New Moon in Taurus: Distant Tremors

New Moon in Taurus: Distant Tremors

The New Moon in Taurus occurs the 26th of April 2017 at 6°27’ of Taurus.

Try checking what area of your birth chart is ruled by Taurus or the house where your natal Venus is found for more insight.

If you are new or new-ish to astrology, this post is a good place to start for generating your birth chart and checking out which part of your chart is being touched by this lunation.

You can also find out more about how to work with new moons here.


“… Earth does such things to itself: furrowing, cracking apart, bursting into flame. It rips openings in itself, which it struggles (or not) to skin over. The moon doesn’t care about its own craters and bruises. Only we can regret the perishing of the burned place. Only we could call it a wound.” 

― Margaret Atwood, from ‘A Fire Place’


Distant Tremors

Nothing on our little blue planet happens in a vacuum.

She is older than all of us and will be here long after the last human draws their final breath. I wonder, sometimes, if she finds it very quaint how we divide our human time into ‘before this’ and ‘after that’, calling this period ‘Paleolithic’ and that one ‘Bronze’.

For Earth, there are no such divisions.

The Earth is ultimately a lesson in acceptance. It is an ecosystem that shifts and corrects itself based on what is and has been, instead of completely reinventing itself from scratch. It never deviates from who it is and never attempts to hide its past.

This is the way of wabi-sabi, the reminder that the pains of the past are just breaks waiting to be made into beauty.

The past and our foundations factor heavily into the New Moon in Taurus, itself a sign of the Earth.

The Sun and Moon are both conjunct asteroid Urda, a Teutonic fate that was meant to embody the past; Ceres is conjunct both asteroid Memoria (memory) as well as Mnemosyne (the Goddess of Memory); Mercury (communication, the mind) is in his ‘Epimethean’ mode, reviewing what’s already been and prodding what could be with his winged foot.

In some ways, this New Moon is all quiet on the lunar front: the Sun and Moon nestle together in Taurus, a comfortable sign for their cozy twosome. With neither making an aspect to the rest of the chart, our attention is pulled elsewhere to Venus and her dialogues.

Theoretically, we are in similar territory to the last lunation, the Full Moon in Libra, as it was also ruled by Venus; many of the same aspects from that Moon are still in effect, if only just. Venus is conjunct Chiron (pain, healing), squaring Saturn (limits in love/money), and trine Vesta (focus on beauty and all things femme). All of these configurations, however, are ‘separating’ aspects, meaning that they are in an effective descrescendo, being dismantled with each passing moment.

Still, they represent what was, and they act to remind us that the tremors we felt were not just our imagination. They happened, and we cannot – and should not – forget them.

What’s new and promising in the New Moon in Taurus is asteroid Goddess Ceres in lovely aspect to Venus (nurturing sex, love, aesthetics; fertile creativity), as well as asteroid Demeter, her Greek equivalent, conjoined the Sun & Moon. That’s a whole lot of Ceres, and hopefully, a healthy dose of healing nurturance post-Venus retrograde. With Ceres sextile Venus, there can be a softening towards loved ones and an increased sense of sensuality and creativity.

Less promising, and certainly less kindly, is the second Saturn-Chiron square across Sagittarius and Pisces, which has been articulating the ways in which certain obligations can concretize into pain if you’re not doing the work Saturn demands from you. Being that this happens in the space currently inhabited by Venus (love, money, values), there may be more tremors yet to come in the love landscape.

Are these aftershocks we feel, or quakes yet to arrive? It’s too soon to tell. After the end of April, you may know better.

For now, don’t forget who you are, which includes where you are right now, and all the many places you’ve been. Let the cracks you think you see in yourself fill with gold.

Let the sunshine in.

(love you guys)

Asteroids + Other Bits

Like anyone that writes, sometimes I write and re-write a post many times before I really get going, meandering between several different inspirations before settling on one. Recently, I wrote a long form post on the Venus Retrograde, which at first was influenced by the translated lyrics of “Ne Me Quitte Pas” (“Don’t Leave Me”), just the woeful kind of song Venus might sing when she sails, lantern in hand, through the dark back channels of our psyche.

I was particularly taken by these lyrics:

One has often seen burst anew the fire of an old volcano, believed to be spent. 

There are, it is said, scorched lands yielding more wheat than the best of April.

There was something in there of the ‘scorched lands’ recalling Venus in Aries’ fiery effects, and also of the constant renewal of life, that attracted me – that, and Nina Simone’s voice.

It seems this abandoned thread is more appropriate for the New Moon in Taurus than the Venus retrograde cycle itself, so I’ve ventured back to reclaim it (Mercury retrograde: it’s not all bad, folks).

If you’ve ever had the good luck to live in a place plagued by end-of-times thunderstorms, as I have, you’ll know the quietest moments are after, and never before, the storm. This New Moon reminds of just that feeling, the sense that what’s done is done, and now we pause – before we begin again, in earnest.

The lands for many have been scorched. Venus has done the requisite slash-and-burn job required of her retrograde in Aries and Pisces, but now we are in the ultra-fertile, feminine realm of Taurus under the auspices of a New Moon.

New seeds in love and money can be planted with care, if not confidence. Mercury retrograde may require gentle re-works later, but overall, the astrological weather is quieting down.

Another connection to these lyrics come service of Ceres. Interestingly, Demeter/Ceres was an ancient Goddess of agriculture, and most closely tied to wheat.

So, if ‘the scorched lands can bring more wheat than the best of April’, and if April wasn’t your best motn, know that brighter days are coming.


April 26th, 2017, Taurus 6°27′

new moon in taurus april 26 2017

The lunation ruler and the planets in aspect to it are in green (in this case: Venus, which is conjunct Chiron, squares Saturn, sextiles Ceres and trines Vesta).