Astrology Transits For October, November & December

Astrology Transits For October, November & December

Harvesting Wisdom

After an intense period of retrogrades this year when Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Pluto were all in retrograde motion and a few problematic astro-moments speckled throughout August & September, the last 3 months of 2016 look like they will be more user-friendly. Keywords that come to mind here are ‘integration’ and ‘processing’ – my feeling is that much of what originated in March and April of this year is just now getting psychically embedded. All great lessons require time, and while it’s natural to focus on the ‘active’ learning, we also need to dedicate time for making the wisdom a part of our reality. The next three months are all about just that, although they are not without their own challenges.

Overall, this is a time to harvest the wisdom that we’ve been busily working towards for most of this year.

astrology transits october november december 2016

October 2016 Astrology Transits

October opens up with a lovely enough New Moon in Libra on September 30th or October 1st, depending on where you are in the world. I’ve written fully about that here, but essentially this lunation is very Libran, and about smoothing down some of the creases that were left in the wake of the September 16 Lunar Eclipse.

As part of that New Moon, there was a Jupiter square to Mars, which becomes exact October 5th. Jupiter and Mars are not easy bedfellows, with Jupiter’s domain generally involving wisdom, generosity and luck, and Mars’ encompassing war, anger, and passion. Jupiter wants to give, and Mars wants to defeat; where Jupiter seeks wisdom, Mars strikes to win.

Jupiter as the ‘greater benefic’ has a bit more upper hand here than Mars, the ‘lesser malefic’, but with Mars exalted and at full power in Capricorn, we shouldn’t preclude the possibility of friction and conflict [editor’s note: Kim Kardashian just got robbed by a group of men and tied up in her own house: transiting Mars was in the 2nd House of money (!); Jupiter was conjunct her natal Saturn in the 11th House of groups (!!), transiting Saturn was conjunct her Ascendant (!!!)].

On the upside, Jupiter-Mars contacts can bring a lot of passion, and with Mars in the sign of the persistent sea-goat, a lot of action, too.

October 11th is the sweetest transit of the month, with a fast-moving, but friendly conjunction between messenger planet Mercury and lucky Jupiter, lending a hand to communications and any new contracts or deals you might have on the go. Only a few days later, however, Mercury makes a square to Mars, which occurs on October 13th. Around this time, try to keep a trap on it if you can, as words (Mercury) could cut (Mars) to the core, and won’t be easily forgotten.

These two fast, minor transits lead towards a potentially eruptive Full Moon in Aries at 23 degrees. The Moon will be conjunct Uranus (trauma, breaks, cataclysm, and surprises), asteroid Eris (jealousy, envy, discord), and square Pluto (power, manipulation, obsession, transformation). Aries doesn’t need the additional hot sauce, as it’s already ruled by warrior Mars and like its symbolic animal the Ram, has zero problems with in-your-face conflict; an Aries Moon is especially ‘reactive’ as an emotional signature. With über ‘Mean Girl’ Eris on the prowl at this lunation, there could be a lot of clever, shit-stirring trolls about: do not feed them. On a global scale, this could create war or revolutions of some kind, being that Aries is inherently war-like, and Uranus can rupture the tightly sewn seams of society.

And just to make sure we REALLY get the point, since the Universe clearly has no sense of humour: a few days later on October 19th, Mars will meet up with Pluto. The God of War meets the God of the Underworld for a tango to the death in Capricorn, a deep and serious sign (kind of makes me think of the dance scene in Pulp Fiction – anybody??).

If you’ve got natal planets around 15 degrees of Capricorn and the other Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer & Libra, I suspect you won’t miss this transit, even if you try. Pluto’s vision penetrates deeply and sees past every cute projection we try to wear in order to avoid the brutal facts of a situation. Whatever energetically passes through here will be put to the test of dropping into the Underworld, and rising back out again; handled correctly, this could end up feeling like a transformative rebirth. Ignoring what we sense is lying beneath the pretty surface is ultimately dangerous – because unless we see and expunge our inner toxicities, they can end up destroying the system anyway by breaking it down from the inside out.

[Edit – I forgot to mention the New Moon in Scorpio on October 30th, but here is a link to that reading!]

astrology transits for october november december 2016

November 2016 Astrology Transits

November, the U.S. Presidential election notwithstanding, should be an easier month, continuing our theme of integrating wisdom and winding down our cosmic year.

November 1st starts off with a lovely Sun trine to Neptune (inspired visions, art, poetry, thoughts), and a week later makes a very nice sextile to Pluto (great strength, power with purpose).

The U.S. Presidential election takes place November 8th. A week after the election on November 14th, there is a Full Moon in Taurus at 23 degrees, with a powerful trine to Pluto. Interestingly, the Full Moon will be conjunct the North Node (destiny-ish point) of Hillary AND conjunct the Midheaven (career point, reputation) of Donald. My feeling is Hillary will take it; the conjunction to Donald’s Midheaven likely spells the end, as Full Moons are endings, of his external career. It will take a lot to claw back from the beauty pageant nonsense, the not paying federal taxes bit, and the probable losing to a woman, which should be the extra punch to the gut for this narcissist extraordinaire. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Me saying Hillary would take it was not based on astrology, just on common sense which clearly should no longer be taken for granted! The aspects on both charts were always mixed and I felt it was too close of a call on either side].

November 16th is the 1-year anniversary of Time flies when you’re having fun! I plan to run a contest of sorts on the FB page, so go there to follow and make sure you hear about it first.

