Astrology Transits for April 2017

Astrology Transits for April 2017

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Astrology Transits for April 2017

T.S. Eliot said ‘April is the cruelest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire.’

Thankfully, April doesn’t look too cruel, although it could easily dredge up memories and desires, and in Eliot’s words, stir ‘dull roots with Spring rain.’

For the Spring rain, we’ll be looking to Venus, who really rules the roost this month. She dominates both the New and Full Moon, as they occur in her home signs of Taurus and Libra, and her movements dictate the most important aspects of this month’s astrology, most notably, the last of the Venus-Saturn squares which have punctuated her retrograde season. Mid-month, she will station direct after having been retrograde since March 4th.

For those reasons, April more or less splits cleanly into two sections: the first half, where Venus is still retrograde, and the second half, after she stations direct. For many, it will be very nice to have the Goddess most connected to our Earthly pleasures of fruit and flesh back on our side, but we’ll have other planets, namely Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto, turning retrograde. One step forward, three steps back.

Pluto retrogrades, notwithstanding Pluto transits to our natal planets (which can be very, very intense), are generally more nuanced and less in-your-face than the retrogrades of inner planets. Saturn’s retrograde is the last such movement he’ll make in Sagittarius, and for the most part, many of us already know what we’re dealing with here, owing to Saturn’s presence in this part of our chart since 2015. If anything, Mercury’s retrograde may be the most interesting. I’m normally not one to cower in the face of a Mercury retrograde (although…this time it will pass over my own natal Mercury…#notetoself), and nor do I cower now. I do note, however, that it will partially happen in Aries, where we will have just been finishing up the Venus retrograde. It could be that there’s more work to do here, one last rung to climb.

Oh, goddess.

The First Half

Interestingly, we have yet another start to the month involving Pallas-Athena (creative intelligence, healing); just last month we started off with a Neptune conjunction to Pallas, and this month on April 1st we have Venus retrograde conjunct Pallas. Venus and Pallas are two parts of one whole. When they meld together, Venus helps to smooth down Pallas’ andro-alpha ways, and Pallas fortifies Venus’ soft touch with a bit of her armor. Solutions are creative and come easily.

Ceres and Pluto will be in trine on April 2nd. Connected by a myth of love, loss, separation, and return, when these two bodies are in positive contact they can become the ultimate viziers as we move into cycles of rebirth.

April 3rd is the first of two trines that Mercury (the mind, communication) makes to the North Node (a calling; where we are drawn to). In May, the North Node will enter Leo, so if you’ve got any last-ditch plans to write, speak, make a deal, etc., now is the time, and it’s a beautiful time (a repeat of this energy comes later on April 18th during Mercur’s retrograde, if you need a re-do).

Mars will trine Pluto on April 6th, which can make for tremendous, powerful surges of drive, ambition, and courage. On the same day, Saturn will station retrograde until the end of August, covering the degrees 21-28° of Sagittarius.

On April 9th, we will have the second of three Venus-Saturn squares. Venus wants to chill, Saturn wants to work; Venus says yes, Saturn says no; Venus is warm and wet, Saturn is cold and dry; Venus connects, Saturn withdraws. Theirs is not so much an affair to remember, which is why so many astrologers consider this one of the hardest aspects to overcome in synastry charts. The best way to work with Venus-Saturn squares is to not work with them. Let things slide for a day or two until you can grab a pair of rose-coloured glasses and start seeing your love in the right light again. Mercury turns retrograde today as well, so notice the place that your mind travels to or the arguments that arise.

The day after looks better for making up since Mars will still be in trine to Pluto, which can be awfully sexy, if but a bit intense.  On the same day, April 10th, Mars will conjoin Ceres, the great mother of the zodiac and the principle of nurturing. Our shagged out warrior may be in need of some homestyle TLC, and he’ll get plenty of it from Ceres. Taking care of each other, cooking great food, and staying chill AF will be the order of the day.

Get rest while you can, because April 11th is much itchier. Uranus, the rule-breaker, squares Vesta, the queen of tunnel-vision. Together, these guys foment powerful, desperate urges to break out against anything that imprisons us, and even the stuff we like, too. We may burn down the prison while we’re still inside of it if we aren’t careful. This energy will be encapsulated into the Full Moon in Libra which occurs on the same day.

The Sun will make a series of squares between April 4th and April 14th; squares from the Sun aren’t too terribly serious since they are quick-moving transits (check your chart!), but there are a number of them. On April 4th the Sun squares Juno, which can create a struggle between our ego needs and our partners; on April 8th the Sun opposes Jupiter, which is an over-promising/under-delivering dream come true; on April 9th the Sun squares Pluto, which is a good time to ‘purge’ the areas of your life ruled by Aries & Capricorn; and finally, on April 14th, the Sun will square Vesta, which can create obstacles in our working life. The Sun joins Uranus on April 13th, making this an ‘anything could happen’ kind of day.

The Second Half

On April 15th, Venus stations direct. Hallelujah.

Except – she stations direct next to Chiron (pain, healing). Chiron’s effects swing in roundabouts, so you won’t know until the day whether you’re going to receive a slap or salve.

