Jupiter in Libra Guide: Balance, Refinement, Justice

Jupiter in Libra Guide: Balance, Refinement, Justice

Jupiter in Libra – The Good    Jupiter in Libra – The Bad

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A Guide to Jupiter in Libra

jupiter in libra

Jupiter: “The Radiant One”

Key Jupiter themes: generosity, expansion, increasing energy, gifts, luck, wisdom, learning, searching for meaning, faith, spirit, abundance, excess, indulgence, ethics, fertility, alliances, religion, education, philosophy.

Jupiter entered Libra on September 9th, 2016, and will stay there until October 10, 2017.

The nature of life is that of expansion and contraction; accordingly, in astrology, we experience this expansion and contraction through two key planets; Jupiter, providing the former, and Saturn, providing the latter. These two great planets are always at work in our charts, simultaneously squeezing (Saturn) and loosening (Jupiter) as they see fit.

Jupiter is known as the ‘greater benefic’, the ultimate do-gooder of the zodiac. And just as Jupiter’s size far outstrips any other body in our solar system, Jupiter’s instinct is similarly that of enlargement, aggrandizement, generosity, and expansion, which can also uncomfortably veer into exaggeration at a moment’s notice. The danger we always face with Jupiter is having ‘too much of a good thing.’

In general, however, Jupiter is known for its particularly pleasurable way of blessing an area of our chart. Natally, Jupiter can be a place in the chart where we find ourselves slightly luckier than most; by transit, the same rules generally apply – Jupiter’s movement through the zodiac is mostly known for its ability to widen our possibilities in an area of life past what we previously believed was possible.

In order to better understand how the combination of Jupiter and Libra will look, let’s unpack a little bit of the Libran psyche.


Libra – The Good

Key Libra themes: balanced, rational, objective, aesthetic, peaceful, diplomatic, loves teamwork, doesn’t rush in, weighs all options, charming, likeable, sympathetic, fair, easy going, artistic, civilized, refined, elegant, observant.

Libra loves to make contact with others. As the diplomat of the zodiac, Libra’s mission statement is very much “I relate” and as a cardinal sign, Libras are driven to initiate relationships with others; while Libra is ruled by connective planet Venus, Libra is also an Air sign, and is very attached to the rational bend of the mind. In the best expression, Libras harness the connective ease of Venus and marry it with the objectivity of the mind – potentially, it’s a match made in heaven.

What we now know as the Libra constellation was once a part of Scorpio; found within the two claws of the scorpion were the fixed stars Zuben Elgenubi and Zubeneschamali, which quite literally mean ‘the price to be paid’ and ‘the price to be received’, which is partially where the association between Libra and balance originated. Libra’s symbol, the balancing scales, is an object and as such is the only sign of the zodiac represented by an object, which further underscores the Libran archetype of objectivity and balance.

Libran energy to me always feels keenly civilized: think of a kindly person with excellent table manners and a wealth of inoffensively witty repartée at the ready.

The perfect dinner party guest, assuming of course, that your intent is a smooth evening where everyone gets along nicely.

We could use a fair dose of Libran social slick to grease the wheels of civilization – there is no getting around the fact that right now the world needs some love, sweet love.  In a time where the best conversation of the day might occur with a barista, and the worst may happen on a FaceBook thread about politics with someone you’ve never met, I have a budding hope that Jupiter transiting Libra might present a possibility for an enhanced sense of social responsibility. Equally, this might signal the beginning of the end, or a momentary cease-fire, for online bullying and contentious comments sections.

Libra loves a debate but has a deep stake in respecting others’ opinions and ensuring that all parties walk away feeling that they have been heard. Librans also harbour no particular desire for winning or coming out on top (unlike their opposing sign, Aries), so they’re more likely to take others’ thoughts on board and listen to divergent opinions. A good deal of social activism, done with Jupiterian intent for the greater good, could come to pass under this transit.

In part, this transit could also result in a relaxing of the religious discord occurring worldwide, as Jupiter partly signifies religion, and Libra creates social cohesion and accord. With Saturn in the spiritual, religious sign of Sagittarius making a few stabilizing, harmonic aspects to Jupiter in Libra, this could add an element of well-structured generosity or benevolence to conversations about perceived religious, ethnic or social differences.

