Lunar Eclipse in Leo: Friendly Fire

Lunar Eclipse in Leo: Friendly Fire

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo occurs the 11th of February, 2017 at 22°28’’ of Leo.

Try checking what area of your birth chart is ruled by Leo or the house where your natal Sun is found for more insight.

If you are new or new-ish to astrology, this post is a good place to start for generating your birth chart and checking out which part of your chart is being touched by this lunation.

You can also find out more about how to work with eclipses here.

Lunar Eclipse in Leo

“Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.”

-Zelda Fitzgerald


Friendly Fire

Inside the Earth, there is a thrumming molten core, churning away like Gaia’s personal cement mixer.

Similarly, we each have inside of us our own fire-powered center: the heart, that diligent timekeeper of minutes gone by and archivist of all things felt.

The heart’s influence spreads beyond our bodies and into our words.

We know things ‘by heart’, we want to get to ‘the heart of the matter’, we ‘take things to heart.’ Our language insists that dealing with the heart is to throw back the doors on our innermost machinery, and to look directly into the core (core: originally from the Old French, coeur, “heart”).

This requires bravery, courage, the heart of a Lion.

Meet Leo: the sign of the Sun and the astrological ruler of the heart.

Leos exude a steady dose of spirit consistent with their status as a fixed fire sign – think the warm glow of the fireplace and the seductive call of an open campfire.

These aren’t fireworks (Sagittarius) or sparks (Aries); this is an energy that sustains, invites an audience and solidifies connections.

Leo is the sign of friendly fire.

Leos are well-known for their artistic, soulful creative expression. But at a deeper level, this isn’t just art for art’s sake – the vector of Leos expressions start in their hearts and rushes forth until it touches yours, too.

Once that kind of fire starts, it rarely goes out – important things to keep in remember as we approach this lunation.

Much change is afoot, a dynamic that suits neither hearts nor humans too terribly well. Eclipse season always brings shifts.

This particular lunar eclipse, however, is surrounded by soft aspects to its ruler, the Sun (sextile Saturn and Uranus, trine Jupiter), which feels like changes supported by stability and good luck. Additionally, Mercury (the mind, communication) and Venus (connection, love) are in a harmonious relationship, as well as Juno (partners) and Ceres (nurturing). With this smattering of light but lovely interchanges, this could be a strategic moment to strike up much-needed conversations with our most important people, pre-Venus retrograde.

There is also, however, a burgeoning need to break out (Jupiter opposite Uranus), and the trick to mastering the seismic waves of this eclipse will be ensuring we are not sucked away by the powerful undertow of our itchiest desires.

For guidance, we can study another fire-focused totem in the chart for inspiration: Vesta.

Some may already be familiar with asteroid Vesta as the principle of focused, single-minded dedication to a cause or purpose, but her mythical origin was as the attendant of the sacred eternal flame. Vesta belonged to no one but herself; as a virgin goddess, she was married only to her fire.

Vesta is very active in this chart, with squares to Jupiter and Uranus and a trine to Chiron. This mix suggests to me that your flame is already burning bright and the focus building in this part of your chart has been, excuse me for this, a slow burn.

Recently, there has also been a sense of healing here; perhaps you found your way into ‘the heart’ of the matter (Vesta in Cancer, trine Chiron).

Just as our hearts have no limit or measure, neither does this little fire you’re tending to – so expand it. Enlarge your vision, throw an extra log on the fire, and invite some unlikely compatriots to enjoy the view in the coming months.

Your heart can hold it all: the divergent opinions, the stop, start, and shifts of life.

And with a little dedication, a single flame can become a bonfire in no time at all.

Let the lunar eclipse in Leo enable you to strike the first match.

My wish you for you at this eclipse is this:

That your fire can become as steady as your heart.

Current Events + Other Bits


I’ve said before that lunations are like celestial punctuation marks; eclipses are just more of a ‘!’ than a full stop. All told, the lunar eclipse in Leo is a very friendly eclipse.

Milk it up while you can and take a leap forward if your heart beckons you.

This eclipse is ruled by the Sun, which is in great relationship to Jupiter, the generous, gift-giving zodiacal do-gooder, Saturn, the stable, maturity-inducing zodiacal taskmaster, and Uranus, astrology’s unpredictable change agent. Difficult aspects to your birth chart notwithstanding, the surprising outcomes that may occur with Jupiter starkly opposed to Uranus should be more parts jolly than folly.

Politically speaking, there are interesting asteroids in the chart. The Sun is conjunct Dike, Goddess of Justice, in the humanitarian sign Aquarius; the Moon is conjunct asteroid Hera (aka Juno), which in part talks about defending unempowered peoples or minorities. Asteroid Vesta is conjoined asteroid Danae and Lampetia. Besides the fact that Lampetia calls to mind Lampedusa, a point of arrival commonly sought by refugees, Danae and her baby Perseus were thrown into a boat in the sea because her father feared her son would grow to kill him. Does that storyline ring any bells??

This series of Leo eclipses will directly affect Donald Trump; this first one loosely conjoins his natal Mars in the 1st House, and the next one in August occurs between Mars and his Ascendant. This month’s eclipse seems to be positive for him as it sextiles his 11th House Sun and trines his 5th House Moon.

The 11th House in mundane astrology speaks about collective groups like Congress, and the 5th of public places like public parks as well as the education system. But what’s good for the Don may be bad for us: perhaps this could relate to a disastrous Secretary of Education pick, or, the wholesale auction of public lands for private use?

On the downside, however, there is a brewing t-square between Donald’s natal Sun and Moon to transiting Chiron (the wound that never heals) in the 8th House, which amongst other things…talks about our taxes.



February 11th, 2017, Leo 22°28”

lunar eclipse in leo february 11 2017