It’s hard to describe a bag of mist as moving in one direction or another, so I’m not always convinced Neptune’s movements have hugely differentiating characteristics. Regardless, Neptune will move direct on November 19th, possibly helping us to grasp something that has been evading our conscious understanding. For more, check the house in your chart ruled by Pisces.

November 24th, we experience the first Jupiter-Pluto square, an aspect that will occur again in 2017 on March 30th and August 4th. Since Jupiter has moved into Libra, it can only sextile Saturn, square Pluto and oppose Uranus this year. Jupiter makes things bigger, and Pluto is all about power. Most describe this transit as a ruthless power grab or a ‘power for power’s sake’ feeling. I’ll be interested to see how, and if, this manifests after the tremulous Aries Full Moon of October. This will be the second year in a row with a shaky Thanksgiving atmosphere for my US readers – last year’s was near the beginning of the Saturn-Neptune square. Thanksgiving once again serves as the kick-off day for another powerful transit. Save the good china for Christmas, perhaps??

The month ends on a New Moon in Sagittarius at 8 degrees, with a mixed bag of transits to offer. In some ways, it will echo the last remaining rumblings of the Saturn-Neptune square, as the Moon will be in tight angle to Neptune. Feelings and emotions will be fuzzy, and not necessarily in a good way. With Venus square Uranus, there could also be breaks in relationships of all kinds, even work relationships, depending on how it lays out in your birth chart.

astrology transits october november december 2016

December 2016 Astrology Transits

The first ten days of December are delightfully scary-transit-free, save for a few nice, but fast, transits made by Mars to Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. December 9th, the Sun in Sagittarius will sextile Jupiter in Libra, which is always nice, and possibly more potent as Jupiter will connect with one his home teams. If you’ve got important stuff to do, get it done this day as the next one won’t be as conducive to forward strides.

December 10th kicks off a Saturn (restraint, denial) conjunction to the Sun (spirit). This is a relatively fast-moving transit but it is nonetheless a once-yearly reminder that we are souls living in a flesh cave, and restrictions apply. Energy and moods may be quite low but momentarily buoyed by the next day’s trine between the Sun (spirit) and Uranus (breakthroughs, flashes of intuition).

The Full Moon in Gemini on December 13th occurs at 22 degrees of Gemini, opposing Saturn, in trine to Jupiter and in sextile to Uranus; Mercury is conjunct Pluto, and Uranus is conjunct Ceres. There is a lot to unpack here, but I feel that the lunation ruler, Mercury, conjunct to Pluto may produce powerful conversations, breakthroughs, or knowledge in the area of our lives ruled by Gemini (and/or Capricorn), possibly ones that we will visit and re-visit in the upcoming Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde for Christmas = confirm and re-confirm your holiday plans and book EARLY. All jokes aside, I’m somewhat optimistic about this retrograde, which starts on December 19th and lasts until January 8, 2017. Mercury retrograde is a great time to be nostalgic or re-visit the past, and with many returning to family homes, and possibly friends from long ago, this could make for a delightful time to reconnect with them. Yes, Pluto is there, but perhaps what our Underworld friend may serve up will be brutally honest, warts and all, communication – necessary, if we want to have authentic relationships.

The Sun enters Capricorn and thus signals the Winter Solstice on December 21st.

Christmas aspects, for those that celebrate these holidays, look quite nice. December 24th there is a trine between Saturn (structure) and Uranus (innovation) – finding new ways to solve old problems, essentially. December 25th the transiting Moon will be in Scorpio, which can be intense, but we’ll also have a trine between Venus (love, beauty, art, romance) and Jupiter (gifts!, luck, wisdom and benevolence). I suspect a few more people than usual might get engaged this holiday season, or it may feel like one of those magical Christmases where some of our dreams come true and ‘holiday cheer is near’. The next day, December 26th, Jupiter will oppose Uranus, which can make us very, very impulsive. Typically this is a big shopping day, so I’d just recommend you to think twice before buying.

December 28th there is a New Moon in Capricorn at 8 degrees, with Mercury in a close conjunction making a nice aspect to Mars and Neptune in Pisces. Mars in Pisces tends to have boundary issues; in aspect to Mercury, our mind and communication, we may be extra intuitive, sensory, perceptive or sensitive these days. The lunation ruler, Saturn, is in great aspect to Ceres (mothering, nurturing) and Jupiter (gifts, wisdom). This feels like a new cycle opening up where we can be psychically sensitive as well as structured and productive; we’ll just need to watch our boundaries and make sure we’re able to say “no” if and when we need.

Uranus stations direct on December 29th after a 5-month retrograde in Aries. Advancements and innovations in the part of our chart ruled by Aries can now be fully understood and embraced. Most of what needs to change will likely do so post-Mercury retrograde, which is just as well since many of us will still be in holiday mood during this time.

The year ends on an interesting note, and a poignant one, in my opinion. The final astrological aspect of 2016 is Mars, the warrior, conjunct Neptune, master of illusions, delusions, spirituality and glamour on December 31st. This could make for an absolutely magical albeit slightly delusional evening (think being ditched by your friends to end up speaking until sunrise to someone tall, dark, and handsome – and never seeing them again, but holding the memory forever). Mars is also our drive, and our passion, and with Neptune holding the potential for great vision and inspiration, this is a perfect aspect for building our hopes and dreams for 2017.

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