New Moon in Capricorn: Slave to the Groove, not the Grind

New Moon in Capricorn: Slave to the Groove, not the Grind

The New Moon in Capricorn occurs the 28th of December, 2016 at 7°59’’ of Capricorn.

Try checking what area of your birth chart is ruled by Capricorn, as well as Aquarius, or the house where your natal Saturn is found for more insight.

If you are new or new-ish to astrology, this post is a good place to start for generating your birth chart and checking out which part of your chart is being touched by this lunation.

You can also find out more about how to work with New Moons here.

New Moon in Capricorn

I dreamt my voice was a mountain –

Can you give me that sound beat?

Climbing past Heaven to even higher ground beat?

Wanna preach in the spotlight, rock’n’roll summit on the mount beat?

My pen started this late last night,

now my voice finishes the song for me.

I’m brave enough to be a slave,

a slave to this groove.

-Lyrics from The Negro Problem’s “Brave, Suffering Beautiful” (transcribed by yours truly, so expect errors)


A Slave to The Groove (Not the Grind)

Bravery is not the first term that comes to mind when we speak about Capricorn, our sea-goat friends of the zodiac.

Conservatism jumps to mind, as well as achievement and a deadly work ethic.

But bravery?

Bravery typically ends up in the already cluttered closets of Aries, the warrior sign, and Leo, the lion. This is how most of us envision bravery: the soldier courageously rushing into battle, shield held high; the fierceness of the lion as it defends its pride, which is often a double entendre in the case of Leo.

If Capricorn conjures a warrior image at all, it’s something more along the lines of a corporate crusader outfitted in gentleman’s armor: the three-piece suit.

Capricorn doesn’t really need the armor anyway, they’re quite steely as it is. Maybe fabric isn’t as resilient as steel, but a good suit can be just as effective a defense as armor given the right circumstances (and tailor).

Unsurprisingly, Capricorn is also the ruler of our bones and bone structure (consider the cut-glass cheekbones of Cindy Crawford & JFK Jr., both with Venus in Capricorn). Beyond the predisposition for a good jawline, Capricorns are internally hardwired for strength; of all the zodiac signs, Capricorn is the one with the deepest reserve of stamina.

This New Moon in Capricorn is asking us for bravery, but a different type that doesn’t drum up the bullish tendencies so often seen in Aries & Leo. The kind we’re after now is more about recognizing limits, and deciding to keep on the grind, or should I say the groove, until we reach our personal summit.

This is simple step-by-step, foot after foot bravery. It won’t be canonized in literature or inspire a Hollywood movie, but it might reconnect you to an uncomplicated sense of happiness during very complicated times.

Capricorn very rarely gives up hope, not even the face of a grand Cheeto wizard assuming the highest office in the land. If you’re feeling bereft, give yourself an injection of Capricornian resolve.

Essentially: for some, it’s not over till the fat lady sings; for Capricorns, it’s not over until the sea-goat ascends.

The Moon is in its detriment, or weakened, in Capricorn; when in this sign, the Moon has a tendency towards melancholy and depression, some of which may crop up at this New Moon depending on where it occurs in your chart. With tight aspects between the lunation ruler Saturn and Chiron, this could feel very well feel like a coldness, denial, or meeting a limit of some kind.

When you meet a limit, a personal thou-shalt-not-pass-Go, you can either give up or give more to your grind; this Moon is about the latter. With Sun, Moon and Mercury in Capricorn, the suggestion could be to throw your Mind (Mercury), Body (Moon), and Soul (Sun) behind whatever it is you’re chasing. Pluto nearby, also in Capricorn, can provide the kind of power and obsession you need to be relentless in the face of a limit.

Giving up on your dreams is like dying from a thousand papercuts; better to re-dedicate yourself to a journey of a thousand small steps.

How very Capricorn – how very brave.

Stay on your groove in 2017, lovers.


Current Events + Other Bits

The recent Winter Solstice (December 21st) does mark the end of a cycle and starts a new one too, but astrologically this is not really the end of the year. The ancient origins of the solstice concerned the movement of the Sun and the path it appears to make in the sky based on our view from Earth (this picture may help you understand). So, the solstice is not just about the Sun’s move into the sign of Capricorn, but also a new birth of sorts for the Sun: the days become longer, and its path starts to move higher and higher into the sky from our perception. This was sometimes referred to as Sol Invictus, or, the ‘Unconquered Sun.’

It’s still a kind of mini-New Year, with the astrological equivalent of the New Year occurring at the next major solar ingress when the Sun moves into Aries. I have a feeling that the New Year may seem to start off quite slow, owing to the fact that we are once again starting a year with a Mercury Retrograde (you can read more about my thoughts re January’s astrology here).

Saturn as lunation ruler is very active in this chart, with aspects made to Jupiter, Venus, Chiron, Ceres, and Uranus. The Saturn-Chiron square is the only definitively ‘difficult’ aspect amongst these, but it can be assumed that Saturn is slightly helped by his connection in the chart to both of the benefics (Venus & Jupiter). My thought is that the square between Saturn (limits, denials) and Chiron (wounds, healing) is more about really recognizing the severity/finality of a limit you face in the house ruled by Pisces, but equally understanding how you can heal it, too.

In terms of asteroids, there are couple lurking about in this chart. The Sun and Moon are conjoined to asteroids Valentine (generally seen as a romantic asteroid), Amycus (the exquisite and the ethereal) and Chariklo (compassion, intervening on other’s behalf); Saturn is conjoined asteroid Nemesis (an enemy, likely yourself). Some dreams might get pulled down to Earth in a way that first feels frustrating, but will eventually create space for you to nurture the right things – also known as the real things – in the months to come.

Saturn would be pleased as punch: he knows that imperfect realities always suffer at the hand of perfectly illusory fantasies.

Choose your fantasies carefully.


December 28th, 2016, Capricorn 7°59”