Solar Eclipse in Pisces: The Life Aquatic

Solar Eclipse in Pisces: The Life Aquatic

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces occurs the 26th of February, 2017 at 8°12’’ of Pisces.

Try checking what area of your birth chart is ruled by Pisces or the house where your natal Jupiter is found for more insight.

If you are new or new-ish to astrology, this post is a good place to start for generating your birth chart and checking out which part of your chart is being touched by this lunation.

You can also find out more about how to work with eclipses here.

Solar Eclipse in Pisces

“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”

-Isak Dinesen


The Life Aquatic

Pisces, in the words du jour, feels all the feels; if there is any one sign that is synced directly into the infinite energy grid underpinning our existence, Pisces is it.

Pisces feels things more profoundly than Cancer, and believe it or not, even more intensely than Scorpio. The former signs sense the feeling, but Pisces becomes one with the feeling itself.

Like water itself, Pisces has no boundaries. Pisces is porous, and through the small entryways in its energetic borders seeps in…everything.

Every feeling, every emotion, every vibe.

Every joy, pain, and loss.

Every visceral transgression and intercepted barb.

There’s an important differentiation between Pisces and its fellow water signs to be made. The other water signs are represented by animals that spend equal times on land and water; Cancer as the crab has access to the shore, and the scorpions of Scorpio can survive a bit of bathtime but prefer an arid landscape.

The two fishes of Pisces, however, live solely in the sea. Pisces cannot escape this connection to water and everything it symbolically represents: emotions, feelings, our subconscious, and the cleansing realms of transcendence and healing.

It’s not easy work, being constantly submerged in the water, connected to everyone’s feels. It can be hard to know if the pain we feel belongs to us, our neighbor, or the world. We can become confused or misled by our emotional signals if we are too deeply submerged in Pisces’ empathic waters.

This may be why some folks consider Pisces ‘weak.’

They underestimate just how much strength it takes to move through the world with such profound feeling and compassion.

For this reason, Pisces often needs to escape: filled with feelings and bursting with an energetic load that would topple Atlas himself, there is a pronounced necessity to isolate themselves, often at a moment’s notice. Many of us can relate to this need to withdraw and recharge from time to time.

The danger here – not just for Pisces, but for all of us – is that redemption, healing, and transcendence can be addictive. Once we’re in the soothing waters of Pisces, our solitudinous place of escape, we might not want to leave.

Being saved can become a way of life, and we can count too often on the intervention of others and too little on our own ability to hold ourselves.

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces is about striking the middle path between victim and savior, escapism and self-care, fantasy and reality (Neptune conjunct Sun & Moon). We need to find a way to heal ourselves and let go out of the past, without losing a grip on the present (South Node conjunct Sun & Moon). If we can’t avoid the water, we need to make peace with its role in our lives.

Over the next several months, we may discover that our urges to heal (now!) and transcend (now!) were just misguided attempts to try and escape ourselves. Change is inevitable, but so is healing. You don’t have to push this process along any more than you have to tell the ocean to move.

Bonnie Tyler may have needed a hero, but maybe you just need a mirror.

If this is all a little too woo to digest right now, just remember what my favorite Pisces once told me:

“You don’t drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there.”

Everybody out of the pool.

Current Events + Other Bits

The solar eclipse in Pisces is the last of a series of eclipses across the Virgo-Pisces axis. The houses in our chart ruled by these signs have been getting jolts of energy – change or die – for nearly 2 years (specifically, since 20th March 2015). For those folks with Virgo and Pisces planets, you can now relax a bit. The majority of the eclipse action over the next couple years will occur mainly in Leo and Aquarius.

The last two weeks may have felt like being stuck inside of a snow globe. Often between eclipses, or even before we take big shifts forward (I for one always feel like I’m in a ‘loading bay’ before I go on Shamanic retreat), we can be in a bit of a liminal, spaced-out place. This may have been two-fold if you have planets in the early degrees of Pisces, where the South Node has been siphoning off a bit of energy.

With the South Node conjunct the eclipse, the past could become present, secrets could spill out, or we might get sucked back into an old feeling we thought we had moved past. Faulkner said the ‘past is never dead’, and in some ways that’s true; at this eclipse, it could be more about revisiting that certain something once again before you release it from your system – a process that could repeat several times over the next several months.

In terms of asteroids, the story was pretty clear: the Sun and Moon are conjunct asteroid Sophrosyne (moderation, discretion), Neptune is conjunct asteroid Ate (delusion, folly, hubris), and Chiron is conjunct asteroid Hybris (hubris, foolish pride). Interestingly, Sophrosyne and Hybris were known to be polar opposites of each other, so it’s telling that they’re both prominently placed in this chart.

You can think of Sophrosyne, also known as Sobrietas (sobriety, temperance), as the epitome of ‘moderation in all things’, and Hybris, also known as Petulantia (petulance), as the epitome of…do I even have to say? Use your imagination – this is a Pisces Moon, after all.

The portal that’s opening via the solar eclipse in Pisces beckons us with its transcendental, creative, spiritual urges (Neptune), but reminds us the Universe is always ready to deliver a swift backhand if we get too big for our britches (asteroid Hybris). The wise way here is to keep one foot on either side of this cosmic doorway, somewhere between the transcendental and the mundane, and to resist the urge for immoderation (Mars conjunct Uranus).

This chart seems to suggest good things come to those who humbly wait.


February 26th, 2017, Pisces 8°12”

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