Full Moon in Gemini: The Banquet of Life

Full Moon in Gemini: The Banquet of Life

The Full Moon in Gemini occurs the 14th of December, 2016 at 22°25’’ of Gemini.

Try checking what area of your birth chart is ruled by Gemini, as well as Virgo, or the house where your natal Mercury is found for more insight.

If you are new or new-ish to astrology, this post is a good place to start for generating your birth chart and checking out which part of your chart is being touched by this lunation.

You can also find out more about how to work with Full Moons here.

Full Moon in Gemini

Leaf by Leaf page by page
Throw this book away
All the sadness all the rage
Throw this book away
Rip out the binding, tear the glue
All of the grief we never ever knew
We had it all along

Here’s an evening dark with shame
Throw it on the fire
here’s the time I took the blame
Throw it on the fire
Here’s the time we didn’t speak
it seemed for years and years
Here’s a secret
No one will ever know the 
reasons for the tears
They are smoke

-Lyrics from Ben Folds Five’s “Smoke”

Spiritual Canapé

Gemini is a sign of movement: it flitters, flutters, shakes, moves. And just as you think it’s about to finally settle down, it laces up its winged sandals and once again sets out upon a new path, ready to communicate and disseminate to its heart’s desire.

If the journey is the thing for Sagittarius, for Gemini it is the myriad of things that a life well-lived can offer. Here I have to insert that my grandmother would have said that “life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.” I imagine most Geminis would agree with this sentiment.

Whereas Sagittarius wants to understand something wholly and completely by completing the Magna Cum Laude equivalent of the seeker’s journey, Gemini can instead subsist quite happily on a steady diet of canapé, skimming, and multi-tasking.

I’ve heard it said before and find it relevant to this reading that Jupiter (Sagittarius’ ruler) is like a telescope, and Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) is like a microscope.

Gemini is certainly more micro than macro, more broad than deep, more fickle than focused.

A Gemini moon shares some of these qualities – it is changeable, dynamic, always in flux. For some folks with a natal Gemini moon, there can be issues around trying to process emotions through the mind (akin to plugging a 150-watt bulb into a 60-watt socket), or a changeable nature to the emotional state that can be hard to understand earlier on in life.

And while it’s not fair to completely dismiss Gemini’s talent for adaptability, keeping in mind how many of us lurch with fear at the idea of change, it’s within reason to suggest that a great many Geminis are also blighted by their changeable nature: unable to assimilate their knowledge and make it useful, they sometimes end up scattered by their incessantly engaged mind.

Yet, tucked inside of all that inconsistency is an incredible freedom – the freedom to change, to evolve, to move through life uninhibited. How many of us get stuck – inexorably stuck – in the muddy, thankless mundanity of our lives? And how many of us keep trodding the well-worn path in front of us, simply because we are afraid to look at the divergent path that runs alongside us?

Gemini is the zodiac embodiment of untethered movement.

Divergence is their destiny.

And so is duality – the knowledge that everything has two sides and that a heavily polarized opinion is likely only a pithy starting point for some greater, more paradoxical thought.

Paradoxical is a good description for this Full Moon. This lunation is not an easy one, or perhaps better said, it’s not a straightforward one.

My sense is that whatever comes up for you at this Full Moon may ultimately end in freedom of some kind (Saturn and Sun trine Uranus in Aries), but not without first dredging up a bit of pain (Saturn and Sun square Chiron in Pisces; Saturn conjunct asteroid Achilles; Saturn opposite Moon). You may also wish to look back at what was happening for you in June this year when the New Moon in Gemini occurred also in tight opposition to Saturn.

Another reason for the circular, non-linear vibe of this Full Moon is owed to Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and this Full Moon. Currently, our trickster hero Hermes is about to step into the lift that will carry him to his subterannean meeting with Pluto over the coming weeks as he moves retrograde. As part of this, Mercury will be moving into layers of psychic gunk in the part of your chart ruled by Capricorn & Sagittarius, specifically the degrees between 15° of Capricorn and 29° of Sagittarius.

This Full Moon is an opening act for the themes that may liberate or irritate you in the upcoming Mercury retrograde, which is exactly the type of spiritual starter dish that the average Gemini might find terribly agreeable.

What may be more difficult to metabolize at this Full Moon is reconciling the parts of ourselves that want to completely break free and rip off the band-aid (Jupiter opposite Uranus) and the parts that are willing to do the work (Saturn) required for the innovations (Uranus) you seek.

The answers are likely not to be very clear now. It’s best to take a page from the book of Gemini; don’t be afraid to change course, burn up the old map and toss your compass into the sea. If you don’t like where you find yourself or where you’re headed, be ready to adapt.

Draw a new map, stare down the divergent path, take the first step.

Life’s a banquet, and you’re only just getting started.

Current Events + Other Bits

When I first pulled up the Full Moon chart, I noticed there was a ‘mystic rectangle’ formed in the chart (an aspect formation assumed to be patently ‘spiritual’ but not without tension); once I applied an utterly ruthless orb of 3 degrees, one of the sides of the rectangle fell away – and my instant thought was that this Moon is when ‘the lid comes off’.

Certainly, there is an element of Mercury, the trickster psycho-pomp coming into alliance with Lord of the Underworld Pluto that speaks about mining for what is lying below the surface. And for me, there was an element of writing this lunation’s post that felt nebulous, and hazy – like looking down from the crevice into the black and trying to discern what might be there if you jump down later. This is a space of magic, depth, and detective work.

The lyrics from this song summed it up perfectly, for me:

Rip out the binding, tear the glue
All of the grief we never ever knew
We had it all along

I feel the message is that if you don’t like what you find, burn it instead of burying it. Pluto is deep and will reach into parts of us that we never knew existed – “all of the grief we never ever knew” – and let us see it front and center.

For some, Mercury’s retrograde journey in Capricorn & Sagittarius might manifest as actual conversations (or even confessions) that seem to appear from nowhere; for others, this might be a solo journey inwards.

I have a visual of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, but this might feel more like “20,000 Leagues Under Me”. In any case, that book was written somewhat as a metaphor of Homer’s Odyssey, a story about homecomings and wanderings, both very mercurial topics that are likely to occur in the next fortnight as many return home for the holidays.

Travel might likely go awry for a few folks, as Mercury will turn retrograde within a short time from this post on the 19th December. And while Mercury in retrograde is not to be feared, you might wish to check and double check your reservations, tickets, et. al., and arrive early if possible. Since Mercury will be looting around in Pluto’s land until 8th January, be prepared for deeper than normal holiday chat.

I wouldn’t like to guess, but equally interesting could be the final vote of the Electoral College – which will happen at nearly the same time Mercury stations retrograde (never a good time for ‘final’ decisions) and with Jupiter in strong opposition to Uranus (shocking outcomes, breakaway moments, acts of rebelliousness).


December 14th, 2016, Gemini 22°25”

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