its Sun, and a Full Moon on its Moon.

Otherwise, for the USA, the Saturn-Mars conjunction that will take hold most strongly from 22nd August will occur in the first house of “the common people” and tightly oppose Uranus (trauma) in the 7th House of “public enemies, outlaws, fugitives.” Some astrologers have already noted the possibility of this conjunction to create havoc, being that it is tied to fixed star Antares, a notable celestial baddie known for its connection to violence and aggression. With riots of late and an extremely unsettled relationship between the media, police, and the people, I hope this doesn’t boil over into something larger. Eric Francis noted the Saturn-Mars conjunction can have a combustive ‘pipebomb’ effect, so although I desperately hope it wouldn’t be the case, there could be something explosive about this time period. Funnily enough, Deborah Houlding’s site has equated Uranus in mundane astrology to “right-wing political ideas.” Perhaps “the people” will come out against the Donald?

In the chart of the UK, it happens in a different relationship that seems perhaps more worrying. In the UK chart on August 24th, the Saturn-Mars conjunction will happen in the 3rd House, which can mean the media/propaganda, as well as public transport. These points will tightly trine the natal Mars of the UK, in the 8th House, which could possibly indicate a danger to the public. At the very low side, this could indicate serious issues with public transport safety, on the high side, this could speak about a possible issue regarding public transport that is brought to light ‘explosively’ in the UK media.

Image: Bouffants & Broken Hearts


August 18th, 2016, Aquarius 25°52”

full moon in aquarius