Astrology Transits for February 2017

Astrology Transits for February 2017

A Frog in Hot Water

Astrology Transits for February 2017

I’ve described this month as a ‘frog in hot water’ since a number of the punchiest aspects of 2017 peak in March, namely, the Venus Retrograde with aspects to Chiron, the second Jupiter-Pluto Square, and the second Jupiter-Uranus opposition. We’re not quite in the boiling water yet, but this month is when we start to turn on the heat.

Without a doubt, the two main events of this month’s astrology transits are the first two eclipses of 2017: a Lunar Eclipse on February 11th in Leo, and a Solar Eclipse on February 26th in Pisces. Using the analogy of punctuation marks, normal lunations are like full stops and eclipses are more like exclamation marks. They both ‘punctuate’ the ebb and flow of activity in our lives, eclipses just tend to be much more emphatic and demanding of our attention.

That said, all eclipses are not created equal, and the second eclipse may be particularly intense, especially given the nature of this month’s transits. Other than a couple of helpful moments, which are generally mild, if I am brutally honest (sorry folks – transit reports written under a Mercury-Pluto conjunction can only be brutal), February has a number of challenging, change-inducing aspects of which to take note.

Just by considering the mix of modalities and elements, the astrology for the month overall may feel quite highly charged and restless. Action plus adaptiveness can make for great, big, flexible plans, but it can also mean these plans lack a solid foundation – imagine of a variety of trees planted in shallow soil. Some of them might come good given room to breath, but many simply won’t be able to access the nutrients required for long-term growth.

As the month continues, there is a crescendo towards more and more Cardinal (dynamic) and Mutable (changeable) energy, as well as more Fire (action) and Water (feeling). With the increasing absence of Air (objectivity) and Earth (groundedness), the atmosphere might seem a little chaotic, as if changes erupt before we can fully grasp and make sense or get hold of what’s happening. There might be a tendency towards reaction and away from partiality.

February 1st starts the month with a square between Mercury and Uranus, which in its own way sets the tone for how the month might play out: erratic, rebellious, nervous. On the same day, Neptune will conjoin asteroid Pallas-Athena, known for her ability to channel kundalini energy into creativity or healing – look for deep meditations and lucid dreams.

The next day, February 2nd, Mercury makes a second square to Jupiter, which can overexaggerate the messages we send or receive. Amidst the two there is a fleeting, harmonious connection to Chiron, which can be healing across the parts of your chart involving Capricorn & Pisces.

February 3rd, Venus enters Aries. Venus will retrograde in Aries next month, but she is already in what some may deem the ‘shadow’; technically this started on or around January 30th, so if you recall relationship issues that surfaced at this time, it may be a sign of what’s to be examined in the Venus retrograde.

Jupiter stations retrograde on February 6th until June 10th. Jupiter retrogrades are usually not as intense as those made by Saturn, but they do present an opportunity for similar types of review. Jupiter entered Libra in early September, so now is a good time to a review whatever expansion plans you’ve hatched in the house of its transit since then.

The first eclipse of 2017 occurs on February 11th at 22 of Leo. The lunation ruler is the Sun, which makes a great aspect to Jupiter (generosity, luck, wisdom), and harmonious ones to Saturn (stability), and Uranus (innovation). Here, we might get just the thing – a lucky break – we need in order to innovate in a sustainable way. A Jupiter trine can sometimes make for laziness, but with Saturn in the mix, we’ll have a dose of work ethic within reach.

Valentine’s Day, February 14th, will still have a lingering sextile between the Sun and Saturn active, and while that doesn’t necessarily make for impassioned exchanges, it can induce real-life commitment.

February 21st looks like a great day for making a deal, presentation, communication or similar, particularly if it relates to or involves technology. On this day, Mercury sextiles both Uranus (innovation, technology), and trines Jupiter (luck, wisdom). The Sun will conjoin the South Node, which can deplete our sense of spirit or confidence a bit, but it may also put our ego’s in the backseat and let compassion or empathy, both Piscean themes, take the lead.