Libra – The Bad

Key Libra shadow themes: out-of-touch emotionally, superficial, worries, people-pleases, dependent/not independent, paralyzed to make decisions, lacks confidence, self-critical, afraid of conflict, superficial harmony.

After a year of tough work in Virgo, many of us might be looking forward to a release into the charming arms of Libra. I’ll politely argue that while Jupiter in Virgo is not altogether pleasant, we may ultimately look back in awe at last year and realize just how much got done. There could have been lots of worrying and soul-sucking analysis, but equally, the overall output would have been useful, relevant and worthy of the time you invested in that area of your chart.

The danger of Libran energy is somewhat the opposite: tons of platitudes but no progress; beautiful discussions, but no decisions.

Recently, I came across a passage in a book so divinely Libran that I had to include it here:

Considerate behavior and respect for others came at a cost. A man who could not express anger might hide it, but he experienced it nevertheless, often deeply. A woman who thought that others were not sharing properly could whine a bit and make generalized accusations but could not take matters into her own hands and help herself to what she wanted. A person who wanted something that belonged to someone else might ask for it but, if denied, would be forced to see it with its owner every day and feel the bitter pain of envy and rejection.

-A very Libran excerpt from ‘The Old Way’ by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

How very Libran, indeed. Part of the shadow side of Libra is just this: a relationship, workplace, family or arrangement where all the wrinkles and creases have been smoothed down just enough to showcase a superficial happiness and hide an integral sadness. Libra would very much like to find a way for things to work out, they really, really would…but there are far too many people to please, opinions to consider, and internal indecisiveness for any of that to happen very easily.

In the end, Jupiter in Libra’s transit may feel like a lot of finely brushed fluff (which is in itself may also be a good thing – by the end of the transit we might be very ready for the intensely transformational, no-holds-barred energy of Jupiter in Scorpio).

Understanding Jupiter in Libra For You

Jupiter in Libra Insights by Rising Sign

Note: transits only activate what is already predisposed in your chart, and while the below is fun and possibly enlightening, it doesn’t replace a full reading by a professional astrologer. If you want to take this further, contact me for a reading. Use your RISING or ASCENDANT sign with these Jupiter in Libra insights!

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♈ Aries Rising

The traditional (even stereotypical) interpretation of Jupiter transiting the 7th House of partners suggests the distinct possibility for a new partnership to arise, even a marriage, if you are so inclined. Equally, we can end up giving too much, or being too generous, to partners during a Jupiter transit in the 7th House,  and since Jupiter will be squaring control-freak Pluto at some point this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if that dynamic played out in a working partnership (keep in mind that the 7th House also rules ‘known enemies’!), although with Jupiter here you may be able to take the ‘high road.’ With some tight aspects to Uranus, you may find you have an uncontrollable urge to break free from any oppressive, abusive dynamics, but you’re being encouraged this year to find a balanced, objective, and less reactive way of dealing with partnership woes. Since we’re in Libra, there could be a lot of waffling back and forth before big decisions are made in partnerships of any kind, but in the long-run, they should also be able to stand the test of time as they’ll have blessings from ‘The God of Gods’, Jupiter.

♉️ Taurus Rising

With Jupiter in your 6th House of health, service, and the day-to-day grind of living, you’ll be channelling your best Dolly Parton, and working that 9 to 5. As just as it takes a lot of money to look cheap, it too can take a lot of banal work, dieting and organization to feel well. With Libra ruling the kidneys, hips, ovaries, and lower back (and according to some, diabetes and STD’s), you’ll want to be watchful of the health of those areas; on the other hand, you might find you’ll luckily swing through any health conflicts by meeting just the right doctor or serendipitously embarking on a new course of treatment. Certainly, you won’t want to push the boundaries too much by overindulging – with Libra here, the emphasis is on forging a more balanced, refined relationship to your health. Jupiter sailing through the 6th House should also enable a smoother office environment, or at the very least, keep the saltiest of aggressions under wraps. Since there are considerable aspects made between your 9th and 12th Houses in relationship to Jupiter in your 6th, I’m also wondering if something spiritual might burrow its way into your daily health rituals.

