New Moon in Libra: A Bridge Over Troubled Water

New Moon in Libra: A Bridge Over Troubled Water

The New Moon in Libra occurs on the 30th of September, 2016 at 8°15’’ of Libra.

Try checking what area of your birth chart is ruled by Libra, as well as Taurus, or the house where your natal Venus is found for more insight.

If you are new or new-ish to astrology, this post is a good place to start for generating your birth chart and checking out which part of your chart is being touched by this lunation.

You can also find out more about New Moons here.

New Moon in Libra

//A Bridge Over Troubled Water//

I will build a bridge
Over the troubled water for you
The one that was here
Was weak and weary
Time had torn it down
I want to build a bridge
Between every sister and brother
Father and mother, friend and lover
Black, white and other, love one another
I dare you to just do it
It’s the only way to prove it
If I promise to take the first step
Will you take the other?
Don’t you want to be certain?
Don’t you want to know you’re free?
You can come together over me
I know that you can feel it
But it’s gonna take a feeling
It’s gonna get a little easier

Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water

The New Moon in Libra occurring on Sept 30th acts like a footpath to smoother, more promising times after a few months of intense astro-weather and two eclipses, the last of which may have been particularly unsettling for some. Metaphorically, this lunation is a bit like laying silk on top of the raw wounds which were exposed at the Pisces-Chiron Eclipse – a nice cover-up, even a glamorous one, but perhaps not a final solution. We’re still ‘in process’, and although Jupiter is here to give us a helping hand, and even a bit of luck, he’s not a healer as much as he’s a benevolent, fun-loving distraction.

In some ways, this New Moon is also like a debutante ball for Jupiter, the generous, benevolent God who entered Libra on September 9th and is only now beginning to make his presence in the sign of the scales felt. Joining arms with Jupiter in a tight conjunction, the New Moon cycle that lasts over the next 30 days may particularly assist in bringing about good news in the area of your chart ruled by Libra (see below for more on that). Overall, this lunation is one of the nicer, friendlier ones we have had in quite some time, so I encourage you to make the most of it if you are so inclined.

With a close Jupiter-Mars square, some of this energy may translate into overkill/over-do/over-give as easily as it could lend serious Martian horsepower to our aspirations; Venus in lovely trine to Neptune may make out it hard to suss out what’s real, and what’s just wishful thinking. Although some are calling this Venus-Neptune trine a time for divine romance and glamour, and I respect their optimism, I’d just caution that any planetary arrangement involving Neptune is a dicey call – here we are just as likely to get sucked into romantic delusions or destructive victim-redeemer patterns as we are to experience an endless Eden via the ‘other.’

And since the Sun and Moon are yes, conjunct Jupiter, but also conjunct the asteroids Dionysus (wine, festivities, celebrations), Sappho (art, creativity, sensitive expression) and Arachne (creative mastery, but hubris and jealousy, too), I’d recommend any of you folks that are busily ‘swiping right’ in efforts to snag an Autumnal arrangement to take it easy on the meet-cutes and channel that creative energy into your arts.

Maybe what you need is a party, not a partner.

And try not to let all that wine, or the fruits of your artistic labours, go to your head.

New Moon in Libra Insights

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These insights are for RISING signs, not Sun signs; they are also for F-U-N. If you need serious astrological insights, contact me for a reading.

 ♈Aries Rising – New Moon in Libra in the 7th House

Occurring in your 7th House of partners, there is a distinct possibility that the Mars-Jupiter square across the 7th (partners) and 10th (career) houses are giving you lots of drive, but too much give, in the career sphere (even desperation?). Remember to keep some of that energy for yourself, especially as it pertains to healing some of the psychic wounds or emotions that arose during the Pisces Eclipse a few weeks back. You may need that solid footing as we approach the Full Moon in Aries on October 15th (which may be a wee bit turbulent, if you have planets around 23° of Aries). All in all, you can make great strides in marriage and career this month, with Jupiter blessing the actions you take at this New Moon.