Mars, our drive, and Pluto, our need for power or control, will square each other on February 22nd across Capricorn and Aries at 18°. There may be a very strong urge for power, but a difficulty in harnessing the energy behind our and directing it properly.

If things come to a head or discussions get a bit terse, the Mercury sextile to Saturn on February 23rd will help to smooth things over. Mercury will also enter Pisces a few days later on February 25th, which can make for communication that is more sensitive and relaxed, if but a bit dreamy. These are good days to make plans and dream things into existence.

I said eclipses are like exclamation marks, but the solar eclipse on February 26th might be more ‘?!’ than ‘!’. The lunation ruler, Jupiter, is in a bit of a tight spot. It opposes Uranus (overconfidence, surprising circumstances) and Mars (anger can be difficult to repress, frustrations may soar), squares Pluto (inflated need for control or power; power struggles) and asteroid Vesta (me vs. them mindsets, fundamentalism). The Sun and Moon will both be conjoined Neptune, which can be just as mystical as it can be deceptive; Mars conjunct Uranus can create out-of-nowhere impulses or tempers that get riled in a flash.

February 27th is a bit of an eclipse hangover, with the Mars conjunction to Uranus and opposition to Jupiter still strong. As an added bonus (read: kick in the teeth), Mercury will conjoin the South Node. In general, this will deplete a planet’s natural expressions. Mercury in Pisces is already a little bit weakened as it has the tendency to float around like a butterfly that never seems to light anywhere, and near the South Node, our reasoning faculties may be hindered.

If you’re reeling from the eclipses, you might wish to feel your way through it slowly without passing judgment – yet.

Folks with planets at 18-26° of Cardinal signs will find this month’s astrology most challenging; those with 18-25° of Fixed signs will find it more palatable.

Astrology Transits for February 2017:

  • February 1st – Mercury square Uranus (Capricorn – Aries 21°)
  • February 2nd – Mercury sextile Chiron (Capricorn – Pisces 22°), Mercury square Jupiter (Capricorn – Libra 23°)
  • February 3rd – Venus enters Aries
  • February 6th – Jupiter stations retrograde at 23° Libra and will be retrograde until June 10th
  • February 7th – Mercury enters Aquarius
  • February 9th – Sun sextile Uranus (Aquarius – Aries 21°)
  • February  10th – Mercury sextile Venus (Aquarius – Aries 5°)
  • February 11th – Lunar Eclipse at 22°28” of Leo. Largely a positive outlook, with lunation ruler the Sun in positive aspect to Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus
  • February 14th – Sun sextile Saturn (Aquarius – Sagittarius 25°). Nice aspects for a solid, committed Valentine’s Day.
  • February 16th – Mercury sextile Mars (Aquarius – Aries 14°)
  • February 18th – Sun enters Pisces
  • February 21st – Mercury sextile Uranus (Aquarius – Aries 21°), Mercury trine Jupiter (Aquarius – Libra 22°), Sun conjunct the South Node (3° Pisces).
  • February 22nd – Mars square Pluto (Aries – Capricorn 18°)
  • February 23rd – Mercury sextile Saturn (Aquarius – Sagittarius 26°), Sun conjunct the asteroid Nessus.
  • February 25th – Mercury enters Pisces
  • February 26th – Solar Eclipse at 8°12″ of Pisces. This chart is a wee bit tricky, with tight and harsh aspects from the lunation ruler Jupiter to Uranus, asteroid Vesta, Pluto, and Mars; Neptune will be conjunct the Sun and Moon.
  • February 27th – Tough aspects continues with Mars conjunct Uranus (22° Aries), Mars opposite Jupiter (Aries – Libra 22°), Mercury conjunct the South Node (3° Pisces)
  • February 28th – Mercury conjunct the asteroid Nessus.

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