Astrology Transits for March 2017

Astrology Transits for March 2017

In Like a Lion, Out like a…Lion

Astrology Transits for March 2017

If you were looking for a bit of post-eclipse respite, March is not your best bet, save for a patch of docile Earth mid-month.

In essence, March splits into thirds: the first third kicks off with a hazy Sun to Neptune conjunction, the second Jupiter-Uranus opposition, and the start of Venus’ retrograde; the second third feels ever-so-slightly more chilled with Mars in Taurus and the Full Moon in Virgo, adding – finally! – a bit of grounding; the final third builds from a Cardinal Grand Cross to the New Moon in Aries and culminates in the second Jupiter-Pluto square.

The first two weeks of the month we are also still in the eclipse season, technically. Although some astrologers believe that the effects of eclipses last months and even years (dependent on and related to how long the eclipse itself lasts, in minutes), what’s undeniable is that all lunations, of any kind, have a lingering effect for the two weeks that follow it.

I’ve described this month as a lion both coming and going, although the middle of the month will be slightly more ‘lamb’ (relatively speaking).

The First Bit

March starts out similarly to February; whereas February 1st had a Neptune conjunction to Pallas-Athena, goddess of healing and creative intelligence amongst other things, March 2nd has a Sun conjunction to Neptune, which has similar capacities for spiritual insight and healing, but with the added complication for blurred-edge thinking that could be deceptive (it can also be highly imaginative; imagination is just the momentary deception of our conscious mind).

March 3rd is a funny follow-up to the previous day, owing to the second Jupiter-Uranus opposition. Jupiter and Uranus coming into contact may be a review or reminder of the last opposition (December 26th, 2016). To me, the Jupiter-Uranus opposition feels like a bunch of beautiful balloons unexpectedly floating past you; instead of grabbing the balloons and bringing them down to Earth, you might get picked up off the ground and floated away. There’s an immense opportunity here, though you may feel a serious #IwasntReady coming on.

Venus stands still in the sky on March 4th, signaling her retrograde has begun. I’ve written in full, and I mean full, here on this topic. Expect big conversations over the next 45 days around values, worth, money, love – and in Aries – maybe some anger. Neptune will also conjoin the Sun on this day, making it a great moment to repeat any poetic, imaginative thoughts that might have ambled your way on March 2nd; overall this a rich time for creative endeavors.

Mars will trine Saturn on March 5th, which will help you harness energy/ambition/drive (Mars) and marry it with the kinds of appropriate structures which will stand the tests of time (Saturn).

Mercury makes several aspects in the week starting March 5th, including a conjunction to the Sun on March 7th (good for getting to the ‘heart’ of a matter), a sextile to Pluto on March 8th (good for delving below the surface a la Sherlock), and a conjunction to Chiron on March 11th (possibly healing communications/thoughts, or painful, depending on your planetary line-up).

The Second Bit

Mars enters Taurus on March 10th, which will inject a much-needed sense of pace in this month’s astrology. Normally this is not a preferred placement for the warrior planet (this sign is the detriment for Mars), but amidst the rest of the fast-paced, in-your-face Aries planets, this may be a godsend. Mars in Taurus may not make a great soldier, but it’s really good at getting shit done (eventually) when the time is right. Taurus represents the wisdom of nature, which follows its own rhythmic cycle and doesn’t slow down or speed up willy nilly (climate change, notwithstanding).

There is a pleasant but fleeting grand trine in the Earth signs on March 11th, with Ceres in Taurus, Juno in Capricorn and the Moon in Virgo. Although the Moon in Virgo can be a bit nit-picky, it can also be productive; if your aims on this day are to nurture partnerships in some way, you’ll have a nice astrological backdrop for your work.

March 12th gives us another dose of grounding earth energy with the Full Moon in Virgo. This is not what I’d call a ‘happy’ Full Moon, but this lunation is a good moment for evaluating what needs your attention, what needs work, and what needs to get done. The lunation ruler Mercury (mind, writing, communication) is in tough aspect to Saturn (limits, authority, discipline), so this could feel for some like the ‘buck stops here’. The good thing about this, of course, is the clarity of knowing what’s off kilter – once you know that, all you need to do is apply your energy as it is required.

Mars in Taurus will trine the North Node on March 13th; if you’ve got planets around 1-5° of the Earth signs, this looks like a good moment to push forward patiently (Mars) towards a calling or pursuit you’ve been building in the part of your chart ruled by Virgo. The Nodes will change signs in May, so if there’s work you want to do in Virgo, the time is now.

The Sun will have a few wobbly moments in Pisces before it ingresses into Aries, notably a conjunction to Chiron (pain, wounds) on March 15th, and a square to Saturn (limits, boundaries) on March 17th. Chiron is always tricky since he runs the gamut from wounding to healing; Saturn loves to just say no (Reagan was a fan), or tell you where and how you are lacking maturity. The impact of these two days, like all transits, will depend on whether or not you have planets at these degrees (check below in the bullet point listing).

