New Moon in Scorpio: Seeing Is Believing

New Moon in Scorpio: Seeing Is Believing

The New Moon in Scorpio occurs the 30th of October, 2016 at 7°44’’ of Scorpio.

Try checking what area of your birth chart is ruled by Scorpio, as well as Aries, or the house where your natal Mars is found for more insight.

If you are new or new-ish to astrology, this post is a good place to start for generating your birth chart and checking out which part of your chart is being touched by this lunation.

You can also find out more about New Moons here.

New Moon in Scorpio

No song lyrics at this Moon reading – Scorpio is a ‘mute’ sign.

This doesn’t mean I don’t have you covered on musical inspiration – check below.

Deep in the Mystic Mud Pit

What is there to say, really, about the sign Scorpio that hasn’t already been said?

Perhaps the great astrological granpappy Vettius Valens said it best when he ascribed Scorpio as “the cause of stenches, a destroyer of property, ecliptic, having many feet. Men born under this sign are tricky, base, thieves, murderers, traitors, incorrigible, destroyers of property, connivers, burglars, perjurers, covetous of others’ property, accomplices in murder, poisonings, and other crimes, haters of their own family […].’

Maybe we should trust the Babylonians, who called Scorpio, Zuqaqipu, meaning ‘the one who impales.’

And if you get bored by either of those tidbits, you can always turn to the modern astrological perspective, where Scorpio represents such tasty topics as sex freaks, death, human waste, fetid cesspools, destructive emotions, defensiveness, and…more death.

Truthfully, I’m not sure if many Astro-enthusiasts know what to say when Scorpio season comes around. In a field of feel-good astrology-cum-aromatherapy, the salty nature of Scorpio gets lost in nervous derision or diluted into namby-pamby nothingness. In the hands of the fearful, ‘death’ gets reduced to ‘rebirth’, and ‘psychic penetration’ fizzles into ‘perceptiveness.’

There is an all-and-nothing fierceness to Scorpio, and especially the Moon in Scorpio, that can be too intense for most folks. Scorpio is not always pretty. It represents the natural wisdom behind coal, compost piles, and neti-pots, the kind of things where we’d like to turn away and ignore what’s really happening, although we like the outcome just fine.

This is not a sign for folks that would like to shove their hands in their pockets and shuffle through life.

Scorpio does not fucking shuffle.

True – it may not be as regal as Leo’s lion or solid like Taurus’ bull, but all the same, Scorpio doesn’t equate its miniature proportions with the need to carry itself less powerfully. Scorpio’s talents do not rely on size or strength, nor even on its claws and venomous tail.

Scorpio’s real talent is its ability to see – because seeing is believing.

For all of the many things written about Scorpio, the truest I’ve found is Grant Lewi’s summation that Scorpio is the ‘only sign that never produces a shallow person.’

Seeing things for what they are, less the need to senselessly prettify the uglier, and very real, sides of life is a way of interacting with the world on a fiercely spiritual level that most of us can only hope to achieve. Deep in the chaotic, mystic mud pit of life, there are both joys and sorrows in equal proportions; Scorpio sees them both.

This is the last truly beautiful New Moon of 2016, which is perhaps a surprising statement, given that the Moon is traditionally considered weakened in Scorpio. Regardless of the many longstanding thoughts on Scorpio Moons, one thing remains unchallenged: Scorpio is a fertile sign.

As with any fertile moment, you now have the opportunity to birth something new.

At this New Moon, ask for the challenge you’ve been seeking to present itself. Ask for the struggle. Ask for no-holds-barred intensity, and for the laser-beam vision that only a pair of Scorpio goggles can provide.

Plant a seed that seems out of reach and demand that it be yours. In the reaching for it, you might find more than you bargained for – you may find yourself.

Like the scorpion, identify your target, watch and wait.

Know the moment.


Perhaps what Scorpio really has to offer is the knowledge that faith is just a symptom of having caught a glimpse of yourself.

And only when putting our faith to the test can we really believe.

Maybe seeing really is believing.

Current Events + Other Bits

In one of my protracted moments of media-binging, I came across this quote: “The problem in all societies throughout history, the opening for all prejudice, is that we don’t look at all. We look away, or at our prejudices, or we allow the worst among us to look on our behalf, and accept their reports.”

This is a fine way to reframe how needed Scorpio energy is – these are the folks who see through the bullshit, call it what it is and don’t apologize for it.

The ruler of this lunation, Mars, is in a tight but diminishing square (tension) to Uranus (flashes of insight, eruptions); by the time of the New Moon, any urges for independence or rebellion will already have escaped the hatch. I wonder if many of you might meditate on this, and see how it connects with the New Moon in Scorpio. Is there some new seed you’d like to plant that would require a new sense of independence, even rebelliousness?

On another note, this Moon would be an excellent time for doling out forgiveness wherever it’s needed. The Sun and Moon are conjunct asteroid Hebe, which rules youth, youthfulness, and forgiveness, as well as service. This connection here is strong in my opinion – to truly forgive (Hebe) we must first see the sins of the other, and then recognize our own misgivings (Moon in Scorpio). Deep forgiveness doesn’t occur until we are willing to confront the unpleasant truths that brought us to where we are. Mercury (communication) in Scorpio, positively aspecting Neptune in Pisces may deliver us the right words, or better said the right mix of words, in order for healing to occur: Mercury in Scorpio won’t pussyfoot around the hurt, and Neptune in Pisces will bring out an inspired script to meld it all together.

Questions around service (asteroid Hebe) get an extra oomph with Ceres (nurturing) receiving a square from Mars (drive, ambition). We may overwhelm others with our desire to care for them and meet with fiery resistance. Mars is Capricorn is quite a traditional expression of linearity; Ceres in Aries, on the other hand, needs independence, breathing room, and adventure to feel held. Lest you wish to lock horns with a Ram, take a few steps back and offer only your presence.

That’s more than enough, anyway.


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October 30th, 2016, Scorpio 7°44”

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Why this song? Because Scorpio is one of the ‘mute’ signs, being that the animal itself does not produce sound; the music I’ve chosen here is just inspirational background music for whatever it is you’d like to manifest at this New Moon. ♥