April 17th should be a fortifying day, given the trine of the Sun (ego, soul) to Saturn (maturity, discipline). Also on this day, we will have the first nice aspect of Venus since her direct station in the form of a soft and light sextile to Mars. Venus in Pisces is the compassionate courtesan and Mars in Taurus is the steadfast soldier; together, they are sublime. Across the apartment complex, however, you might hear the screams of Jupiter and Juno as they hash it out; Jupiter promises big but underdelivers, Juno has heard it all before (Jupiter square Juno).

Mercury’s gets renewed in the rays of the Sun on April 20th. This is what is known as the ‘inferior conjunction’, which is fancy astro-speak for Mercury’s personal New Moon. The inferior conjunction is considered the best day of the retrograde to sign/buy/bid, if you must. The next conjunction to the Sun, the ‘superior conjunction’ or Full Moon of Mercury, will take place June 21, 2017. Things that start now will build between now and then.

Pluto will station retrograde on April 20th, turning direct on September 29th, and will cover the degrees 16-19° of Capricorn.

April 21st is a mixed bag. In some ways, we might find resolution on this day, on the last of the three Venus-Saturn squares (for a while – the next one is in October). Venus’ compassion could win out over the beleaguered Saturn, who is walking backward on the road to wisdom (Venus direct square Saturn retrograde). On the same day, the Sun will trine the North Node, giving a sense that whatever this day brings, it’s meant to be; with light, but helpful aspects between Ceres, Vesta, and Chiron, healing may come through spiritual nurturing.

Mars squares the Nodes on April 23rd, just a few days later, making this an inauspicious day for pushing ahead. There could be a feeling of having one foot in each door, straddling the doorway, with no way inside. This could be a crisis point in where you’re headed. Mars in Gemini thinks, thinks, and over-thinks (or talks, talks, and over-talks), so the solution could be accepting your inner babble but deciding to pay it no heed.

Mercury heads up the last few days of April, with a beautiful trine to Saturn and square to Vesta on April 24th, and a conjunction to Uranus on April 28th. Mercury trine Saturn can make for a great, pragmatic time for brainstorming and plan-making; squaring Vesta, we may, however, have to overcome difficulties in communication or concentration; a conjunction to Uranus, the planetary change agent, may deliver that flash of brilliance we require that eluded us several days earlier. In between these days, the New Moon in Taurus on April 26th may deliver new ways to start envisioning our lives. There may be limits, but some may reveal themselves to be extremely workable, or useful.

Astrology Transits for April 2017:

  • April 1st – Venus conjunct Pallas (Aries 0°)
  • April 2nd – Ceres trine Pluto (Taurus – Capricorn 19°)
  • April 3rd – Mercury trine the North Node, the first of two such configurations (Taurus – Virgo 2°); Venus continues its retrograde, moving into Pisces
  • April 4th – Sun square Juno (Aries – Capricorn 15°)
  • April 6th – Saturn stations retrograde, turning direct August 26th and covering the degrees 21-28° of Sagittarius; Mars trine Pluto (Taurus – Capricorn 19°)
  • April 8th – Sun opposite Jupiter (Aries – Libra 18°)
  • April 9th – Mercury stations retrograde, turning direct May 4th and covering the degrees 5° Taurus – 24° Aries; Venus retrograde square Saturn retrograde, the second of three such squares (Pisces – Sagittarius 27°); Sun square Pluto (Aries – Capricorn 19°)
  • April 10th – Mars conjunct Ceres (Taurus 22°)
  • April 11th – Full Moon in Libra at 21°, with lunation ruler Venus in retrograde and in difficult aspect to Saturn and Chiron, but in trine to Vesta; Uranus square Vesta (Aries – Cancer 24°)
  • April 14th – Mars sextile Vesta (Taurus – Cancer 24°); Sun conjunct Uranus (Aries 24°); Sun square Vesta (Aries – Cancer 24°)
  • April 15th – Venus stations direct at 26° of Pisces
  • April 16th – Venus makes a close, but not exact, conjunction to Chiron at 26° of Pisces, and loads of people celebrate a man exiting from a cave.
  • April 17th – Venus sextile Mars (Pisces – Taurus°); Sun trine Saturn (Aries 27°); Jupiter square Juno (Libra – Capricorn 17°)
  • April 18th – Mercury retrograde trine the North Node, the second of two such configurations in April (Taurus – Virgo°)
  • April 20th – Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde: the heart of the Mercury retrograde and the ‘New Moon’ of Mercury, (Taurus 0°); Pluto stations retrograde, turning direct September 29th and covering the degrees 19-16° of Capricorn; Mercury continues its retrograde, moving into Aries
  • April 21st – Sun trine the North Node (Taurus – Virgo°); Venus square Saturn retrograde (Pisces – Sagittarius 27°), the last of three such squares
  • April 22nd – Chiron trine Vesta (Pisces – Cancer 26°)
  • April 23rd – Mars squares the Nodes (Gemini – Virgo 1°)
  • April 24th – Mercury retrograde trine Saturn (Aries – Sagittarius 27°); Mercury retrograde square Vesta (Aries – Cancer 27°)
  • April 26th – New Moon in Taurus at 6°, with lunation ruler Venus in difficult aspect to Saturn and Chiron, but in trine to Vesta (the same aspects as the Full Moon in Libra, except now Venus is direct).
  • April 28th – Mercury retrograde conjunct Uranus (Aries 25°)

Image Tyler Spangler