The Final, Punchy, Bit

The 18th of March, Mercury will meet up with retrograde Venus in Aries, providing the opportunity for a possibly heated, but honest, conversation about love or money. The Moon will be floating in Sagittarius that day, so agreements forged on this day could come good, despite the usual Venus retrograde advisories.

The Sun enters Aries on March 20th, marking the start of Spring.

A tempestuous Cardinal Grand Cross will be forming in the sky at this time. This Grand Cross will build from March 22nd to March 25th, involving Mercury and Uranus in Aries squaring both Pluto in Capricorn and Vesta in Cancer and opposing Jupiter in Libra. These warring factions are all fighting for your attention: unbridled freedom (Uranus in Aries), expressions of honesty/independence/anger (Mercury in Aries, death/rebirth of existing structures (Pluto in Capricorn), focus on feelings/family (Vesta in Cancer), expansions in beauty/diplomacy/accord (Jupiter in Libra).

Venus will also have a bit to say on March 25th, as she reaches the heart of her retrograde passage. This moment in her transit is when the ‘knowing’ starts to integrate. Which of our values has been out of alignment? What is it that we have been missing?

March 26th is not the best day to have kind-hearted conversations about whatever you’ve found lurking in the inner corridors of your heart, but it may make for flashes of intuition on the high end – and a complete breakdown of communication on the other end (Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries). The day after will be Mercury’s entry into the shadow phase of the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Taurus & Aries. Keep your ears open for clues – what is your intuition trying to tell you? Are you operating under the belief that what you want to do and need to do can’t converge in some way (Saturn square Pallas)?

The yearly New Moon in Aries is like hitting the refresh button. Spring is here and life starts to punch through frozen Earth; something similar may be happening at this lunation on March 28th. Mars will conjoin Ceres, the archetype of the nurturing, caring mother, and make soft contacts to Neptune. A drive to give, nurture or heal (Mars/Ceres sextile Neptune) ourselves or others may give us a conduit for dealing with the difficult emotions dredged up via the Venus retrograde and the Cardinal Grand Cross. Feelings that have been trapped below may come up for release (Juno square Moon, Jupiter square Pluto).

After the dust settles, March 29th provides a day where communication could be more stable and productive (Mercury trine Saturn).

March 30th, the second of the Jupiter-Pluto squares will come into alignment, although this aspect has been building since early March. Jupiter and Pluto can make for uneasy roommates: one campaigns for generosity and wisdom (Jupiter), while the other wants us to walk into death to be reborn, no holds barred. Jupiter mentors, Pluto mines. Power struggles seem to be a key theme of this square. This is the second iteration of this aspect, so by now you likely know the shape of what you’re working with here, and after March, you might be able to articulate it.

Astrology Transits for March 2017:

  • March 2nd – Sun conjunct Neptune (Pisces 11°)
  • March 3rd – second of three Jupiter oppositions to Uranus (Aries – Libra 22°)
  • March 4th – Venus stations retrograde and will turn direct April 15th (Aries 13°); Mercury conjoins Neptune (Pisces 11°)
  • March 5th – Mars trine Saturn (Aries – Sagittarius 27°)
  • March 7th – Mercury makes its superior conjunction to the Sun (Pisces 16°)
  • March 8th – Mercury sextile Pluto (Capricorn 18°)
  • March 11th – Mercury conjunct Chiron (Pisces 24°), Grand Trine between Ceres, Juno and the Moon (Taurus – Capricorn – Virgo, 11°)
  • March 12th – Full Moon in Virgo at 22°13′. With lunation ruler Mercury in tough aspect to Saturn, there’s a good opportunity to get stuff done in otherwise busy and flighty astro-weather.
  • March 13th – Mars trine the North Node (Taurus – Virgo 2°)
  • March 15th – Sun conjunct Chiron (Pisces 24°)
  • March 17th – Sun square Saturn (Pisces – Sagittarius 27°)
  • March 18th – Venus retrograde conjunct Mercury (Aries 9°)
  • March 20th – The Sun enters Aries, signaling the start of a new year astrologically
  • March 22nd – 25th – Cardinal Grand Cross between Mercury/Uranus, Pluto, Vesta, and Jupiter (Aries – Capricorn – Libra, 19-20°)
  • March 25th – Sun conjunct Venus retrograde (Aries 4°)
  • March 26th – Mercury conjunct Uranus (Aries 23°), Saturn square Pallas (Pisces 28°)
  • March 27th – Mercury enters the shadow of its next Mercury retrograde (Aries 24°), Mars trine Neptune (Taurus – Pisces 12°)
  • March 28th – New Moon in Aries at 8°. With lunation ruler Mars in aspect to Ceres & Neptune there could be nurturing, kindness and empathy, but with a Jupiter-Pluto square building in the background, also power struggles.
  • March 29th – Mercury trine Saturn (Aries – Sagittarius 27°)
  • March 30th – second of three Jupiter squares to Pluto (Libra – Capricorn 19°)

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