♊️ Gemini Rising

Occurring in your 5th House of sex, lovers, romance, children, risk and creativity, you may not know which pleasurable diversion to indulge in first! Libra is one of the signs that signifies relationships, and whereas in the 6th we may balance our relationship to the body, in the 5th we balance, and re-balance, our relationship to the pleasures of life. Classically, Jupiter transiting the 5th can also bring children, but if you have no particular designs on family life, it could aid in the birth of ‘creative’ children: projects of passion which are ready to find their footing in reality. With Libra’s influence, they’ll likely be artistic and refined, and in excellent aspect to Saturn, they’ll have a solid foundation. You could find yourself ankle-deep in Libran-style paramours, which could lead to superficial relationships as easily as it could to peaceful, harmonic partnerships. If you’re already attached, it should enhance the ease of partnering, possibly by formalizing your love relationship into marriage (perhaps a welcome bit of respite, for those who have been poorly treated by Saturn transiting the 7th House!).

♋️ Cancer Rising

It’s time to take a trip down memory lane. With the Jupiter in Libra transit occurring in your 4th House of home, parents, and childhood, this is a uniquely potent time to come to peace over familial wounds that have resisted healing until now. It’s also a great time to beautify and balance your relationship to your home. That could be something physically tangible, like redecorating, or moving into a swish new place; with Jupiter, there could be a seductive call towards enlarging your home as well as a desire to make things pretty. Just make sure it’s something you authentically desire, and not just for show. Jupiter in Libra transiting here could also feel slightly more under the radar, and involve internally coming to peace with parts of your home story or childhood that has felt a bit like a hanging thread. You could also end up permanently relocating to your couch or becoming especially homey, although, with a square from Pluto in your partnership sector, there could be disagreements over home or relationship matters which arise. Either way, at the end of this transit, your relationship to home should have shifted in a way that encourages balance and harmony.

♌️ Leo Rising

 You should be busy this year making big communication-based waves, as the Jupiter in Libra transit occurs in your 3rd House of writing, communicating, community, and siblings. Ideally, Jupiter in Libra transiting the 3rd House would enable you to undertake beautiful new projects involving communication – a new blog, book, or album, perhaps? Saturn in great aspect will ensure whatever you create will be a long-term affair, not just a fly-by-night moment of creative bliss. With the 3rd House also covering the community, and Libra loving to do for others, you might also find inspiration to get really stuck into community development, activism, or other social causes that deepen your connection to the world just around you. The 3rd House is also a little bit about our mind, so with Libra talking about balance, and Uranus possibly creating magical flashes of spiritual insight, you might sign on for daily rituals that keep your grey matter chill AF (think meditation).

♍️ Virgo Rising

Occurring in your 2nd House of money, earned income, assets, and even self-esteem (the most important ‘resource’ we may have), now is the time to get very serious about your spending. Jupiter transiting the 2nd House is stereotypically described as a great time to increase your assets, but the truth is that it’s also a time when money can appear to fly out of the door at a rapid speed. Remember – Jupiter represents increases as well as excesses – so although it would be great if it only created a windfall of cash, it can also ramp up our outgoings too. On a deeper level, the work you can do with Jupiter transiting here is to get in touch with where you’re at regarding your worth, talents and sense of self-esteem. Does something here need to be re-balanced? Are we getting what we’re worth? With Saturn in a lovely aspect from your 4th House of family, I reckon you’ll get support from your home team, whether that’s from your original, or adopted, family.

♎️ Libra Rising

Happy Jupiter transiting the 1st House to you! Jupiter transiting the 1st House is a little bit like having an extended birthday, in so much as the focus is on you, you, and more of you, for the entire year. Some Sun signs that are slightly less self-involved may have a harder time with this self-focus binge (Aquarius and Libra spring to mind). All in all, Jupiter transiting the 1st at the low end can look like the physical self expanding (weight gain is a distinct possibility), but at the high end is a complete re-imagination of what it means to be you. You may find yourself tuning into new veins of wisdom, adopting a new personal philosophy, or delving into spiritual pursuits that feed your soul. I imagine that a part of this new you may involve breaking down patterns of the mind that we adopted from our less-evolved family members. Be sure to accept all these things with a keen sense of balance, and make sure that whatever new version of you comes into being that it is done with a generous dose of rational, Libran detachment.