♉️ Taurus Rising – New Moon in Libra in the 6th House

Occurring in your 6th House of health, wellness, day-to-day work and the mundanities of life (where are my keys? did the trash man come? did I remember to take my multi-vitamin???), this lunation may feel like it’s been a long time coming. August 18th’s near-eclipse might have shaken up certain aspects of your career, and Jupiter’s connection to this New Moon is a blessing in the works for your office life. The Venus-Neptune trine connecting your 7th (partners) and 11th (friends, groups) houses is potentially a great time to make new friends, or flings of friends, depending on your outlook. Tread carefully here as an intoxicating romantic vibe may be in the air, but not ultimately on the cards.

♊️ Gemini Rising- New Moon in Libra in the 5th House

If you’ve got a lover, I know what you’ll be up to this weekend. Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon in the 5th House of lovers is in tight aspect to Mars, who amongst other things was Aphrodite’s favourite lovahhh, and he’s sitting in your 8th House of sex, power, and shared resources (caveat: this could also make for a fight, but it could end on a good note – nudge nudge, wink wink). If you’ve got no lover to speak of, now is a great time to go out on the hunt, although with Venus and Neptune singing love songs to each other from across the parts of your chart that have to do with work, maybe you need only prowl the cubicles at the office. Saturn’s been wreaking havoc in your 7th House of marriage and partners for a while, but now he’s nearing friendly agreement to gift-giving, lewd luckster Jupiter. Strike while the iron is hot, lovies.

♋️ Cancer Rising – New Moon in Libra in the 4th House

Home, sweet home is being lit up by Jupiter’s conjunction to the Sun and Moon, and regardless of whether you want to buy, rent, expand, or just beautify your humble abode, now is an auspiciously stellar moment to do so. Some of this may strike up tensions with your partner, but if handled in the right way it should manifest as a discussion instead of a dressing down. Family issues could also come to a head, so prepare yourself for keeping calm, although with Mars square Jupiter that may be difficult, and with Mercury across from Chiron, the right words may not come so easily.

♌️ Leo Rising – New Moon in Libra in the 3rd House

Do. Not. Hit. Send. Namast’ay calm, my friend. Jupiter in the 3rd House of communication is making a tight square to your Mars (fight, defense) in the 6th House of work, making a too-punchy-for-its-own-good email or comment distinctly possible. With Jupiter in Libra, you may be fighting for what you feel is ‘right’ or the greater good; you may also be more passive-aggressive than outright argumentative. A Jupiter-Pluto square, which can create ruthless power grabs, is coming into formation in your 6th House of work. This formation is not the Beyoncé kind unless you’re channelling Bey with the bat smashing that car up. Stay chill, bide your time. In the words of Teddy Roosevelt (and Bey), “speak softly, and carry a big stick”.

♍️ Virgo Rising – New Moon in Libra in the 2nd House

My Virgoan rising sisters and brothers may be feeling it in the grey matter this week, as their fave planet Mercury, newly anointed and out of retrograde, is sitting across from Chiron, the professor of pain. If you can put the feels, or thinks, aside for a moment, you’ll be better able to take advantage of the New Moon in your 2nd House of funds and self-esteem (our truest form of assets). Now is a great moment to get knee-deep in your ‘feeling myself-ness’ by indulging in creative outlets. On the other hand, it might also make for some rather delicious financial splurges at your favourite pleasure palace, whether that be the casino or the cookie jar (extra points awarded to those that nurture their spiritual pursuits). Enjoy the fun now before October’s Full Moon in Aries comes through and possibly shakes things up – which will be particularly true for those with planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn around 23°.

