Neptune & The Fall from Grace: Ryan Lochte, Kate Moss, Martha Stewart

Neptune & The Fall from Grace: Ryan Lochte, Kate Moss, Martha Stewart

A week or so ago, I made a video about Ryan Lochte and how his birth chart was interacting with the current astrological transits.

You can imagine what this video looked like: I more or less crucified him, taking aim at his sorry birth chart, and the even sorrier state of astrological transits against his chart. I even made up my own theoretical hashtag, #LochteWithTheGoodHair, poking fun at the seemingly PR-fueled change of hair colour as soon as he was ready to apologise. I liked it, the making fun of him, remembering his poor choice of words, his inept interview skills and his even more bizarre relationship to diamond-pave grills.

And then…I never posted it. It didn’t feel right. Mostly, because it may well be in my nature to take the piss out of people, but using astrology to do that felt weird. Astrology is something I connect with to feel more human, not less. Twisting the nature of this craft to take aim at someone felt very wrong for me.

Secondly, it just felt mean-hearted. I’m not saying he isn’t an idiot (he’s an idiot, and he acted STUPIDLY). But, I am saying that I believe the level of hatred that’s been thrown at him has been incredibly telling of the level of shadow many of us carry about our “heroes”. It’s all very fitting as part of the deluded, Neptunian wave that is being activated by the upcoming final Saturn-Neptune Square. Seemingly, we love to love these heroes until we get to hate them – which is always more fun.

In this video, I’ll talk about the underlying, slightly shadier themes of Neptune, the Saturn-Neptune square, and how these energies are playing out in the media currently. As part of that, I’ll check out how Neptune has worked in the birth charts of Ryan Lochte, Leslie Jones, Kate Moss & Martha Stewart, all people that have experienced relative levels of one of Neptune’s key themes: the fall from grace. I’ll also quickly talk about how this also relates to the refugee crisis and the Burqini ban – and tell some super embarrassing childhood stories, just for good measure.

Video Housekeeping (errors of note)

LORD HAVE MERCY on my soul for making this in Mercury Retrograde. I made it and re-made it about 5 times, the mic cut out, I accidentally erased about 2 minutes and had to re-record it…you name it, it happened…!

I’m convinced the Solar Eclipse in my 3rd House is about starting a new dynamic in communications – so my hard-headed self is posting the goddamned video ANY-goddamn-WAY! 

Love you guys. ♥