Astrology Transits for January 2017

Astrology Transits for January 2017

Walking In Backwards

Astrology Transits for January 2017

2017 starts off just as 2016, with a Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn.

While 2016’s Mercury Retrograde trickled into effect a week into the new year, this time we start off deep in the heart of Mercury’s Underworld travels. This should not be misconstrued as a worrisome start to the year, nor as a portent of ‘things to come’ in 2017, but just a thematic underpinning to how January unfolds before us. The first two weeks of January 2017, in particular, will not feel like we are ready to charge forth with a renewed sense of energy. It’s also not a hangover, per se, or a post-holiday dreariness that I see here, as much as it’s just a general push towards introversion or retreat.

My Capricorn Sun or Ascendant folks are probably feeling the Mercury Retrograde vibes, especially for those with planets at 15° or so of Capricorn (and the other cardinal signs too: Aries, Libra, Cancer), as both last year’s and this year’s retrogrades in January have been active over those degrees.

Whilst we’ll have all the other traditional planets moving in direct motion, there’ll still be a feeling of one foot on the gas, one foot on the brake as we start the new year. January is a bit of a breech baby, walking backwards into life towards the light.

This liminal, floaty vibe will be further enhanced by the presence of both Venus and Mars in the sign of Pisces for most of the month, a dreamy space where we may get caught up in more illusory, poetic distractions than normal. There will be a lot of Piscean energy around, with Mars & Venus joined by asteroid Goddess Pallas-Athena (creative intelligence, healing), and long-time Pisces residents Chiron (healing/pain), Neptune (mysticism/illusion), and the South Node (depletion/karma). If you’ve got the urge to retreat, heal, write, create art – now is a perfect time to channel your feels into form. We may be sensitive or more porous than usual, so don’t be surprised if your social calendar gets shelved until February.

January 7th, the Sun conjoins Pluto in 17° of Capricorn. A favourite expression I have for these types of transits is ‘lancing the boil’, which should be especially potent a metaphor with folks that have planets in these degrees or with natal Pluto or the Sun in aspect to this transit. Conjunctions to Pluto can feel volcanic, not in a Pompeii-style run-for-your-life way, but in a slow, oozing out of whatever trapped material has been below manner. Better out than in, as the Brits say.

January 10th, the Sun squares Uranus, which can feel itchy, if not frustrating, and can sometimes pull out shock moments. This happens across the signs of Capricorn and Aries at 22°, so if you have planets thereabouts, you may wish to hold back on any outrageous, in-your-face reactions or behaviours, depending on where these transits lie in your chart. Uranus is the domain of technology, amongst other things, so if these degrees mean something to you, I’d lay off the snap/vine/tweet/send until you’re absolutely sure the message you’re sending won’t ruffle any important feathers.

If you do make a flub or too, January 11th & 12th will be classic eat your feelings/retail therapy days with the Sun (ego/spirit) squaring Jupiter (excess) across Capricorn and Libra at 22°. Since I have a natal Venus-Jupiter (oh, the cake!) square that is exact within one degree, I’m not going to lecture you lot on the dangers of indulgences or excess, except to say that too much of good things can (sometimes) be wonderful.

The first Full Moon of 2017 occurs on January 12th in Cancer (22°), the home state of the Moon, but with some touchy aspects: a Cardinal Grand Cross builds across the Moon in Cancer, Jupiter in Libra, the Sun & Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries. In particular, the tight square to Uranus may be especially shocking or eruptive.

Things will quiet down for the next few weeks, with the only significant aspect being a Mars-Saturn square on the 19th, which may only deepen to emphasise the hot/cold, go/stop nature of January. This transit happens across the flexible signs of Pisces & Sagittarius, so frustrations may arise from just too much flexibility and option.

In the early hours of January 28th, we’ll have our first New Moon of 2017 in Aquarius (8°). Lunation ruler Saturn is in tough aspect to both Mars & Venus, but particularly Venus, so issues of love and money will not go terribly well, though generous and kind-natured Jupiter is on hand to add a dash of balance. The Cardinal Grand Cross of the Full Moon will be on its last legs here, but still active in a T-Square between Libra, Capricorn and Aries.

The 29th should feel like a significant push forward. The kind of visual I get in my mind is of someone that wakes up in a daze on the couch, surveys the chaos of dirty dishes, pizza delivery boxes and dead houseplants that crowd their field of vision – and as if snapped back into reality from a deep sleep, said person jumps up, takes a shower, and with near military precision begins the process of putting to right all of the wrong.

On this day, Mars will enter its fiery, energetic home sign of Aries, and Mercury will finally well and truly be out of its shadow phase. After our dormant period, action and activity should multiply starting from today. Mercury will also conjoin Pluto on this day, so possible interpretations of this moment outside of leaving the comfiness of your couch could include unearthing some of the hidden information that has been nudging you throughout Mercury retrograde. Knowledge is power, as they say, and you might feel very powerful indeed with Mars in Aries – so use what you find wisely.

Astrology Transits for January 2017:

  • January 4th: Venus enters Pisces, Mercury slides back into the late degrees of Sagittarius
  • January 7th: Sun conjoins Pluto at 17° of Capricorn, most potent for folks with planets at 17° degrees, +/- 3° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)
  • January 8th: Mercury stations direct at 28° of Sagittarius
  • January 10th: Sun square Uranus (Capricorn – Aries 21°)
  • January 11th & 12th: loose T-Square between Jupiter in Libra, Sun in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries (circa 22°) based on yesterday’s aspects
  • January 12th: Full Moon in Cancer at 22°, creating a temporary, loose cardinal grand cross based on yesterday’s aspects; this is a tough first Full Moon of 2017.
  • January 19th: Sun enters Aquarius, Mars squares Saturn (Pisces-Sagittarius 23°)
  • January 28th: New Moon in Aquarius at 8°. Lunation ruler Saturn will square both Venus & Mars but receives a decent sextile from Jupiter. Mercury is now full out of its ‘shadow’ and has regained full planetary strength.
  • January 29th: Mars enters Aries, Mercury conjunct Pluto (18°).