♎️ Libra Rising- New Moon in Libra in the 1st House

This is a great month to renew yourself, by getting a new haircut, look or sense of wellbeing; with Venus making lovely aspects to your 6th House of health it could even be a new fitness regime. Any of it will help you relax and take some of the pressure off that you’ve been feeling in regards to your work/health situation, which might have suffered a slight tumble at the last eclipse. With Jupiter in the 1st House squaring Mars in the 4th, there could be power struggles or conflicts between yourself and family that build over the next several weeks. The boxing gloves might come off by the next Full Moon, so if you’re smart, you’ll do your best to clear the air now, with Libran tact and politeness in tow.

♏️ Scorpio Rising- New Moon in Libra in the 12th House

One of my favourite scenes from the Lion King was when Zazu sang ‘Nobody knows the trouble I’ve known, nobody knows my sorrrooowwww.’ With the New Moon in Libra lighting up the 12th House of sorrows, a square to the 3rd House of the mind, and Mercury floating across from wounded healer Chiron, there may be a feeling of woe that’s hard to shake off. The next part in the Lion King is Scar telling Zazu “Oh do lighten up a bit. Sing something, with a bit of bounce in it.” More or less, I’ve got the same advice for you. With Venus playing nice across your houses of self and good fortune, I say go out, eat the food, drink the drinks, dance the dances, laugh all the belly laughs. It may be a sweet distraction, but for now, that may be just what you need.

♐️ Sagittarius Rising – New Moon in Libra in the 11th House

This New Moon is a juicy one for you Sagittarius rising folks, as your Ascendant ruler is Jupiter and he’s living large this month next to the Sun and Moon. With the New Moon happening in your 11th House of aspirations, friends, and benefactors, and squaring your 2nd House of money, I’m wondering if there could be minor bust-ups over money? Alternatively, a friend could rub you the wrong way, or vice versa. Money, power, and your network could end up being a running theme for a while to come, so get a handle on the lay of the land now before the next Full Moon shakes things up (especially if you have planets near 23 degrees of Libra).

♑️ Capricorn Rising – New Moon in Libra in the 10th House

Mars entering your 1st House of self and vitality this week may have felt reinvigorating for you Capricorn rising folks that have been feeling knackered by Mars knocking around in their 12th House of suffering and the self-undoing for so long this year. This is all just as well, as you’re going to need this extra dose of energy to deal with possible expansions, and maybe irritations, in your career sector. You’ll be able to handle it not only because you’re a cool-headed Capricorn rising yourself, but because Mars in Capricorn is exalted, meaning he’s got an extra level of strategic, immoveable badassery when he’s there. Try to look at the opportunities in front of you with fresh eyes.

♒️ Aquarius Rising – New Moon in Libra in the 9th House

If you’ve been considering delving into some kind of spiritual, studious expansions of the soul, this New Moon is practically begging you to take advantage of this month’s lunation occurring in your 9th House of spirituality, publishing, higher education and esoteric knowledge. Right now you’ve got Mercury (your mind) hanging out in the 8th House of mental anguish, and Mars (conflict) possibly stoking cerebral aggravations in his transit of your 12th House of the ‘self-undoing’; at the same time, these are both psychic, intuitive parts of the chart. Any steps you take towards  spiritual experience will pay you in calm-mind dividends – so start now.

♓️ Pisces Rising – New Moon in Libra in the 8th House

What friends, networks, contacts or groups have you feeling a dose of mental woe? Perhaps, even jealousy? Similar to the Aquarius rising folks, you’ve got an open invitation here to get stuck into spiritual work, which I feel may have you feeling more ready to face the world. With last month’s potent Pisces Eclipse happening in your 1st House of self, you may have done a very Piscean thing and retreated a bit from the external world in order to re-group. Understandable, naturally, but indeed a short-lived solution. Reaching down into your spiritual roots this week will help you deal with any vagaries of the mind, however they may arise. On the plus sides, any joint ventures and collaborative projects will be blessed by Jupiter (but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on meditation, my friend).


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September 30th, 2016, Libra 8°15”