♏️ Scorpio Rising

Okay, I’m going to be straight with you guys – Jupiter transiting the 12th House of suffering, death, illness, imprisonment, addictions, and anguish is not always fun and games. Objectively speaking, since we are in the sign of Libra, there are parts of this transit that can make us face up to the reality of death and suffering by bringing just those very things into our paradigm. What the Universe really wants us to do is see both sides of this suffering business and to understand that all is not lost in the dark night of the soul – much wisdom is also gained. As well, a great deal of our suffering is self-rendered, and with Libra as our backdrop, I’m wondering if what we need to let go of is people-pleasing behaviours that keep us silently suffering, albeit with a smile on our faces. In this year, you have a real opportunity to create a different relationship to your perception of suffering by shedding layers of the psyche that have been keeping you imprisoned – important work in advance of next year’s Jupiter in Scorpio transit, which will feel like a regenerative homecoming of sorts.

♐️ Sagittarius Rising

When I saw your chart, I remembered some old Whodini lyrics: Friends – how many of us have them, Friends – ones we can depend on – FRIENDS? This will be a big question this year for my Sag rising friends. Saturn in the 1st House for has already been a journey of self-mastery and exploration, and now you might just attract a new crew of supportive people to continue that work, owing to Jupiter now transiting your 11th House of friends, contacts, network, and benefactors. Truth be told, this might invite a level of superficiality to your now-bursting Rolodex of friends and contacts, so just be sure that you know exactly who you’re dealing with before you invite any unknowns too far into your inner circle, wallet, or bedroom. This is a year about re-evaluating, and balancing your connections and friendships, and as part of that, let who needs to go just go, and allow this new wisdom to settle within you. An added bonus of Jupiter in the 11th, which also rules dreams and aspirations, is that you may end the year with an entirely new, inspired vision of what you aspire to accomplish (perhaps those new friends may be of help here, too?).

♑️ Capricorn Rising

It’s no secret that Capricorns love, love, love to work. And yet, with Jupiter in Libra coming into your 10th House of career and reputation, I envision you not just having a superficial expansion in your work, which is the stereotypical concept of a Jupiter in the 10th transit. You might have more work to contend with, sure, and likely a more impressive public profile because of it too – but there’s something deeper at work here that suggests there might be control issues to explore or a relationship to work involving suffering, that may be running out of steam. It may be that sudden events spur you to re-balance your work-life balance, or, it could be simply that your retreat from your normal workaholic ways in the best way possible. White-knuckling our way through life is no way to live. Now is the time to settle any scores about powers issues at work (or in your mind), and re-dedicate yourself to your own healing, which may involve withdrawing a little bit from the outside world. Go ahead – you earned it.

♒️ Aquarius Rising

Now is the time to delve deep into esoteric materials, spiritual studies, the University of life, or simply, a stunning foray into foreign travel. Jupiter in the 9th House, which in any case has a relationship to spirituality and religion, transiting the house of spirituality and religion is an incredibly potent time to adopt new modes of thought, especially ones that may help you re-format your internal hard drive, which might have been under a bit of pressure from both Pluto and Uranus poking around in the dark corners of your mind. Especially interesting, and perhaps surprising, may be the combination of these new studies with groups of people who share a common belief or aspiration. That could end up looking like a meditation circle or a group that works to fight for a social cause; either way, you might find a new circle of contacts that seem better aligned to your new sense of spirit. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to heal and be healed.

♓️ Pisces Rising

Occurring in your 8th House of shared resources, mental anguish, and inheritances…this might get interesting. Surely, you’re better off with this transit occurring now in Libra, the peacemaker, than in Virgo, the critical worrywart. With Libra here, we have a smoother, easier to digest, possibility of making our way through this hallowed ground over the next year. In one way, a transit to the 8th House can exacerbate some of our mental afflictions: perhaps with Libra here, the mental landscape is too apt towards people-pleasing or playing fine when all is everything BUT fine. The good news is that Libra is here to help re-balance your relationship to how you experience mental anguish, as well as how you combine your resources with that of others. Uranus has been playing around in your 2nd House of money/assets off and on for some time, so money may have been slightly stressful in the past few years. If you’ve had a tendency to jump into financial collaborations too quickly in the past, Jupiter in Libra is here to help by injecting a bit of patience, as well as some sound, mature contacts in your work sector. Although you should vet all new incoming partnership opportunities, my feeling is you may meet someone for a change that’s ready to help solidify your dreams, instead of tap-dancing on top of them on their way to the bank.  Best of luck, fish friends.

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